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  • with millions of Americans out of work and many pushed into poverty.


  • President Joe Biden and US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Friday urged Congress to take immediate action on the president's $1.9 trillion Cove in 19 relief proposal.

    美國總統拜登和美國財政部長耶倫(Janet Yellen)週五敦促國會對總統19日提出的1.9萬億美元的科夫救濟提案立即採取行動。

  • So the choice couldn't be clear.


  • We have learned from past crises the risk is not doing too much, The risk is not doing enough and this is the time to act now.


  • Yellen, the administration's point person on the economy, reminded Congress that if it doesn't act quickly, then more people will be left behind.


  • If there's not more help, many more people will lose their small businesses, the roofs over their heads and the ability to feed their families.


  • The president's American rescue plan will help millions of people make it to the other side of this pandemic, and it will also make some smart investments to get our economy back on track.


  • The pandemic has killed nearly 430,000 people in the U.


  • S, and efforts to control it have taken an uneven economic toll on Americans.


  • On Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor said the sharply divided chamber would begin work on robust legislation next week, with or without Republican support to pass it.


  • We are in the midst of a once in a century crisis.


  • It requires a once in a century effort to overcome it.


  • The dangers of under shooting our response are far greater than over shooting.


  • But if our Republican colleagues decide to oppose this urgent and necessary legislation, we will have to move forward without them.


  • Republicans and some Democrats have balked at the $1.9 trillion cost of Biden's proposal, which is on top of $4 trillion in aid approved by Congress last year.


  • But Democrats vowed to push ahead and are preparing to use a parliamentary tool called reconciliation, which would allow Democrats to pass much of Biden's proposal by a simple majority in the Senate without Republican support.


  • With Vice President Kamala Harris wielding the 50 50 Senate's tie breaking vote later Friday on his way toe Walter Reed Medical Center, Biden again pushed Congress to act.

    隨著副總統卡馬拉-哈里斯週五晚些時候在前往沃爾特里德醫療中心的路上揮舞50 50參議院的平局投票,拜登再次推動國會採取行動。

  • Even if the Democrats have to do it alone, I support passing Cobra relief with support from Republicans.


  • If we can get it, but the cobra leaf has to pass, there's no if ands or buts.


with millions of Americans out of work and many pushed into poverty.


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