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The epidemic here is worse than previously estimated. Much worse.
The message has been pushed on us.
It's your fault you're fat.
Shouldn't be so hard to get them to run around and play? Right?
They have voracious appetites and they don't exercise enough.
It's about how active our kids are.
Forget about it.
There are 600 thousand food items in America.
80% percent of them have added sugar.
Your brain lights up with sugar just like it does with cocaine or heroin.
You're gonna become an addict.
You end up with one of the great public heath epidemics of our time.
This is the first generation that American children are expected to live shorter lives than their parents.
I am 12 years old and my doctors have said that I am a statistic.
We're blaming will power and it's a crime.
Over 95% of all Americans will be overweight or obese in 2 decades.
We're toast as a country.
The sugar industry is extraordinarily powerful.
They're in business to make money. Not to keep America healthy.
What if our whole approach to this epidemic has been dead wrong?
The government is subsidizing the obesity epidemic.
It placed private profit ahead of public health. Systematic political failure.
By 2050, one out of every 3 Americans will have diabetes.
Those diseases are being driven by sugar.
This is the fundamental problem. Nobody is talking about it in society.
We could cure 80% of the problem where they prepare the food in the school.
Tomato paste is a vegetable? Really?
Junkfood companies are acting very much like tobacco companies did 30 years ago.
I would reject entirely any argument that they are in any way harmful.
Lying through their teeth.
Kids are being told the biggest lie they will ever hear in their lives.
Ronald McDonald never sells to children.
He informs and inspires through magic and fun.
If a foreign nation were doing that to our children,
we would defend our families.
Years from now, we're gonna say,
“I can't believe we let them get away with that.”
We have to change the diet of America.
It's all preventable.


不願面對的肥胖真相! FED UP - Official Trailer

54783 分類 收藏
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