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  • Hi everyone, I'm Sandrine here on HappyCool, and today I wanted to talk about some of the

  • new shows that were announced for the upcoming season, and my first impressions of them.

  • I will have a different video for each network so let's start with CBS. [SOUND]

  • Now I don't watch too many shows on CBS because I' m not a big procedural fan and that's.

  • a lot of what they have. But they do have a few shows that are amongst my favorite.

  • So I was kind of excited to see what they had to offer this fall. Let's get right into

  • it. Though I should mention that my thoughts are based solely on the trailer.

  • I haven't watched the pilots yet. So even if something doesn't. Seem too appealing to

  • me. I'll still give the pilot a shot, but usually trailers are an indication of how

  • much you'll like, a show. You can, there can be surprises, but in general, you'll know

  • whether or not you're interested. I'll also have links in the description box

  • to, so you can go check out. Each show, and decide for yourself whether

  • or not you're excited for it. So, let's look at CBS's new shows. First up, Madam Secretary.

  • You know? I don't think it's really a type of show that I'll end up watching, but chances

  • are, I'll enjoy the episode. It's just not something that I just wanna

  • watch every week, but who knows? It, it. It could really go either way. NCIS New Orleans

  • well I don't watch any of the NCIS shows so I doubt that I'll be watching this one but

  • the trailer looked fun so, I'm guessing that if you're a fan of NCIS you might actually

  • like this one. Scorpio now. I'm excited for that one. Holy

  • crap, it looks awesome, that trailer. Now, the only thing I'm worried about, is whether

  • or not they can sustain the excitement for future episodes. Because sometimes, the first

  • episode is excellent and then is just kinda urmph. But, I'm definitely going to check

  • it out and I'm really excited about it, so I'll for sure give it more than one episode.

  • Stalker. Mm-hm well let's just put it like this I couldn't even finish watching the trailer

  • because it freaked me out to much that's the exact reason why I don't watch Criminal Minds

  • I am not someone who enjoys this kind of show now if you do maybe you'll enjoy this show

  • I just, I just can't even I just can't. So, no probably won't even be watching the

  • pilot for this one but if you like Criminal Minds then on to Stalker. Story lines, sure.

  • Go ahead and watch it. The McCarthys, now that's a comedy. This is kinda how I felt

  • about it like, yeah, you could you know, I don't know.

  • Some, some of these comedies, I really enjoy and others not much. So, I, I'd have to see

  • the pilots. From the trailer I'm not sure this is gonna be my type of show but I'll

  • give it a shot. Now, the next three shows didn't have trailers available so I'm just

  • gonna have to base my thoughts on the synopsis and some photos.

  • First one is Battle Creek. Sounds like a procedural shows following two cops who have different

  • views of the world so you get. So this. It can either be really good, or it can just

  • be something that we've seen a million times before, so. CSI: Cyber. Now, I don't watch

  • CSI. I used to watch CSI and I used to love it.

  • But then it just got too repetitive for me. But CSI: Cyber, I'm curious about it, because

  • one it has Patricia Arquette in it. And I loved her in Medium. And two, I am interested

  • what the cyber aspect of it would be. So, I'll check out probably the first episode.

  • I doubt that I'll keep watching cuz again, not my type of show that I watch on a regular

  • basis, but could be interesting. And of course, if you're a fan of CSI, then, pssst, this

  • is your show. And finally, the Odd Couple comedy with Matthew Perry, which is probably

  • the, the main reason I'm very interested in this.

  • I'm hoping it's funny, cuz I would watch it. So, I'm excited to check it out. And that's

  • pretty much for CBS, so let me know in the comments if there's anything that stuck out

  • for you, anything that you're gonna check out. And we will see if we were right.

  • I'm hoping to have another video later on, once I've seen the pilots, to talk about.

  • Whether or not I enjoyed them. Also you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I might

  • be posting more thoughts on upcoming shows on there. Until I make a new video. Next video

  • we'll be looking at NBC's new shows, so keep an eye out for that.

  • thank you guys so much for watching, and I'll see you soon. Bye. Today I wanted to tak about

  • cancellation, because unfortunately that happens. And I'm sure most of you have had their hearts

  • broken over a show that you really enjoyed getting cancelled in previous years most of

  • the shows that I watched that got cancelled were mostly shows that I enjoyed but didn't

  • love so.

Hi everyone, I'm Sandrine here on HappyCool, and today I wanted to talk about some of the


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CBS秋季電視2014年新節目--第一印象。 (CBS Fall TV 2014 New Shows - First Impressions)

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