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  • Have you been crushing on someone, but wondering if it's becoming something more?


  • Emotions can be messy and hard to decipher when all we hear is our loud heartbeats, or feel giant butterflies in our stomach.


  • The upside is that as we grow older and gain more relationship experience, the answer becomes more clear.

    當我們只聽到自己砰砰的心跳聲 很難分清楚什麼是愛情

  • Here are five differences between crushing on and falling in love with someone.

    但隨著成長和累積的感情經驗 我們慢慢的就能知道答案

  • 1. A crush develops fast, while love grows over time.


  • When you first develop a crush on someone, it can feel fun, flirty and exciting.

    第一 我們很快地就發現迷戀 但愛情會隨著時間漸長

  • It's a lot like dancing with a flame, but it doesn't last forever.

    開始迷戀某人時 你或許會覺得有趣、曖昧或興奮

  • Love, on the other hand, takes time to grow.

    就像火花四濺一般 但這並不持久

  • It demands patience, understanding and hard work.

    但愛情就不一樣了 它需要時間來證明

  • When we crush on someone, it's the loud adrenaline rush that pounds on our chest.


  • Love, however, allows us to find inner peace within ourselves.

    迷戀 是因為腎上腺素衝過了我們的身體

  • It's a lot quieter, subtle even, and can sneak up on us when we least expect it.


  • 2. A crush forms from the basics, while love thrives from deep connections.

    相對於迷戀 這相當安靜、平靜,並且出乎意料

  • Have you ever liked someone because they shared the same interests as you?

    第二 迷戀是最基本的相聯 而愛情是更深層的關係

  • A crush forms from basic information like that.


  • Maybe the two of you had the same favorite color, or you can quote an entire movie together from beginning to end.

    迷戀 就是像這樣基本的要件

  • But that's not necessarily love.

    或許你們兩個喜歡同個顏色 或是你們都能引用同一部電影

  • Love isn't afraid to dive in the deep.


  • It asks us to be vulnerable and go past the small talk, hobbies, and picture perfect Kodak moments.


  • It's sharing secrets, and sometimes, it means confronting the past and mending together.

    它使我們變得脆弱 我們不再談論天氣或興趣,而是更深層的事物

  • 3. A crush might feel insecure while love stems from trust.

    有時是分享秘密 或是揭露過去的傷疤再一起成長

  • Crushing on someone can leave you feeling insecure when you compare yourself to others, but love is built on the foundation of trust.

    第三 迷戀會令人感到沒有安全感 但愛情就是信任

  • When you love someone, you feel at ease with them, you're neither possessive nor jealous.

    當我們將自己和其他人比較時 迷戀時常讓我們感到不安

  • Love teaches us to let go of our fears, whereas crushing on someone allows them to linger.


  • 4. A crush feels new while love feels familiar.

    當你「愛」某人時 你和他們相處輕鬆

  • When you crush on someone, it often feels fresh and young.


  • But as you get to know someone better, love forms, making enter rooms that feel familiar.

    愛情教我們放棄恐懼 而迷戀卻使恐懼環繞我們

  • It's like being with your best friend, someone who knows you inside and out, perhaps better than you may know yourself.

    第四 迷戀感覺新穎 愛情卻像舊衣服

  • When you're crushing on someone, you're too shy to even make it past the welcome mat.


  • 5. A crush is reckless while love is mature.

    但當你更認識某人時 愛情漸長

  • Ever had a crush on someone that made you scratch your head years later?

    讓你感覺像是回家一樣 很熟悉

  • Crushes can be confusing, reckless, and inconsistent.


  • Love isn't so easily discarded though.

    他從裡到外的懂你 甚至比你還要瞭解你自己

  • When love begins, so does maturity.

    但迷戀就不一樣了 你甚至會不敢開口對他說話

  • You'll learn how to be vulnerable, how to compromise, and how to grow with someone.

    第五 迷戀是魯莽的 但愛情是成熟的

  • It's more than just a feeling but a life changing experience.

    你曾不曾回頭看到當年迷戀某人的自己 令你困惑不已

  • Do you think you're crushing or falling in love with someone?


  • Please share your thoughts with us below.


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    當戀情開始時 你也隨之成長

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    你學會變得脆弱 如何妥協 和他人一同成長

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    這不僅是一種感覺而已 也是一個改變人生的經歷

Have you been crushing on someone, but wondering if it's becoming something more?



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5 Differences Between Crushing & Falling in Love

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