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  • A practitioners practical. Practical psychology here. Today I'm going to be teaching you with the help of improvement pill how to have a sexy confident dominant voice when telling stories were talking to people.

  • The first part will be addressing how to say it and the second part will be what you say.

  • Hello there improvement bill here.

  • Do you ever have a hard time getting people to listen to you or gaining the respect?

  • Well it's probably because you sound like a little bitch.

  • At any given moment while you're speaking, you are speaking in one of three different tonalities, and depending on which tonality you choose people will treat you differently.

  • For this video we're going to use a commonly used the line at awkward parties.

  • So, how was your day?

  • Yeah you've probably heard that one before.

  • So the first tonality sounds something like this.

  • So how was your day?

  • As you can see it rises, it curves up.

  • This is what's called 'trying for report tonality' because when you speak like this you sound like someone who wants to become your friend, who wants your attention, who's looking for validation.

  • Of course this isn't good because it sounds like you're needy and it shows a lack of confidence.

  • This actually is not a normal way of speaking.

  • It's something that comes out when we're feeling nervous.

  • It's when our body is tight and our vocal cords are not relaxed.

  • Think about how you speak to people that are already your close friends, people that you're comfortable around.

  • You don't say hey guys how's your day.

  • You probably sounds something more like the second tonality.

  • The second tonality sounds something like this.

  • Hey how was your day?

  • It's flat, doesn't fluctuate up or down and this is the tonality that you use around your friends people that you're comfortable with.

  • This is what's called 'holding report tonality'.

  • It's not asking for anything, it's how someone sounds when report has already been established for a long time.

  • The final tonality sounds something like this.

  • Hey how was your day?

  • It curves down, the tone drops towards the end.

  • And this is what's called 'breaking report' because it comes off as someone who's in a position of authority, someone like your boss, a teacher, a police officer, a celebrity.

  • When you speak like this, it indicates that your person of higher value, that you're confident, that you actually need to be impressed as opposed to the first tonality which is someone who's trying to impress for the most part.

  • If you want people to listen to you or if you want to gain their respect, you need to keep your voice tonality between the second and the third tonalities.

  • Because although it's a very subtle change, it's a body language habit that speaks volumes about who you are as a person.

  • And it's pretty fairly simple to practice.

  • Now that you've watched this video you're conscious of this concept.

  • All you gotta do is practice saying sentences.

  • Hey, how's your day? Hey, how's your day?

  • Hey, what's your name? Hey, what's your name?

  • So the content, the words, and the story that you say actually matter too.

  • Some people say that using large words can make you sound more intelligent and for some sexier, but I want to get into the science of this.

  • First of all telling a story will automatically make you the center of attention, but when telling a story how can you make the content super interesting?

  • One way is the slightly lighter the audience and surprise them.

  • For example, an improvement pills newest video. He mentions that there are three ways to be happy in the beginning when in fact there is a fourth.

  • So you're expecting the third way to be the anticipated resolve, one that follows the flow of the past two, but it's not.

  • So your expectations are shattered and now you're super engaged.

  • Left wondering how in the world to be happy.

  • Our brains love patterns, but when we break them it goes haywire and we remember better we are intrigued.

  • You have to drive to work every day, but if you saw an accident and had to slow down almost to a stop, I bet you remember it better than any other day of the month.

  • In fact, you might have thousands of cars pass you and never remember what color they were, but in three hours you will still remember that bright green lamborghini because it breaks pattern.

  • The second part of the science of what you say to sound sexier and more engaging is the actual words you use when telling a story or talking to someone.

  • Let me say two words and you can comment down below what you thought of what kind of shape they might represent.

  • I'll make them up and you've probably never heard them before.

  • Blubble, zinglezaz.

  • You might think blubble represents a super round shape maybe like a cloud.

  • Zinglezaz as though might be a seven-year-olds version of a hexagon with sharp points and no curves at all.

  • This is actually called the bouba/kiki effect, a form of ideathesia when you connect sounds or words to ideas.

  • More specifically, ideo phones are words that evoke an idea in the mind just from a sound.

  • They are found in all languages but they depend on the culture.

  • One example is blowing, another is tick-tock tick-tock.

  • You actually imagine a ball bouncing or a clock ticking when I use these words.

  • The more of these types of words you can use, the better your story will be and the more engaged your audience will be.

  • Also the more influential you seem, the more attractive you will be perceived.

  • Something else that helps is listening to your own voice.

  • I used to think my voice sounds so weird, but after hours and hours of messing up on scripts, editing scripts, and listening to my own videos, it's become normal and I gained a whole lot of confidence in my own voice and how I speak now.

  • Narrating things just for practice helps me articulate things better and in turn has greatly increased my speaking skills.

  • After I tell a story a couple of times, you get more confident in telling it.

  • Anticipating how people will receive it, and what parts to emphasize and what parts not to.

  • Talking telling stories and just having a conversation is just like any other skill.

  • Practice and proper knowledge on the subject will help you immensely.

  • I hope you guys enjoyed this video and learn something. Thanks for your attention.

  • Check out improvement pills channel for some more awesome videos.

A practitioners practical. Practical psychology here. Today I'm going to be teaching you with the help of improvement pill how to have a sexy confident dominant voice when telling stories were talking to people.


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How To Have a Sexy, Confident Voice - Voice Tonality and Ideophones

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