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  • Hello and greetings from the city of Salta, we are back with


  • another video from Northern Argentina and this one's a busy

    阿根廷北部的另一個視頻,這是 本集中

  • one in this episode. we'll be showing you some of the

    的繁忙視頻 。我們將向您展示一些

  • colonial architecture that has earned the city. The nickname

    贏得這座城市 的 殖民地建築。 薩爾塔

  • of Salta, the beautiful we'll try some delicious northern

    的綽號 是美麗的,我們將嘗試一些 阿根廷

  • Argentine food, including my personal favorite lentil stew.

    北部美味的 食物,包括我個人最喜歡的扁豆燉湯。

  • We'll learn about Argentina's colonial and revolutionary

    我們將 在機艙裡 了解阿根廷的殖民和革命

  • history at the cabin. We'll visit beautiful plazas lined

    歷史。我們將參觀排列 有棕櫚樹的

  • with palm trees and step inside cathedrals that are works of

    美麗廣場 ,並走進大教堂,這些大教堂是

  • art. We'll admire the. From a top San Bernardo and we'll also

    藝術品。我們會佩服的。從頂部的聖貝納多(San Bernardo)出發,我們還將

  • pick up a rental car because we need some wheels if we're going


  • to road trip the north properly.

    向北行駛, 我們需要一些車輪 。 早上好,大家早上好,歡迎來到

  • Well, good morning, Good morning guys and welcome to

    薩爾塔·薩爾塔 ( Salta Salta)。 今天

  • Salta Salta. The beautiful we have arrived here


  • in the city today is our first full day here so the plan is to


  • just explore the downtown core. We have a lot of colonial


  • buildings, Churches Basilica museums. It's all colonial. You

    建築,教堂大教堂博物館。都是殖民地。您 知道這些可以追溯到

  • know these dates back to the uh to the days of the Spanish uh

    您 知道的西班牙呃 殖民者 的時代, 而且建築很漂亮。所以,

  • colonizers you know and the architecture is beautiful. So


  • yeah. We're gonna go visit a couple of museums. That's the


  • plan today to visit the core of the city. so let's go

    的 計劃。所以讓我們去

  • discovering a little bit. Okay do it. First up, we visited the


  • cab, which is a colonial building that today houses the


  • History Museum of the North. It's located on the south end


  • of the main square and it's easy to spot with its white

    主廣場 的南端

  • arches. This is a good place to learn about Argentina's


  • colonial and revolutionary past.


  • This is not a bathtub given the fact that we drink a lot of

    殖民和革命歷史 的好地方 。 考慮到我們喝很多 酒 ,這不是浴缸

  • wine. We wanted to show you this and explain a little bit


  • to you how the wine was made in the old days. This is a leather

    並向您 解釋一下 葡萄酒是如何釀造的。這是皮革的

  • uh kind of uh tub okay with a wooden frame. The grapes were


  • put into here and someone barefoot would come in and


  • start crushing the grapes with the with the feet. That's why


  • it's called vino potato potato in in slanging in Spanish is is

    在西班牙語中用it語稱它為“ Vino Potato Potato”

  • is you.


