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  • Chad has deployed 1 200 troops to help fight militants in the West African Sahel region.

    查德已部署了1 200名阿兵哥,幫助打擊西非薩赫勒地區的武裝分子。

  • That announcement made on Tuesday at a summit original leaders and their allies discussing progress on combating insurgents linked to Al Qaeda and Islamic state.


  • French President Emmanuel Macron said the Chadian forces, expected to be deployed in the tri border region of Mali, *** and Burkina Fasso, will complement 5100 French soldiers already deployed on anti terrorism operations.


  • The first messages to underline that we must not ease off the pressure on terrorist groups, tighten our grip on the three borders, especially with the Chadian battalion.


  • But starting from the coming days and weeks to lead concrete operations in their zone to regain control, former colonial power France is searching for an exit strategy.


  • Years of military intervention have cost billions and seen 55 French soldiers killed, but violence persists and there are signs that it's spreading to coastal West Africa.


  • However, Macron said there would be no immediate change to the French military presence.


  • If the Sahel falls into the hands of terrorists, Africa will gradually fall into the hands of Islamic terrorists on Europe, will live with the consequences off this tragedy as well, quite clearly so.


  • I think it's our duty to be at your side.


  • The French president said any future reduction would depend on the involvement of other countries in the to Cuba task force fighting alongside soldiers from Mali and ***.


  • Macron said Hungary, Greece and Serbia were willing to join the international force, but he was also rebuffed by Germany.


  • Its foreign minister, Heiko Maas, said troops would not be sent on additional military missions in the Sahel, rejecting a French request for German engagement in combat operations.


Chad has deployed 1 200 troops to help fight militants in the West African Sahel region.

查德已部署了1 200名阿兵哥,幫助打擊西非薩赫勒地區的武裝分子。

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