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hi and welcome to about the flat
and onset that smack and christy we're talking about weekend
are you aware that we can with the really important president
no no might not
uh... an important things out with a on this is not just a day it was a
necklaces goodbyes uh...
you wind up in the spotlight fifteen years of working on and photograph all
of you in the central on time in the design holding
it less which makes complex fitzpatrick and you are programming i started i
think this is not the whole life of linking your target again real splitting
their homework on the back of the shuttle is for
do you know the dating steven eight douglas
uh... this is and he shot the wild of vampires yasir idea activity report not
in this one
this one is almost entirely seven january two sixty five and it is about
how they passed the thirteen th amendment to ban slavery and all the
political mechanisms involved and it's pretty did well
media result
this women
memories nation under god
to have a new freedom random of the people
for the people
became surrounding lingo women's abolishing slavery lives at the same
time we had uh... enjoy shaken and negotiated peace under the amendment
word is configured piece you cannot have booked and hundreds of thousands of
president clinton st
play won't go through guide
grows its own
hitting the
used to be four
refitted at the time
on board
shall we stand the speedy
inside well here's what they see i think that this is the worst trailer
after or it while commentating awful trade with me to be the whole movie is
going to be the sort of big speeches
and and you john williams swelling and there's a little of that many but
this home is so smart and funny and tony kushner ish
about history and about
making these people feel like a real individuals and about
just been being very microio and loved it wasn't like that let's just do you
agree to sixty-five
that's enough you know exile at best buy up expert witness advertiser focus on
one little bitty at the point of tears like whatever
and it is funny that that was going to be a defect that they want to cut a
nuts-and-bolts at the way
and that's why i would say it isn't it
intake and and uh... i think it might my biggest issues that
it felt like most of the dialogue in the movie was written in the same style that
we now read
speeches by weekend felt like i mean if that's true
that everyone spoke that way all the time
at times it felt like can we need to
like sometimes i don't really know you really good for me
how much of you know especially when the shakespeare histories
you really
depend on the actor to kind of cell what's being sad because you may not
completely understand and there's a there was a little bit that happening
here have felt like a times when they were talking about the internet and to
the politics of time
i'd like to have a senatorial argument for the one hand
bossier but also mira
out here disregarded
bitchiness yeah well that's the way you know old schoolhouse representatives of
the united states
while general like what what we know
british parliament agree with you i i didn't think so at all with the way
i mean there were some species moments and where i can tell
as when i read lincoln's speech is now and what i hear daniel day-lewis deliver
the can't without
stalking to each other i thought was
and the scene with him and uh... soldiers at the beginning and not was
outstanding at the scenes with him downstairs at the guys in the wire roll
mister what's the leaders of sees the lobbyists are adequate different reasons
with him his personal moments
which is most of the movie antibiotic that the supporting cast is have a look
at our
many rate can react as they are so many can not that we're not opening up a
closer look at what's going on in our first policies which some of the office
is the best thing that teamsters time india his family is so france
and he had done hotfooting can you stop on our list
yet template nothing they can email you can check your haley yakima eight dash
days really good tommy lee jones is always on a roll his government is
needed in this time
you know i mean even but the two most soldiers who were quoting the gettysburg
address back to the two lincoln began in the movie harding at honda lucas casa de
did i'll yield level unless the other thing
right about yes yes but you know that you know what does a grandmother doesn't
stop barely any fairly accurate sample like a cramped miscast as he's barely
like just a little seems like you remember how good turn out like bruce
mcgill regardless of problem really
funny great lie just has to be interviewed spielberg is that you can
get somebody who would lead to a movie otherwise
to distribute deadlines and was the greatest story ever told to email dover
de how hold
piano rang out loud but we but nobody ever does it
you know nobody nobody comes in the desert enlightenment a thesaurus norman
i'm betting on this again today at nine point one same as scuffle
it's not like a good history lesson but the focal too
last week's about seven point five
and on on
thanks i did out i was impressed by that moved me emotionally
those moved for a trial
day one console somewhat panoramic your different school everybody is called
themselves and
it's the same side of the
hill reading an article
it went ideally i'd get bored tomorrow for transferred over
he pointed out
and it's at ninety one percent span exercise limiting belief that we can
help in space a wide next week


電影林肯回顧 (Lincoln - Movie Review)

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Hhart Budha 發佈於 2014 年 6 月 17 日
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