  • No time for a little history lesson for my dad Daniel here


  • we are at the who was the main building uh in the day, you

    )上一堂 歷史課了,在這裡,

  • know like the day of the uh colony and this area here in

    我們是今天的主樓, 就像殖民地的日子一樣,

  • south a little bit of history when Argentina declare

    當阿根廷宣布 獨立 時, 這裡在 南部的

  • independence and they try to break uh ties with Spain. This

    這個地區也 有一點歷史 他們試圖打破與西班牙的聯繫。這

  • is the places where they try to do it. Spain was uh very strong

    是他們嘗試做的地方。西班牙 在這個地區

  • in this area where that was called the. To Peru, which is

    非常強大 。到 今天的玻利維亞

  • today's Bolivia, so the first attempts to beat the Spanish

    秘魯, 因此,擊敗 阿根廷軍隊

  • armies were made through northern Argentina going into

    的首次嘗試 是通過阿根廷北部進入

  • Alto, Peru or Bolivia. But the strength of the Spanish in this


  • area was so strong that it was almost impossible. They were

    方面 的實力 是如此強大,以至於幾乎是不可能的。他們

  • advancing and fighting and capturing maybe one small


  • location and then sometime after the Spanish were uh


  • contrary attack and they lose it and it was pushing and back


  • and pushing and back and fighting and dying, you know so


  • when this route to. The impossible that's when San


  • Martin, the great Liberator decided to go across the Andy's

    ,偉大的解放者聖馬丁決定 與他的部隊

  • with his army and first uh liberate Chile and then by sea,

    穿越安迪 ,並首先解放智利,然後在海上解放,

  • they went all the way on to uh liberate the group. At one


  • point, the Spaniards were pushing south and they were so


  • strong in the province of the next province north of here

    在這里以北的下一個省中 如此 強大,

  • that it was decided it was called the big uh exodus so

    以至於 他們 決定將其稱為大呃外逃

  • they. To leave nothing behind for the Spaniards and was

    。不給西班牙人留下任何 東西, 並且

  • totally erased like anything that could be carried away was

    像一切可以被帶走的東西被帶走一樣 被 完全抹去

  • carried away and the race was burned burned to you know,


  • chart the land you know. This country uh in this area of the

    了。這個國家在 世界的 這個區域

  • world, we don't have Hollywood here so the history is not very

    ,我們這裡沒有好萊塢,所以歷史 對世界

  • well known to the world. Maybe but if you really like uh this

    不是很 了解。也許但是,如果您真的很喜歡這種

  • type of uh history about liberation and independence and


  • you can find books and read about what happened in this

    您可以找到書籍並了解在這一 領域 發生的事情,

  • area it uh you'll be surprised you know sometimes I think I'm


  • standing here in the cabin in and I wonder you know how many

    站在這裡我不知道您知道 那幾天有

  • people in those days. Must be in here in the same talking to

    多少 人。在此必須在同一個談話

  • the to the people and encourage in them to keep on filing and

    的 人民,並鼓勵他們繼續申請和

  • keep on the struggle and ah it's a puri history here you


  • know so that's the part that I like when i come to displace as


  • you know to you know kind of in time take casteback in time and


  • unposition yourself in those days but in modern times like


  • hearing you know what must have happen from these balcony you


  • know like two hundred years

    知道像200年 偶像裡CE 我

  • i d o l ri c e


  • i

  • Which


  • one you like the best the bigger the better.


  • En.


  • Doña Salta.


  • Doña Salta.


  • De empanadas. Ya. One Steve You wanna be sure that it's fresh


  • because the place is packed. Yeah. So the food has arrived.


  • I'm gonna let my dad start first. I'm here in the empanada


  • The cheese empanada very good. There's more but. Excellent and


  • then I have the I have another beef and we have a salad and


  • you have and we have fries too. I have fries came with some


  • steak. I'm having a lentil stew with bacon. It is so good guys.


  • What does it taste like? Yeah. It's just like Harding and


  • salty. There's sausage in here too. spicy red sausage. It's


  • kind of this you'd wanna have on a cold day, but I like which


  • is so much. Which it isn't it isn't, but I like that so much


  • that I'm eating it today in the heat. amazing great food here


  • and it's worth the wait. I'd say huh. Oh my god. Yeah. Okay.


  • How is that thing man looks so good. We chorizo one of the

    那個人看起來如何好看。我們為 阿根廷

  • best cuts in Argentina. Well, a lot of people think that you

    的 最佳減產 香腸之一 。好吧,很多人認為您

  • can only get a good steak and Buenos, but. Sosa has a really


  • underrated scene here I've been here before I've had some of

    場面 確實 被低估了,我來過這里之前,我一直在這裡品嚐過

  • the best steak in the whole country right in the city. We


  • also got dessert in the form of this multi layered cake with


  • sticky meringue and chopped walnuts. It was just as good as


  • it looks.

