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  • whips and posers.


  • Leave the hall.


  • These are the Rift Master Generals.


  • Welcome to watch motor dot com, and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 heavy metal guitarists.


  • Have you guys noticed that we've been promoting musicians like Row Ransom or Austin Mahone and some of our videos?

    你們有沒有注意到,我們一直在推廣像Row Ransom或者Austin Mahone這樣的音樂人和我們的一些視頻?

  • Well, let me introduce you to Sound Mojo, the Watch Mojo music label that will help you find your next favorite artist.

    好吧,讓我來給你介紹一下Sound Mojo,Watch Mojo音樂廠牌,可以幫你找到你下一個喜歡的藝術家。

  • Or are you the next big thing yourself will be recruiting, signing and promoting these talented people.


  • So if you've got something to submit, be sure to email us at Sound Mojo at Watch mojo dot com and stay tuned to find your latest obsession.

    所以,如果你有什麼東西要提交,一定要給我們發郵件到Sound Mojo at Watch mojo dot com,並繼續關注尋找你的最新困擾。

  • Mhm for this list ranking.


  • The most talented, influential and important guitar players from the heavy metal genre will be excluding guitarists, known primarily for their instrumental shred abilities such as mom scheme and trying to keep a focus on um or Total package criteria of riffing, arranging and song writing.


  • Lead and rhythm players from all metal genres will be considered for this list, but guitar teams will have to be examined at another time.


  • I was thinking about everything is number 10.


  • Scott Ian anthrax slash s.


  • O.


  • D.


  • There are few rhythm players out there tighter than Scott Ian, who's been laying down the riffs with anthrax since they first formed back in 1981.

    很少有節奏樂手能比Scott Ian更緊緻了,他從1981年第一次組建Anthrax樂隊開始,就一直在用他們的樂曲來演奏。

  • Ian's burly stage presence may belie a friendly and fun loving personality, but make no mistake, Scots all business when it comes to making the metal.


  • It doesn't matter whether Ian's laying down killer mosh rifts with anthrax Indians or creating a hardcore crossover metal classic with S.


  • O.


  • D's classic Speak English or Die LP.

    D的經典《Speak English or Die》LP。

  • If Scott somehow involved well, you just know it's gonna be heavy way Get in my head.

    如果斯科特以某種方式參與... ...你就會知道這將是一個沉重的方式... ...在我的頭上。

  • Mhm Number nine Carry King Slayer Slayers Second album Hell Awaits was aptly titled because that's exactly what the band sound evokes pure, unfettered hell on earth.

    Mhm Number nine Carry King Slayer Slayers第二張專輯《Hell Awaits》的名字很貼切,因為這正是樂隊聲音所喚起的純粹、不受約束的人間地獄。

  • Much of this thrash metal intensity is thanks to guitarist Carrie King, who alongside his former partner, Jeff Hanneman, wrote some of the genre's most defining and enduring classics.

    這種驚悚金屬的強度在很大程度上要歸功於吉他手Carrie King,他和他的前搭檔Jeff Hanneman一起寫出了一些該類型最具有定義和持久性的經典作品。

  • Kings lead sound like dying hellhounds, while his riffs can move from slow, brooding creepiness to Def con one level severity in the blink of an eye.

    Kings的主音就像垂死的地獄犬,而他的riff可以在眨眼間從緩慢、陰鬱的毛骨悚然轉變為Def con一級的嚴重性。

  • Don't search for any subtlety here instead, seek out Carry King.


  • If you want your hair blown back and teeth knocked out, you will thank him for it later.


  • Number eight John Petrucci Dream Theater What can we say about Dream Theatre's resident guitar, God, John Petrucci?

    第八名 約翰-佩特魯奇 夢劇場 對於夢劇場的駐場吉他神約翰-佩特魯奇,我們能說些什麼呢?

  • He's quite simply a guitar player's guitar player, able to switch between styles with amazing ease and assuredness.


