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  • The streets of Tokyo are still crowded with shoppers and commuters.


  • Apart from the masks, there are few signs here of the pandemic.


  • There has been no lock down, but don't be fooled.


  • Amid the glittering neon and jostling traffic for some, life amid the pandemic is becoming unbearable.


  • Since the pandemic began, this woman has tried to kill herself multiple times.


  • [From about this time last year I have been in and out of hospital many times, every month or so.]


  • [I tried many times, but I couldn't succeed, so now I guess I have given up trying to die.]


  • The young woman is now undergoing intensive counseling at this suicide prevention charity.


  • Its founder tells me since mid 2020 they have seen a dramatic increase in harrowing calls.

    其創辦人告訴我,自 2020 年中旬以來,他們接到的求救電話急劇增加。

  • [People call saying I want to die, I want to disappear, I have no place to go.]


  • [A girl I talked to the other day said she is getting sexually harassed by her father.]


  • [But because of Covid her father is not working so much and he is at home a lot, so there is no escape for her.]


  • In previous financial crises, such as the 2008 banking collapse, it has always been men, and particularly middle-aged men whose suicide rates have gone up dramatically.

    在以往的金融危機中,如 2008 年的金融海嘯,自殺率急劇上升的總是男性,尤其是中年男性。

  • But Covid seems to be completely different.

    但 Covid 似乎完全不同。

  • It is affecting young people, and young women are being hit the hardest.


  • In central Tokyo, darkened and shuttered restaurants and bars tell part of the story.


  • Experts say the rise in young female suicide is being driven by economics.


  • This pattern of female suicide is very, very unusual that I have never seen this much increase in my past career as a researcher on this topic.


  • The number of job losses among non permanent jobs are just so, so large, during over the last 6, 8 months,

    在過去的 6, 8 個月裡,在非正式員工的工作中,失業人數就是這麼多,這麼龐大。

  • Japan has been quite successful at controlling the Covid pandemic.

    日本已經相當成功地控制了 Covid 疫情,

  • But in the year since the virus arrived here more women have died from suicide have died from the virus itself.


  • Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News in Tokyo.

    BBC 新聞的 Rupert Wingfield Hayes 在東京進行報導。

The streets of Tokyo are still crowded with shoppers and commuters.


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