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  • So if 2020 was the year of the pandemic what is 2021 going to be the year of?

  • Oh, goodness, I wish I had a glass ball to know what 2021 was going to be the year

  • of but let's hope its the year of a new normal.

  • It's been tumultuous, for sure. If we can think of some good things, it could

  • be that 2021 will start to see investments into nature,

  • as well as into climate. In our view, the economy today is W.I.L.D.

  • And by wild we mean wasteful, idle, lopsided and dirty.

  • But what we are also realising at Lombard Odier

  • was that there is a transition happening, it's already underway.

  • And that is what we call a C.L.I.C.™ economy. And that's a circular, lean, inclusive and

  • clean economy. And we love the fact that the acronym C.L.I.C.™

  • also encompasses digitalization and technology

  • because for us that is a key enabler of the transition.

  • As greener becomes cheaper that's exactly when investors can wake up

  • and say actually, this isn't about ethical investing.

  • This is about returns. We've seen oil and gas companies

  • that have woken up to the need to transition. And have completely changed themselves around

  • to becoming renewable energy companies. And you've seen the valuations of those companies

  • skyrocket. I think the pandemic has provided a catalyst.

  • But it's not the only catalyst. I think a lot of this change was already happening.

  • 2021 is a year where we're going to see a lot more regulation on sustainability.

  • And we've got COP 26 happening in Glasgow. We expect to see a lot more countries coming

  • out with targets on climate. With the EU Green Deal we saw the plastics

  • tax has just come in in January.

  • We're expecting in 2021 to see more regulation for companies

  • on how they need to disclose on nature. While regulation is changing

  • it is still a little bit lagging towards what is needed.

  • And we're constantly developing new tools, new methodologies.

  • And one of those tools we've recently developed is a Temperature Alignment Tool.

  • So that we can look at where companies are positioned today

  • in terms of their temperature trajectory and whether they are aligned with Paris, the

  • Paris Agreement and net zero. And for us, we believe it is absolutely vital

  • to do that level of analysis. We want to find those companies that really

  • are reacting fastest. And we're excited by the opportunities ahead.

  • We see huge amounts of investment opportunities. Urbanisation as a trend will be something

  • in focus in 2021 but certainly this should mark a point in

  • time for cities to rethink the way they're structured.

  • There's so much that can be rethought. Electrification is really exciting. Because

  • it's driving change. It's driving much more sustainability, we

  • just need to think outside of the box and away from it being

  • an electric car. If we can think about electric two wheelers,

  • electric pods electric tuk-tuks in developing markets.

  • I'm super excited about micro mobility. I'm hopeful that 2021 will really bring an

  • acceleration and focus on sustainability. And that that focus will broaden sustainability

  • beyond climate, and encompass nature as well. Nature is vital, and we have to protect it.

  • And we have to invest in it. There are lots of opportunities across the

  • spectrum of natural capital to invest.

So if 2020 was the year of the pandemic what is 2021 going to be the year of?


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新的正常化-重新思考可持續性(The Year of the New Normal: Looking ahead at 2021 | Rethink Sustainability)

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