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-What? -I like hairy men.
Kind of like a dating orgy.
What would that be called?
-She was an idiot. -All the fur.
You know what this is a little bit like?
-What? -That's hot.
-That's nice. -What?
This is a bit like a smeeting date. Do you know what that is?
No, what's a smeeting date?
I haven't been on one, but I'm told it's where three blokes and three women go on a blind date together.
Oh, that's kind of fun.
-That would be fun! -That sounds really fun.
-What's it called? A smeeting? -Smeeting.
And so can you kind of go out with whoever you want?
Well, there's usually one that's not great, so you have a bit of a fight for the good one.
Right right right.
But it's good because it breaks the ice so it's not like, you don't find yourself...
If there's awkward conversation, you can switch.
Oh, so you whisper to each other? I call the blonde one.
-It's like a dating orgy. -Yes!
It's like an orgy of dating. Like you don't know who you're going to end up with. That sounds fun.
That does sound fun. I like that, never heard of it.
-So, there's no segway into the film. -Nothing at all?
I could try and think of something, but there isn't...
We were cross-eyed. You went into that.
It was just on my mind on the way in. I thought oh that's what this is.
You have three girls. You have two friends.
-Do you have two friends? -We'll go on a smeeting!
It's just me.
Just you? That's okay. I can break you into three.
What would that be called?
I've got so much to get through, I feel like I'm not going to... So the film's very, very
funny. I was p***ing myself laughing. It was really, really good, so I thought it was great.
Why should men... A lot of women will think it's just for them, but it's not. Why should
blokes see this movie, do you think?
Because we considered them. We really wanted it to be fun for guys too. There's three women
being funny, and there's also Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who is hilarious in the movie, and he is fearless
-and there's poop jokes and there's... -Yeah he looks in pain.
And men have been betrayed too. Men have been cheated on as well. Even though we played
it in this scenario, I'm sure they can relate in different ways.
Yup! No...
He's such a t****r, that bloke. I struggle to sympathise from a male point of view because
you can tell he's a git from the moment. Just the hair, the face...
I know...
You know, he's a handsome guy, but he doesn't look like he's easy to trust, so I did feel
sorry for your character.
-Aw, thank you. -She was an idiot.
I was an idiot! God!
-You couldn't see through all that? -I know!
Was it nice... because your character goes through emotional turmoil throughout the whole
thing... Was it nice knowing you had Judd at home? You're like thank God I"m not that woman.
Let's see, yes. Thank God. You know, it was so much fun to play that character though
because I'm just all over the place. I'm like super happy and then crying and in love with
her and in love with my husband. I'm just like a nut nut nut job.
Three nuts. Nut nut nut job.
That's a mega-nut job.
-What is the dating called? -What? The game?
-Smeeting. -It's like a smeeting.
Right. Exactly. Of nuts.
Also, I think it's obvious that he's cheating, but how can you tell? Is there some obvious signs?
Well, Carly picked it up. Carly was like there's something wrong with the way he handled this.
Like he said to her, you know, first I'm going to go do this thing. Now I can't, and there's
no chance that I'm gonna reschedule it. I'm not coming back. And she was like oh, I get
it. You're not being honest with me. And she...
It took her awhile though.
Yeah, it did. It took that moment, but as soon as she figured it out, she was like there
is something up, and my dad gave me terrible advice.
-Dads. Dads are nothing. -Dang it.
Yeah, that is unusual. I sat there... Your dad's telling you to dress up?
To dress up and go clean up that boy's pipes? I was like that's clearly what is wrong with
Carly. This is her issue - this father.
Dysfunction from the very start.
My poor character was with your messed up father.
Also, there's the beach scene. I don't need to say anything more than that. I mean, you
all look spectacular in the movie, and there's a little bit of... It's done comedically,
but like body envy from the female's point of view. You get quite a lot of that now.
Blokes wanting to look really buff and henched and stacked and stuff. Do you ladies? Is that
important to you? Does a guy have to look...? I mean, Judd's not the most gym built dude.
Is that important, do you think? I'm representing the blokes, you see.
Right, my husband is like hairy all over. All over.
And he has this stress belly or food belly. He says it's a stress belly, but it's a food belly.
-Does he shave any of his hair? -No.
But it makes for a good comedy. It makes good comedy.
Yeah, I love him.
Laughter. You guys have a good laugh.
I don't mind hair. I like hairy men.
Good cause you're with one.
And quickly, as you grabbed Cameron's bottom last night on the red carpet, that picture
-is sort of everyone now. -Is it? Everywhere?
Well, she has a good little tush. I've got to grab it.
You've got a good ol'.
There's about a hand full at least in there. It depends on how big your hand is.
I have a big hand.
It was great to meet you girls. Thank you very much, and it's going to be a big hit.


The Other Woman interview: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton talk hairy men and 'smeeting'

1273 分類 收藏
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