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  • and we're not as dumb as everyone thinks way.


  • It's pushing people into the conversation who might have been excluded before or pushing people into the conversation who want to make money.


  • I say around 2 to 3 are in a day I spend on my portfolio.


  • But the real fact of it is is some of us are out there and we're seeing these these hedge funds that have been getting away with this for years over shorting these companies and hammering these companies into the ground, and no one says anything.


  • But now us millenials the Robin Hood trader, What everyone to call us when we noticed that And there are smarter individuals out there who could see this happening.


  • And then now we come up to see OK, it kind of spread throughout the community.


  • Well, you know, the knowledge is getting out to other people were reading what's going on, and people are taking advantage of the opportunity.

    好吧,你知道,知識是傳出去給其他人 讀什麼是怎麼回事, 和人們正在利用這個機會。

  • You know what?


  • We see it in my generation and specifically in the next generation to is this sort of and read it is what allows this is this sort of peer to peer, um, building portfolios together and I think that's it's really unique.


  • And I think it in a way challenges traditional existing financial structures like hedge funds.


  • Robin Hood provided the opportunity to have your hand in a part of a company brother be a share of steak.


  • And so on fourth, um, where you necessarily wouldn't have been able to because people live, check to check and one check.


  • One thing could change everything for them in their life.


  • And so I enjoyed that aspect.


  • I enjoyed the fact that I could get a little piece to this, so he's not and it's been great.


  • It's great to see things like this happening under drug time.


  • Toe, you know, go against and try toe have better leverage against someone who is, like indisputable or institution for such a long time.

    你知道,去反對和嘗試有更好的槓桿作用 對某人誰是,像無可爭議的或機構這麼長的時間。

and we're not as dumb as everyone thinks way.



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迎接與華爾街對抗的業餘交易員 (Meet the amateur traders fighting Wall Street)

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