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  • when you just look at that and you think to yourself, I've been in M V P of this league.

    當你只是看看,你想自己, 我一直在這個聯盟的M V P。

  • I've thrown firm or yards than anyone ever.


  • What thoughts go through your mind?


  • Well, I'm proud of that, for sure.


  • You know, I think there are a lot of things that go into that, you know, staying healthy, being available weekend and week out, playing through some things that require, you know, a little bit of grit.


  • And and then, you know, playing with really good players and good and, you know, not not this past year or the year before that.


  • But playing off some really good teams early in my career, midway through my career and hopefully getting back to that.


  • That's what that's what excites me.


  • Being a part of a team that that's making a push this time of the year.


  • Matt Ryan is here with me today, in part because of the Salute to Service Award presented by you say we will talk all about that.

    馬特-瑞恩今天和我在一起,部分原因是由你頒發的 "服務禮讚獎",我們將談一談這個問題。

  • But as you talk about moving forward in your career, we had a long conversation on TV this morning about Tom Brady still doing what he's doing at the age of 43.


  • As you sit back and look at it.


  • You know, I asked the question, Is that gonna become a new normal?


  • Maybe not 43.


  • But should we rethink what constitutes old for a player in, in, in any sport and certainly in the NFL.


  • How do you look at that question and of how long you think you can keep doing it at a high level?


  • Well, you know, number one, I think it takes a unique skill set, uh, to be able to play.


  • You know, Thio that age, Um, you know, Tom, Tom strength is being in the pocket, delivering the football from the pocket.

    你知道,Thio那個年齡, 嗯,你知道,湯姆,湯姆的力量是在口袋裡, 提供從口袋裡的足球。

  • Uh, you know, he's done an incredible job of taking care of his body, his arm.

    呃,你知道,他做了一個令人難以置信的工作 照顧他的身體,他的手臂。

  • Um, you know, But there's there's different types of players that are coming up now to and guys that are arm or dependent on on their speed and athleticism getting outside the pocket.


  • So I'll be curious to see, you know, I think the rule changes have really helped that I think protecting the quarterback and, uh, you know where we can and cannot get hit.


  • I think I think that's made a huge difference in guys being able to stay healthy and and play later into their careers.


  • Um, but I think there's a lot of changes in the quarterback position.


  • You know, whether or not guys they're going to be ableto, you know, play play that long with different skill sets remains to be seen because of the hit that they take.

    你知道,是否或不傢伙 他們將能夠to,你知道,玩玩那麼久 與不同的技能組合仍有待觀察 因為他們採取的打擊。

  • It's actually a very interesting and important point.


  • Matt Ryan has missed only three games in 13 years, so let me make this straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless.


  • I don't expect you to have scouted quarterbacks, but I have sort of fallen in love a little bit with Mac Jones, the kid from Alabama.

    我不指望你會考察四分衛 但我有點愛上了麥克・瓊斯,阿拉巴馬的孩子

  • And as you know, he'll be one of those whose be drafted this year.


  • And Matt, what everyone keeps telling me is, but he can't run, and I'm old enough to remember a time when that really wasn't part of the equation.


  • As we were analyzing quarterbacks and evaluating these guys coming in.


  • Do you think we're entering a time in pro football where if you can't make plays and move the chains with your legs that that at some point here, there won't be a place in the game for that quarterback.

    你覺得我們是否進入了一個職業橄欖球的時代 如果你不能用你的腿來打球和移動鏈子 那在某些時候,四分衛在比賽中就沒有位置了。

  • I don't know about that, you know, you know, part of part of what I've watched, too.


  • I mean, we watched a lot of Alabama one.


  • Steve Sarkeesian, former offensive coordinator for us, was coaching there.

    Steve Sarkeesian,我們的前進攻協調員,曾在那裡執教。

  • So there's, you know, an interest in a guy that you spent a lot of time with and you're watching what they're doing.

    所以,你知道,一個人的興趣 你花了很多時間與你 你看他們在做什麼。

  • But I also got two wide receivers from from Alabama, and, uh, all they want to talk about is Alabama football what they're watching.


