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  • So, Matt, where do you see the Bucks in this new Look Eastern Conference, Especially if they are willing to make some of these changes on both sides of the ball?


  • I see Milwaukee is the third or fourth best team, Um, in the East, UM, record decide.


  • I feel like the Nets are gonna probably win the East.


  • I like the Sixers in Boston, and Milwaukee is notorious for being great in the regular season.


  • And then they have their playoff problem that this could be a three headed monster between Holiday, Middleton and Yannis, all around 20 plus points a game in the playoffs.


  • I think that may be a recipe for success, but outside of that, you know he's the two time M V P.

    我想這可能是成功的祕訣,但在這之外,你知道他是兩次M V P。

  • And, like you said in playoff time, you have enough time to study, make adjustments and and teams have found holes in ways to stop him on the offensive end that have had them early exits the last few seasons.


  • You know, this is so interesting that Matt describes it this way, Rachel, because over the last three years, as I've sought opinions on the bucks, their numbers have always been fantastic.


  • and the players have not been afraid of them.


  • And here's Matt Barnes, a player saying, Yeah, they look good, but I'm not afraid of them.

    馬特・巴恩斯在這裡,一個球員說, 是的,他們看起來不錯,但我不害怕他們。

  • And that's, you know, that's not gonna change until Yanis goes and grabs the Siri's that maybe they shouldn't have and pulls it away like we've seen the greats do over the years, and that's really what it's gonna come down to.


  • You know, I'm gonna give the Bucks a lot of latitude here.


  • You made a bunch of great points talking about how they're making experimental changes.


  • They also revamped their entire bench and made a huge change, their starting lineup in trading for Drew Holiday.


  • And because of that, I'm not really gonna seriously evaluate them in their record Until we get into the latter stages of the season.


  • I will say that some of their bench moves that I wasn't really excited about have looked OK, including Bobby Portis, who's been playing great recently.


  • So what do you think?


  • Brian is the biggest question marks for the Bucks this year, either from the front office or the coaching staff in terms of tinkering before the trade deadline?


  • Well, I'm always thinking about, What do you do when you need a couple of baskets in the last five minutes of the game?


  • And so right now the Bucks have the number three offense in the league.


  • They're actually far back in the defensive, standing there, usually at the top there, sort of in the middle of packing defense.


  • So you say, Wow, Number three offense in the league, That's that's Beastie.


  • That's that's gonna really get it done.


  • And then you pull up the clutch stats, which is, you know, when you see and identify what a team can do in a tight playoff game and they slide all the way to 16th.


  • And that's what I worry about and maybe Drew Holiday, who was great in the playoffs a couple years ago with the Pelicans.


  • Maybe he was the difference maker there, Um, you know, But there one in three in games decided by five points or less.

    也許他是區別對待,嗯,你知道, 但有一個在三個遊戲決定的五分或更少。

  • Small sample size.


  • But that's what's gonna be the difference for this team.


  • And that's where we're gonna eventually figure out who they are.


  • Yeah, that's my question, too.


  • Is who do they go to down the stretch in a playoff game last two minutes when they need a bucket.


  • It hasn't been able to be honest yet.


  • Can it be holiday?


  • It's been Middleton at some point, but they need to have that figure identified.


  • And to me, until we get to the playoffs with this team and see if Holiday could be that or militant could be that, or, if you are honest, is going to be that people don't feel fear.


  • The deer.


  • Yeah, well, right now they are number two in the Eastern Conference standings.


  • But is Matt points out?


  • The regular season standings have not meant much or as much for this team in recent years, especially in the bubble.


  • So we will see what they do with thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content subscribed to ESPN plus.

    是以,我們將看到他們做了什麼,感謝在YouTube上觀看ESPN的體育直播和訂閱ESPN plus的優質內容。

So, Matt, where do you see the Bucks in this new Look Eastern Conference, Especially if they are willing to make some of these changes on both sides of the ball?



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