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  • Once upon a time a poor young man prayed to Kannon.

  • ""Kannon, please make me rich, give me a chance.""

  • Kannon replied to the poor young man's request.

  • "Listen, leave this temple. The first thing you grab will make you rich."

  • The young man was so happy to hear from Kannon.

  • As he left the temple, he stumbled upon a stone.

  • Bump!

  • Falling to the ground, he touched some straw.

  • 'Is this the first thing I grabbed as Kannon told me?

  • I don't think the straw will make me rich.'

  • He wondered and kept walking when a horsefly flew to him.

  • The young man grabbed the horsefly and tied it with the straw he had.

  • Walking along the road, a fine carriage pulled by cows approached him.

  • A child sitting inside saw the horsefly tied with the straw and asked.

  • "Can I have your horsefly?"

  • "Sure! Here you are."

  • The young man handed the horsefly to the child

  • and a servant gave three oranges to the young man in appreciation for his kindness.

  • 'I got oranges in exchange for the horsefly.'

  • He murmured to himself and kept walking.

  • By and by, he came upon a woman suffering from thirst by the roadside.

  • "Take these oranges to soothe your thirst."

  • The young man presented three oranges.

  • The woman got her strength back after eating oranges.

  • She gave him some beautiful fabric in appreciation for his kindness.

  • 'Now I have beautiful fabric in exchange for the oranges.'

  • The young man kept walking.

  • Eventually, there was a man having trouble with a horse lying on the ground.

  • "What happened?"

  • The young man asked.

  • "My horse is sick and unable to walk.

  • I am on my way to town to exchange the horse for fabric.

  • I need to get fabric today, otherwise I'll be in trouble."

  • The man said anxiously.

  • "Would you like to exchange my fabric for your horse?" The young man inquired.

  • The man was grateful for the young man's offer.

  • Accepting the exchange, the man left with the fabric.

  • The young man gave water to the horse and rubbed its body with tender care.

  • The horse got its energy back and stood.

  • The horse seemed like a fine specimen.

  • 'Now I got the horse in exchange for fabric.'

  • He murmured to himself and kept walking with the horse.

  • The young man approached a house from which people were moving out.

  • The master of the house saw the young man and the fine horse as they were passing.

  • "Young man, can you exchange your horse for my house and farm?

  • I need to travel."

  • The young man became rich with a big house and a farm in exchange for the horse.

  • People called him ""a straw millionaire"" since he made a fortune from straw.

Once upon a time a poor young man prayed to Kannon.


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B1 中級 美國腔

わらしべ長者/The Straw Millionaire【Japanese Fairy Tales in English】

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