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  • Hey, Disney+ fans.

    嘿,迪士尼+ 的粉絲們。

  • This is Anneliese van der Pol from "That's So Raven."

    我是 「天才魔女 」裡的 Anneliese van der Pol。

  • Christy Carlson Romano from "Kim Possible."

    我是「麻辣女孩」中的 Christy Carlson Romano。

  • Jason Earles from "Hannah Montana."

    我是「孟漢娜 」中的 Jason Earles。

  • It's Phill Lewis, Mr. Moseby from "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody."

    我是 Phill Lewis,「小查與寇弟的頂級生活」裡的莫斯比先生。

  • KP's favorite catchphrase is, "What's the sitch (situation)?"

    KP 最喜歡的口頭禪是 「什麼情況?」

  • Today, hmm, maybe it would be something like, "Spill the tea!"

    現在的話也許會說: 「講八卦!」這類的東西。

  • My character Chelsea's iconic catchphrase was:

    我的角色 Chelsea 的標誌性口頭蟬是:

  • "Do you carry a lunchbox?"


  • An updated version would probably be:


  • "Do you carry a cell phone?"


  • My character on the show had an iconic catchphrase, which was:


  • "No running in my lobby."


  • Now what would a modern-day take on that phrase be?


  • "No running in my lobby."


  • It's timeless.


  • My character, Jackson Stewart, he had an iconic catchphrase, and it went like this.

    我的角色 Jackson Stewart 有一個標誌性的口頭禪,是這樣講的。

  • "I said good day!"


  • I'd say an updated version would be, "Uh, bye-bye!"


Hey, Disney+ fans.

嘿,迪士尼+ 的粉絲們。

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