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  • It's a spectacular sight, really.


  • It was one of their favorite places to be.


  • And Rainford is a Normani, and he is overcome by emotion at the sight of the holy places of the Anglo Saxon north, including Whitby.

    Rainford 是諾曼底人,在看到 Anglo Saxon 北部的聖地,包括 Whitby 時,他為之感動。

  • So the difficulty that Mark and myself and the rest of the team have in doing this work is deciding well, what is the basis?

    因此,Mark 和我本人以及團隊其他成員在做這項工作時所遇到的困難是,決定以哪個為根據?

  • You know, what did William Pitt do?

    像是,William Pitt 做了什麼?

  • A practically perfect pigeon pie.


  • Mrs. Avis Crocombe, was head cook at Audley End house.

    Avis Crocombe 太太是 Audley End 莊園的廚師長。

  • During the 1880s, she kept many of her recipes, like pigeon pie, turbotthat's a fish, and apple cheese, which is a desert, in a handwritten book.

    在 1880 年代,她手寫了許多食譜在本子上,如鴿子派、多寶魚(那是一種魚)和蘋果奶酪(一種甜點)。

  • And so there's a series of underground tunnels that are cut into the chalk, 20 meters under the ground below Dover Castle.

    因此,在多佛城堡下方的地下 20 米處,有一系列的地下隧道被砌成白色。

  • And they're very atmospheric places, and they really give you a sense of what it must have been like to work down there in times of crisis.


  • It would be wonderful to feel to talk to you about the Vermeer a little more because it is one of our most important paintings.

    能多和你談論 Vermeer 真是太好了,因為它是我們最重要的畫作之一。

  • It's one of only five Vermeers in the United Kingdom and one of only around 36 known works by Vermeer in the entire world.

    它是英國僅有的五個 Vermeer 作品之一,也是全世界中 Vermeer 已知的僅 36 幅作品之一。

  • So an incredibly special painting to have here at Kenwood.

    所以,這是一幅令人難以置信、特別的畫在 Kenwood 這裡。

  • His wife actually worked in the Ministry of Information and Orwell himself worked for the BBC.

    Orwell 本身是在 BBC 工作,而他的妻子則是在政府通信總部任職。

  • So there was a certain amount of direct knowledge going into this portrayal of his hero, Winston Smith, working on the retrospective alteration of newspapers airbrushing history.

    所以在描繪景仰對象 Winston Smith 在報刊粉飾產業進行回顧性改文時,Orwell 對他已經擁有一定程度的認識。

It's a spectacular sight, really.


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