  • So I watched quite a bit of it.


  • I think one of the things is, you know, you don't necessarily need to be a great runner, but you have to have the ability to extend plays and to get, you know, 468 yards when you need it.


  • And I think you know, when I watch Mac Jones, I think one of the things is he's good enough.


  • He's not a great runner, but he's good enough and I've always felt like for myself, you know that that was that was part of how I played, you know, not a great runner but, you know, 23 times a game, you're gonna get outside the pocket, you're gonna extended play.


  • You're gonna pick up a first down when you need it when they're playing.


  • Man coverage on those are the kind of things that you know.


  • I still think there's a place in the game for those guys.


  • And how insufferable where Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley during that run, like, just give me a sense of eggs element, they just annihilated everybody.


  • How insufferable was that?


  • The Onley?


  • Good part three.


  • Only good part was, you know, that they weren't covering every week because the lines were so big.

    唯一好的部分是,你知道, 他們沒有覆蓋每一個星期 因為線是如此之大。

  • They were killing people, but they weren't covering every week, so it made it okay.


  • It wasn't insufferable.


  • But those guys, uh, you know, they never stop straight talk wireless.


  • No contract, no compromise.


  • The great Matt Ryan is with me here.


  • Okay, so let's let's talk about your future.


  • Um, you know that the team sort of came to a little bit of a crossroads here with making the coaching change and the general manager change and you start thinking about is it time for a fresh start for everyone and I wondered aloud multiple times.


  • Is it time for a fresh start?


  • For Matt Ryan, you are to the point you made earlier young enough to still have, like, a complete second chapter somewhere which we've seen a lot of quarterbacks do.


  • How do you view you're that that part of your future at this stage of your career?


  • Well, I don't think you ever know how things were going to shake out moving forward.


  • Uh, you know, But I have the mindset now.


  • I love Atlanta.


  • I love our organization.


  • I'm fired up about the new coaching staff.


  • Uh, and it's my responsibility as professional to be, you know, ready to go and and excited about that.

    呃,這是我的責任 作為專業的,你知道,準備好了,去和興奮。

  • And I am, And I want to be here.


  • Um, but that being said, you know, it's not all in my control what they want to do, moving forward.

    嗯,但說到這裡,你知道,這不是所有在我的控制 他們想做什麼,前進。

  • What they view, you know, is is best for the organization I respect and get that.


  • I still think I've got a lot of tread on my tires.


  • I still think I'm playing at a high level, and, uh, you know, I still think I could go for a handful more years, so I'm gonna, you know, keep my mind set on training, doing everything I can to be the best I could be and and hopefully that will be here in Atlanta for a long time.


  • Matt Ryan was with me here.


  • One more thing I want to ask you before we get to the program that you're involved in.


  • And I've had so many players talk to me over the years about the experience of of losing this game of, of losing the Super Bowl.

    這些年有很多球員跟我說過 輸掉這場比賽的經歷,輸掉超級碗的經歷。

  • You know, no one needs me to remind them of how difficult the loss you had in this game several years ago, and I love.


  • I enjoy asking players if they ever get over that, like, like do have you?


  • Would you say you've gotten over losing the Super Bowl?


  • What's that four years ago?


  • Now, whatever that is five years ago, would you say you've gotten over it?


  • No.


  • E think I don't think I don't think that ever lead you.


  • You know, I think there's there's scar tissue, uh, that that's always there.

    你知道,我認為有... ...有疤痕組織, 呃,那是永遠存在。

  • But I also think, you know, it's it's like anything in life.

    但我也認為,你知道,這... ...它就像生活中的任何事情。

  • You're better for it.


  • You know you're better for the tough parts of life that you go through, and it's always kind of a notch that I'll have on my belt that I'm disappointed in the way it shook out.


  • But I know for sure I'm tougher and, you know, mentally, just better for it.


  • And and so, you know, I think the next time I get there I'll be able to handle the situation better than we did the first time.


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when you just look at that and you think to yourself, I've been in M V P of this league.

當你只是看看,你想自己, 我一直在這個聯盟的M V P。

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