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  • 5 Psychological Tricks For Him To Become Addicted To You.

  • Put them into practice and you will have him eating from your hand!

  • Ready to know the most effective method of love and attraction of all?

  • If you want that man to feel much more attracted to you, you must take into account the following points from now on.

  • Let's see!

  • 1. Show that you admire him.

  • Nothing better than to recognize the virtues of a person and accept their shortcomings.

  • Regardless of the day or the time, it is important that you show that person how much you admire him for certain reasons.

  • You can praise his willpower, his energy, his positivity, anything that denotes that you are really attentive to those little details of his life.

  • 2. Use the power of sexuality.

  • Put aside the stereotypes and dare to take the first step.

  • Keep your mind open and give him the confidence to talk about all kinds of topics, including those related to sexuality.

  • If you go a step further and have an intimate encounter, let your imagination fly and forget about everything. Enjoy and take the opportunity to connect in a deeper way.

  • 3. Take out the girl you're carrying inside.

  • Nothing that enamore a man more than a woman who does not allow herself to be guided by the standards established by society.

  • They are especially attracted to those women who walk under their own precepts, independent and full of strength. Those who know what they are worth and do something about it.

  • Women who maintain a sense of humor despite the bad circumstances. Someone with whom he can clear his mind and spend a sweet and pleasant moment.

  • 4. Use words as a tool.

  • The ego of a man is one of the most important factors to take into account when it comes to conquering.

  • So use the words, phrases, and sentences that enclose a flirtatious, sweet and erotic concept.

  • "I love your aroma", "How handsome you are today", "What a nice beard", "Nice hands, huh ..."

  • 5. Subtlely flirty text messages.

  • Currently, virtual communication is one of the most used tools to conquer.

  • So, how to attract that man through the texts?

  • To do so, you must be very aware that communicating throughout the day with him does not guarantee success, quite the contrary.

  • You should not send messages continuously, do it in the moments that you consider most appropriate.

  • It is not necessary to send a message of "good morning" or "good night", but rather, surprise him with a mid-afternoon text, for example, in which you send an image, a movie recommendation or something that interests you.

  • This will help you stay in touch but without falling into the routine of messaging throughout the day.

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5 Psychological Tricks For Him To Become Addicted To You.


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5 Psychological Tricks For Him To Become Addicted To You(5 Psychological Tricks For Him To Become Addicted To You)

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