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  • - Paco, go to bed. - Paco's very playful.

    - Paco 去睡覺。- Paco 很愛玩。

  • He definitely has the sense of, well, I kind of wanna do my own thing too, like,


  • we'll give him a command to sit and he can get distracted in the sense that he might want to go check out something else.


  • Paco is our second dog.

    Paco 是我們的第二條狗。

  • We felt a little bit more confident, um, but I forgot how much work it took to take care of a little baby puppy.


  • You know, the lack of any kind of control about anything.


  • - Paco sit! Paco sit! - Paco sit!

    - Paco 坐下!Paco 坐下!- Paco 坐下

  • As you could tell, Paco is a teenager and doesn't listen to its parents.

    可以看得出 Paco 是個青少年,根本不聽父母的話。

  • We have right now four teenagers in our home, and so I think we're kind of used to it having all this kind of wilful but really beautiful spirits.


  • Paco come, come! Come, Paco! How are ya?

    Paco 來,過來!過來,Paco!你好嗎?

  • I grew up with a blind grandmother in my home.


  • Knowing that Paco could help someone who can't see like my grandmother is pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

    知道 Paco 可以幫助像我奶奶一樣看不見的人是非常酷的。

  • We as a family, we've benefited so much from raising a guide dog.


  • It's helped us to be emotionally healthier.


  • Our boys, they're on a spectrum.


  • They go through higher levels of stress interacting with people.


  • You know it's stressful to talk to a person and just to say hello to them.


  • But what a puppy does or what a dog does, is they're not demanding of you.


  • They just want a hand.


  • They just wanna rub.


- Paco, go to bed. - Paco's very playful.

- Paco 去睡覺。- Paco 很愛玩。

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