  • But true, she is also one of progressive metals elder statesman and, as such is quite comfortable, jamming out heavy riffs one minute and fragile melodies the next.


  • There's a virtuosic texture and complexity to his playing.


  • Yet Petrucci and his bandmates have also proven themselves to be strong songwriters who allow their music to breathe while still showing off their musical chops.


  • Number seven Dave Murray Iron Maiden.


  • The membership charter of Iron Maiden reads as a virtual who's who of heavy metal guitar gods.


  • Adrian Smith, Denis Stratton and Janick Gers are all gifted, but we're going to go with the man who's been with Maiden since the start.


  • Dave Murray fans may always expect to see Marie smiling visage the band show, but the man's musical contributions to their discography cannot be understated.


  • There's a smooth sense of melody to Dave's playing, which fits perfectly alongside the fire oven, Adrian or genic, while Murray Symbiotic do elite ability has gone on to define the Iron Maiden sound?

    戴夫的演奏有一種流暢的旋律感,與火爐、阿德里安或genic完美地結合在一起,而Murray Symbiotic做精英能力已經去定義鐵娘子的聲音?

  • Yeah, Number six.


  • Kirk Hammett, Metallica slash Exodus Her Kamut cut his teeth with the Bay Area thrash icons Exodus prior to landing the lead guitar slot with Metallica early on in their career.

    Kirk Hammett,Metallica slash Exodus 她的Kamut在Metallica的職業生涯早期獲得主音吉他的位置之前,與灣區的驚悚偶像Exodus一起切磋過。

  • Since then, however, Ham, its reputation as one of heavy metal's defining guitar players continues to grow just as Metallica's music continues to win over fans young and old.


  • Okay, Theo Key to cook success in the group perhaps owes itself to band mate James Hetfield decision to primarily focus on rhythm, leaving Hammett free to flaunt his scorpions and UFO influences while at the same time showcasing his melodic and dextrous fretboard talents out on stage every night.

    好吧,Theo Key在樂隊中取得的成功也許要歸功於樂隊夥伴James Hetfield決定將主要精力放在節奏上,讓Hammett可以自由地炫耀他的蠍子和UFO的影響,同時在每晚的舞臺上展示他的旋律和靈巧的指板天賦。

  • Number five Dimebag Darrell Pantera.

    五號Dimebag Darrell Pantera。

  • Darrell Abbott, also known as Dimebag Darrell, has been an influence upon generations of younger guitarists since Pantera first crack to the commercial metal charts.

    Darrell Abbott,又名Dimebag Darrell,從Pantera第一次登上商業金屬排行榜開始,就一直影響著一代又一代的年輕吉他手。

  • Darryl was chasing the dream early on, pounding the pavement with Pantera in a glam speed metal style prior to picking up vocalist Philip Anselmo and venturing towards heavier pastures.

    Darryl很早就在追逐夢想,在與Pantera一起以華麗的速度金屬風格衝擊路面,之後又找來主唱Philip Anselmo,向更重的牧場進軍。

  • Your bra burn.


  • Daryl's grew heavy, sonically pushing style thrilled audiences around the world with both Pantera and damage plan before dime bags.

    達里爾的增長沉重,聲音推動的風格讓全世界的觀眾激動不已,Pantera和damage plan都在dime bags之前。

  • Life was tragically cut short when he was shot on stage by a crazed fan in 2000 and four.


  • Abbott may be gone, but his legacy is one of Metal's most influential guitarists.


  • Remains forever secure.


  • He had taste, He had a heart.


  • He had this thing called.


  • So Number four.


  • Dave Mustaine, Megadeth Muhsin was an important part of Metallica's early years.

    Dave Mustaine、Megadeth Muhsin是Metallica早期的重要成員。

  • But after his dismissal, which opened the door for Kirk Hammett, he formed Megadeth as a sort of technical speed metal alternative to Metallica's evolving, compositionally minded song.

