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  • when it comes to smartphones.


  • A recent look at iPhone sales show that bigger really is better, at least in buyer's eyes.


  • US.


  • Sales of the recently launched iPhone 12 many were just 5% of all sales of new Apple phones during the first half of January, according to data provider Counterpoint.

    根據數據提供商Counterpoint的數據,1月上半月,最近推出的iPhone 12許多的銷量僅佔蘋果新手機總銷量的5%。

  • The report is adding to signs of muted demand for the mini version of the beloved device.


  • Last quarter, Apple smashed iPhone sales records, raking in nearly $66 billion for its flagship device.


  • Apple launched the many as a way of covering all price points in the smartphone battle.


  • But larger devices have proved to be more popular as consumers increasingly use their mobile devices to devour more video content on the go from a wide array of streaming video services as well as binge on visually rich social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Ticktock and Snapchat, lackluster demand for smaller screens is not an Apple issue alone.


  • As an analyst at JP Morgan pointed out, global data show sales of devices with sub six inch screens on Lee make up 10% of all smartphones sold.


  • There's some speculation by analysts that demand for the smaller iPhone 12, and the many are so weak that might lead Apple to scrap production of the many as early as the spring.

    有分析師猜測,小尺寸iPhone 12的需求,以及眾多的需求非常疲軟,可能導致蘋果最早在春季就取消眾多的生產。

  • Apple was not immediately available to comment.


  • Yeah.


when it comes to smartphones.


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