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  • The Vauxhall Insignia has never really been the most exciting car on the market but has

  • always been a popular choice with fleet managers and company car drivers. However, the latest

  • facelift means there are even more reasons than ever why this is a car you can buy with

  • your head and your heart...

  • Not that looks are the biggest factor, but the new design is an improvement over the

  • old model. It's also more aerodynamic and therefore better on fuel, but we shall come

  • back to that a bit later.

  • Now, not everyone who buys an Insignia is a salesman, but if you are and you need to

  • lug around boxes of samples, leaflets and sales tools then the size of this boot should

  • satisfy your needs just fine. There's plenty of room in here and there's a large opening

  • and low load lip to make your job that much easier. What's more, when you need to do the

  • Saturday tip run, the seats fold down like so.

  • taking the family out for the day should not be a drag either... Well that does depend

  • on the behaviour of the children but if they are tall teenagers they won't complain about

  • head and leg room, nor will they moan about needing to charge their smart phone - this

  • is covered with this power socket here.

  • back to work mode, the Insignia is perfectly adapted to manage motorway miles thanks to

  • the abundance of storage slots to help you cope with your busy schedule. tissues, hand

  • cream

  • changes over the old model include a more stylish centre console and better quality

  • dashboard. This model is fitted with the optional 8 inch TFT instrument cluster and Intllilink

  • system which allows you to control the cars functions using this clever little touch pad.

  • All cars come with 16 alloy wheels, DAB digital radio, Bluetooth and cruise control, while

  • top-spec models get sat-nav, leather seats and big alloy wheels.

  • Things have improved in terms of running costs, too. The new 2.0 litre diesel comes in 2 guises,

  • 118bhp or 138bhp. Both promise class leading fuel consumption figures of over 75 miles

  • to the gallon, beating both the VW Passat and Ford Mondeo resulting in low company car

  • tax and rock bottom fuel costs. Amazingly the theoretical range of this car is an impressive

  • 1,100 miles - the distance from London to Budapest on a single tank of diesel.

  • the redesigned suspension provides a comfortable and stable ride. However the Insignia is susceptible

  • to the size of wheels you choose. The larger 18" wheels on the top-spec models provide

  • the most control without compromising ride comfort.

  • The manual gearbox is good and makes the Insignia feel quite responsive, however it's not quite

  • as fun to drive as the Mazda 6 and although the steering is precise, the weight build

  • up as you increase speed feels a bit artificial. And although the engines are fine on the move

  • they are still a bit clattery around town.

  • Having said that, these small minuses shouldn't be enough to put you off, it's cheaper to

  • buy, run and insure than ever before and for those reasons, it's likely to be a very popular

  • proposition. It's a competitive market though, with plenty of competition, so be sure to

  • check out the Ford Mondeo by click here, and the Mazda 6 by clicking here. Oh, and don't

  • forget to subscribe to the Carbuyer channel by clicking here.

The Vauxhall Insignia has never really been the most exciting car on the market but has


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