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  • e.

  • Who is she?

  • I Hong Kong and gets on with poor fund.

  • Mhm.

  • All right.

  • Patrick G e urologist.

  • He was like, You're still my You know something?

  • 60 migrants If they get them out off Still, my big Although they will come out soon My page Enjoy how you can see how they would comes out looking, doctor, Your term eventually Raimondo living way out with all your example New York Still my home community Hong Guess it was like So you have looks up The enjoy high I've been out on still hand on You can give in Turkey You assume I some salt I got you Assume I sing with your guide houses again Hey, Jr fancy all the yoga Still my develop Odo, take anti Who looking?

  • Hey, we hardy that mama like occasionally will himself.

  • Yes, I consume my about Boston, Huh?

  • Kate, I got we're going to the island about is a gold oil can see you some day soon my young being fun size and mean here Got my size and meeting the gold chain gang song way one of time on when the time on the means in which hanging among can you go mean?

  • Actually 55 pe e I pay the young Be paid my aside.

  • Hagemeyer said this in with the ice and for for came in one day Play mode.

  • See my aside coming to you You're a holo holo.

  • Get your punk.

  • Use Hong being way you want You can do you, uh, you way down, See?

  • How do you see?

  • Um, emphasizing, uh way.

  • Hey, you can opt out a whole lot getting and song And we had something like, I don't see you harm, uh, Tonto all they turn into your back garden get bean So one you can just go and see How so I got your team, Leo.

  • Hey, Gout boil hotel.

  • Hey, um, Pong Who?

  • Still fun?

  • My who?

  • Dancing getting made from I have been choice should giggle chunk out.

  • So you certainly harmony about E.

  • Yeah, Some more weight, all the thing.

  • So one way supplements is Yolanda Booth.

  • It can't, uh, bank seen china.

  • Would Zima.

  • So yeah, I think food.

  • Rodeo.

  • Oh, hi.

  • You know, your country can hooks up.

  • Got in public open, you know?

  • Come on, young, Sexy, Middle long, You know, So hardly there huh?

  • Over bar teaching me.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • So you can, uh, so, so far the oh so single jackets.

  • Often you guys.

  • How d you don Michael Teoh?

  • Michael, You?

  • Yeah, you too high.

  • Too late?

  • Um, six seconds.

  • So you six ways something up?

  • I want to see the whole gang.

  • Montes Gay Some.

  • Sorry about something.

  • One, but get so yeah, you have some.

  • So we have got their lots elmayer, you know?

  • So you get a day.

  • It's income hotel A Something e coming out so I don't get my a They gave some day, huh?

  • Hold on.

  • Incom cooler Her got on Southside Way e Oh, my way!

  • E way!

  • Next time on Main Street Gourmet, we'll visit a small shop in Cueto where they specialize in handmade sticky rice cakes.



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Shumai (Siu Mai): Hong Kong’s Most Iconic Street Food

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