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  • It's been touted as one of, if not the greatest film ever made.


  • But you don't have to have seen Citizen Kane to appreciate Gary Oldman's latest role as the guy largely responsible for its script.


  • Screenwriter Herman J.


  • Mankowitz, otherwise known as Manc, bless William Randolph Hearst Thea Recent Netflix film Manc dramatizes how the boozy, blunt talking Mankowitz teamed with wunderkind Orson Welles to write the 1941 film directed by Wells and in which he also starred as Charles Foster Kane.


  • Ah, character based on real life media baron William Randolph Hearst.


  • And now, as Kane was heralded some 80 years ago, so too, is Manc with award buzz circulating, especially for old men.


  • It's something the 62 year old actor says never gets old despite his having won numerous accolades, including an Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in 2018 The darkest hour.


  • You know, you get a name product and then you put it out in the world, and if they like your bathing, you know it's nice.


  • Um, and, um, having the work acknowledged is a lovely sink, Oldman said.


  • Director David Fincher wanted Manc to be transported, choosing to film it in black and white.


  • He really wanted to take you back to another era and on, I know for me anyway, just the whole thing that he's done with sound on the final look of the movie.


  • I mean, there are moments in it where you are, where, where you think you might be watching a film actually made in 1919 40.

    我的意思是,有一些時刻,你在哪裡, 在那裡,你認為你可能會看到一個電影 其實在1919年40。

  • The biggest difference between then and now in home viewing versus sitting in a darkened movie house, a transformation driven by new technologies that began well before stay at home orders, shuttered many cinemas.


  • You could you could be a grump, Onda complain about it and, you know, lament the you know, the loss of of celluloid and the movie houses, Um, or you can you can just pull your socks up, get on the trying with the rest of them.

    你可以... ...你可以是一個脾氣暴躁的人,Onda抱怨它,你知道的,哀嘆你知道的,失去了賽璐珞和電影院,嗯,你可以... ...你可以只是拉起你的襪子,得到的嘗試與他們的休息。

It's been touted as one of, if not the greatest film ever made.


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