    但在他被解僱後,這為Kirk Hammett打開了大門,他組建了Megadeth,作為一種技術性的速度金屬替代Metallica不斷髮展的,以作曲為目的的歌曲。

  • Writing eventually must in Hooked Up with shredder Marty Friedman to create what many fans feel was the definitive Megadeth lineup, alongside bassist Dave Elofsson and drummer Nick Menzah.

    寫作最終必須在Hooked Up與碎紙機Marty Friedman一起創造了許多粉絲認為是最終的Megadeth陣容,與貝斯手Dave Elofsson和鼓手Nick Menzah一起。

  • Yeah, Dave Mustang was the backbone of mega deaths, dizzying mathematical style of speed metal composing songs which even today stand as blueprints for precise pounding thrash.

    是的,Dave Mustang是巨型死亡樂隊的主心骨,他以令人目瞪口呆的數學式的速度金屬風格創作歌曲,即使在今天,這些歌曲也是精確的重擊快感的藍圖。

  • Number three Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen.


  • It would be easy to argue that without the first Van Halen album, the landscape of hard rock and heavy metal would look very different today.


  • This isn't hyperbole, either.


  • As Eddie Van Halen literally changed the landscape of rock and metal guitar from the very first notes of running with the Devil and eruption attract that essentially pioneered the two handed tapping technique, E O wouldn't stop there either, challenging legions of bedroom guitarist up their ante to just try and compete with what Van Halen was laying down in the studio and on stage.

    從Eddie Van Halen改變了搖滾和金屬吉他的格局,從最初的 "與魔鬼賽跑 "和 "爆發吸引 "的音符開始,E O也不會停下腳步,挑戰臥室吉他手的軍團,試圖與Van Halen在錄音室和舞臺上的表現相媲美。

  • Mhm e on a low number two.


  • Randy Rhoads, Ozzie Osborne slash Quiet Riot Ozzy Osborne employed many inspiring and insanely talented guitarist over the years, including Badlands bluesman J.

    Randy Rhoads,Ozzie Osborne slash Quiet Riot Ozzy Osborne多年來僱傭了許多鼓舞人心的天才吉他手,包括Badlands bluesman J。

  • L.


  • E.


  • Wild Man, Zach Wild and even Night Rangers Brad Gillis.


  • None of them, however, are linked quite as closely as the immortal Randi Rhodes, who played on Audi's first two solo albums.


  • Rhodes was plucked from the early lineup of future hair metal stars, quiet riot and blew the minds of everyone lucky enough to catch them In live, classically trained and naturally gifted Roads was one of a kind, a unique guitar playing talent who burned brightest sun and hot as health.

    Rhodes從早期的未來發金屬明星陣容中脫穎而出,安靜的騷動,讓每一個有幸趕上他們的人都大吃一驚 在現場,受過古典訓練和天生天賦的Roads是獨一無二的,他是一個獨特的吉他演奏天才,他燃燒著最燦爛的陽光,熱得像健康。

  • Yeah, before we get to our topic, here are some honorable mentions.


  • Dio What?


  • Yeah, but I was on my line.


  • Wait Time?


  • Yeah, number one, Tony.


  • I owe me Black Sabbath.


  • Sure.


  • Proto heavy metal sounds were around before, Tony.


  • I owe me.


  • But not even bands like Led Zeppelin and Iron Butterfly could approach.

    但連Led Zeppelin和Iron Butterfly這樣的樂隊都無法接近。

  • I owe me.


  • And companies Gothic, grandiose heaviness.


  • An accident at work left young.


  • I owe me without the fingertips on two of his fingers.


  • But homemade prosthetics and a will to persevere led to Tony hammering down on those threats while in the process, creating that doomy, gloomy heavy metal sound we know and love today.


  • Beyond I Omi's heaviness, however, lies an underrated lead player and a songwriter whose melodies and style have defined the genre for just about every band in his week.

    然而,在I Omi的沉重之外,還隱藏著一位被低估的主唱和一位作曲家,他的旋律和風格已經為他一週內的每一支樂隊定義了風格。

  • Do you agree with our picks?


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whips and posers.


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