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  • Here's how to install Shade Er's from Minecraft Java edition.

    下面就來看看Minecraft Java版如何安裝Shade Er's。

  • Use the clickable sections below to keep track of what step you're on throughout this video.


  • To download shader is you'll need to install a Maude called Op Define.

    要下載shader是你需要安裝一個叫Op Define的Maude。

  • Opt to find is a commonly used Minecraft optimization maude.


  • It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for each detector's and includes various configuration options.


  • Check the description below for a separate tutorial I'm downloading up to fine.


  • Once opt to find is downloaded, open the file.


  • To do so, you will need to have job installed onto your computer.


  • You'll need to head over to java dot com and install it from there after opening the file using java, just click on install.


  • After doing so opted, Fine is automatically installed into your Daw Minecraft folder and Minecraft launcher.

    這樣做選擇後,Fine會自動安裝到你的Daw Minecraft文件夾和Minecraft啟動器。

  • You can open up the Minecraft launcher and make sure that opt to find a selected on the bottom left.


  • Once it's been selected, click on plate and launch the game to make sure op define has been installed correctly.

    選擇好後,點擊盤子,啟動遊戲,確保op define已經正確安裝。

  • Check the bottom left to your game screen to make sure it says Ma did this might not show for all the versions of up to find.

    檢查你的遊戲螢幕的左下角,以確保它說馬做這可能不顯示為所有版本的up to find。

  • So there's another way to check Goto options than video settings.


  • And if you can see a shader is option available, it means often find has been successfully installed.


  • If you click the shade eR's option, it will lead you to this page here.


  • This is where all the shader packs you have installed will be displayed.


  • You can click the Shade Er's folder option on the bottom left here to access the shade er's folder on your computer.


  • Or, if you're on Windows.


  • You can also go to the search bar on the bottom, left your desktop and then type percent upped at a percent, then hit enter.


  • After that, you need to double click on dot Minecraft.


  • You can find all the files related to your Minecraft game here, including the Shader Packs folder, and this is where you need to add your shader packs.

    你可以在這裡找到所有與你的Minecraft遊戲相關的文件,包括Shader Packs文件夾,這是你需要添加著色器包的地方。

  • There are many kinds of shader packs you can choose from.


  • Once you've picked one downloaded and added to the Shader Packs folder, then make sure you have that shader pack selected in game by going to the shade er's option and video settings.

    一旦你選擇了一個下載並添加到Shader Packs文件夾中,然後通過進入shade er的選項和視頻設置,確保你在遊戲中選擇了該shader包。

  • If you wish to use shatters with mods, all you need to do is that up to find to your Mods folder alongside your mods.


Here's how to install Shade Er's from Minecraft Java edition.

下面就來看看Minecraft Java版如何安裝Shade Er's。


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如何在Minecraft電腦上安裝著色器? (How To Install Shaders On Minecraft PC)

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