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  • Once upon a time, there was a little monk named Ikkyu.

  • One day, the head monk returned from a temple in the neighboring village with a long face.

  • As soon as the head monk saw Ikkyu, who was sweeping the garden, he said,

  • "Oh,Ikkyu. Listen.

  • I made a senseless promise with the monk in the nearby village.

  • I really need your help since you are very smart."

  • "All right, Master. If i could be of some help."

  • "I appreciate it.

  • To tell you the truth,

  • while talking with the monk in the nearby village, your story came up.

  • I said,

  • 'Ikkyu is so wise, he knows a lot of things, and he can do anything.'

  • Then the monk said,

  • 'If it is true, I'll have Ikkyu, the wise boy, to draw the longest letter in Japan.'

  • So I said,

  • 'It's a piece of cake for Ikkyu!' and accepted the challenge.

  • .......Ikkyu, can you do that?"

  • Hearing this, Ikkyu scratched his head and said,

  • "Well....I have no choice but to do it.

  • I'll come up with the longest letter in Japan by tomorrow morning."

  • The next morning, Ikkyu went to the head monk and said with a smile,

  • "Master, I will draw the longest letter in Japan,

  • so will you send someone to the nearby village

  • and have him lay a long piece of paper from that temple to our temple?

  • Also, I need a writing brush made of a bamboo broom, and a washtub full of indian ink.

  • Will you prepare them for me?"

  • "So you can do it, can't you? Thank you! I'll do as you said!"

  • When everything was ready for Ikkyu to draw the longest letter in Japan,

  • Ikkyu went to the nearby village.

  • The head monk there said to Ikkyu,

  • "Oh, boy. How dare you demand such a great amount of paper!

  • Well, try and do it if you could!

  • However, if you fail, you have to pay for all the paper!"

  • "Don't worry. Now, please follow me."

  • Ikkyu soaked the thick writing brush of a bamboo broom in indian ink,

  • and started drawing a straight line on the paper.

  • Ikkyu ran and ran,

  • drawing the very long straight line toward the temple of Ikkyu.

  • When he reached the temple, he stopped.

  • The head monk of the nearby village said very angrily to Ikkyu,

  • "What is this? This is just a line!

  • It cannot be called a letter! Now, please pay for all the paper you wasted!"

  • Then, Ikkyu smiled, flipping the end of the straight line to right and said,

  • "Well, I have finished drawing the longest letter in Japan."

  • "A letter? How can it be .....Oh, boy!"

  • "Yes, this is one of the hiragana letters, 'し'. "

  • This is how Ikkyu splendidly draw the longest letter in Japan,

  • and his wit became more and more famous.

Once upon a time, there was a little monk named Ikkyu.


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The Little Monk Ikkyu A Long Letter【Japanese Fairy Tales in English】

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