    看起來 一樣好 。

  • Then just across the street from the restaurant, we visited


  • the basilica and convent of San Francisco. The structure you


  • see today was rebuilt in 1759 after a fire destroyed the

    今天看到 的結構

  • original building today. Visitors can climb The Belfry,

    在大火摧毀了 今天

  • which is the tallest in the Americas. Join a guided tour to

    的 原始建築物

  • gain access to the stores or visit the basilica


  • independently.

    。遊客可以攀登 美洲最高 的鐘樓 。參加帶導遊的遊覽,以 進入商店或 單獨 參觀大教堂 。

  • It has been a few hours we're back in the apartment. We are


  • eating our dinner. We're having a little but we wanted to talk


  • about this afternoon a bit first up. I don't think we told


  • you the price for lunch was just over 2000 pesos, which


  • right now our current exchange rate is about thirty-five us


  • dollars. Yup, and it was a lot of food probably more food than

    美元。是的,這是很多食物,可能比 我們需要的

  • we needed. Yeah. So that's why tonight, we're having a light

    食物還要多 。是的所以這就是為什麼今晚我們要

  • supper picnic. Indoor picnic Yeah, a pic, but yeah, we would


  • highly recommend that restaurant. If you're inside,


  • it's called gotta go there early because it's very popular


  • and they specialize in regional food. So then after that, we


  • visited an attraction right across the street from the


  • restaurant, the Church of San Francisco, San Francisco. It's

    對面的景點中參觀了景點 。它的

  • beautiful outside and inside I would say that's probably the


  • most impressive church in the whole city and you can take


  • guided tours and. Can also go up the bell Tower. We just


  • visited the interior quickly on our own. so anyways we we got a


  • piccata. I got a beer uh beer which I will start and uh yeah,


  • we're just gonna have a little snack and tomorrow. uh we're


  • picking up a car. I don't think we're gonna take it anywhere. I


  • think we're gonna spend another day in Salta Argentina. There's more


  • stuff to do here but uh the road trip part of the North


  • starts very soon coming soon. So stay tuned for that.


  • Well good morning everyone. it is day two here in today. The


  • plan is to also spend some time exploring the city on foot. We


  • found a nearby square. It's very nice. very nice. beautiful


  • construction again. very colonial. a lot of trees that


  • uh are blooming. it seems like in this city, everything blooms


  • you know even the biggest trees you see. they have flowers,


  • beautiful walking weather. It's beautiful. walking weather is


  • not a scorching hot. We should also mention that we're picking

    並不酷熱。我們還應該提到,我們 很快 就要去接

  • up a car soon. Yes and we're gonna show we'll show. Whole


  • process we're gonna be uh basically taking a cab to the


  • airport, renting a car which we're gonna have for over a

    機場,租一輛車,我們 要花

  • week and it's gonna allow us to do a lot of uh really cool


  • things for the north.

    為北方 做很多非常酷的

  • That morning, we visited the cathedral of Salta, which sits

    事情。 那天早上,我們參觀了位於 主要廣場北端

  • on the north end of the main square. It's hard to miss with

    的薩爾塔大教堂 。

  • its pastel pink and cream colored facade. Also, this


  • particular structure had to be rebuilt in 1856 after an

    ,不容錯過 。同樣, 在

  • earthquake destroyed the former building.

    地震摧毀了舊建築物 後,必須在1856年對 這種 特殊結構進行重建 。

  • We had a nice visit and then it was time to go pick up the


  • rental car. Update we are back in the apartment. We had a


  • successful mission picking up the rental vehicle, but oh my


  • driving in so it'll shake your nerves. I wasn't even driving.


  • I was the passenger. I was the navigator with my Gps like turn


  • here over there. Oh yeah and the thing is there's so many

    在這裡 轉彎一樣 。哦,是的,那兒有很多

  • intersections that don't have stoplights and so it's just


  • you're supposed to the right. The people on the right go