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  • Congressional Democrats have begun discussions with the White House on ways to crack down on big tech, their focus holding social media companies accountable for the spread of disinformation, particularly in the wake of the January 6 U.


  • S Capitol riot.


  • Democratic representative Tom Malinowski, who sits on the House Homeland Security Committee, told Reuters he'd spoken to the White House about how to hold social media platforms accountable for amplifying radicalizing messages that trigger violence.


  • It's a contentious topic surrounding a measure called Section 2 30 part of the 1996 law that shields social media platforms from lawsuits over content posted by users and big tech desperately wants to keep.

    這是一個有爭議的話題,圍繞著1996年法律的一個名為第2 30部分的措施,該措施屏蔽了社交媒體平臺對用戶發佈的內容的訴訟,大科技公司極力想保留。

  • Section 2 30 in place without 2 30 platforms could potentially be held liable for everything that people say.

    節2 30不到位,沒有2 30平臺就有可能為人們所說的一切承擔責任。

  • Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey both told congressional panels last year that Section 2 30 was essential not just to their businesses but to free expression.

    Facebook首席執行官馬克-扎克伯格和Twitter首席執行官傑克-多西都在去年告訴國會小組,第2 30條不僅對他們的業務,而且對言論自由至關重要。

  • Section 2 30 is the most important law protecting Internet speech.

    第2 30條是保護網絡言論最重要的法律。

  • Removing Section 2 30 will remove speech from the Internet, but with the rapid rise of political misinformation from baseless conspiracy theories to Russian political meddling to falsehoods tweeted from the Oval Office.

    刪除第2 30條將消除互聯網上的言論,但隨著政治錯誤信息的迅速崛起,從毫無根據的陰謀論到俄羅斯政治干預,再到橢圓形辦公室推特上的虛假資訊。

  • Democrats are looking for ways to pressure big tech to throttle back on fake news.


  • Change is on way, and I intend to bring aggressive and targeted reform dissection to 30.


  • It's a difficult needle to thread.


  • Democrats want to clamp down on falsehoods without playing sensor.


  • There is some Republican support for reforming Section 2 30 but for somewhat different reasons.

    有些共和黨人支持改革第2 30條,但原因有些不同。

  • Previous social media clampdowns on political misinformation have angered conservatives when their own accounts get slapped with warnings for sharing fake news.


  • President Donald Trump raged when Twitter put fact checked labels on some of his tweets, removed others and after the capital right suspended his account.


  • Republicans such as representative Jim Jordan accused social media companies of unfairly censoring conservative viewpoints.


  • I'll just cut to the chase.


  • Big checks out To get conservatives Trump and other Republicans have seized on Section 2 30 is a way of stripping protections from companies they say aren't playing fair.

    大支票出來為了讓保守派特朗普和其他共和黨人抓住第2 30節是一種剝奪保護公司的方式,他們說沒有公平競爭。

  • The conversations between lawmakers and Biden AIDS represent the first sign that the White House has begun actively getting involved in considering how to take on big tech.



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