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  • Here's how to connect your AirPods to a MacBook.

    以下是如何將 AirPods 連接到 MacBook 的方法。

  • These steps will work for any generation of AirPods.

    這些步驟適用於任何一代的 AirPods 。

  • Open your AirPods case like you would when connecting your iPhone.

    像連接 iPhone 時一樣打開 Airpods 的蓋子。

  • Click the volume icon on your Mac in the menu bar on the top of your screen.

    在 Mac 上點擊螢幕上方選單中的音量符號。

  • Under output device, select AirPods.

    在輸出裝置中選 AirPods。

  • If this method doesn't work, you need to enable a few different settings.


  • Go into system preferences. Make sure your Mac is logged into the same Apple ID as your iPhone by clicking Apple ID.

    進入系統偏好設定,確保你的 Mac 登入跟你的 iPhone 一樣的蘋果帳號。

  • And checking for your iPhone on the devices column on the bottom left. Then make sure that "hands off" is turned on by clicking general.

    並在左下角的設備欄中檢查你的 iPhone,並點開一般設定確保「接力」的功能是開啟的。

  • And clicking the check mark next to "allow hands off between this Mac and your iCloud devices".

    下一步,勾選「允許這部 Mac 和您的 iCloud 裝置之間使用「接力」功能」。

  • Finally, if your volume icon isn't in the menu bar click "Sound", then click the check mark next to "Show volume in menu bar".


  • If you're trying to connect your AirPods to a Mac, but don't use them on an iPhone, you can do this by opening your AirPods case with your AirPods still in it.

    如果你想把你的 AirPods 連接到 Mac 上,但不會在 iPhone 上使用它們,你可以把你的耳機放在裡面的狀態下打開你的 AirPods 蓋子。

  • Press and hold the button on the back of the case until the status light starts to flash white.


  • On a generation one AirPods case you can find the light inside the case.

    一代的 Airpods ,白燈顯示在內殼。

  • On a generation two and AirPod Pros the light is in front of the case.

    二代的 AirPods 及 AirPod Pros 的燈則在前方外殼。

  • On your Mac open "System preferences"

    打開 Mac 上的「系統偏好設定」

  • Click "Bluetooth". On the list of Bluetooth devices you'll find your AirPods, double click to connect.

    點選「藍芽」,在藍芽裝置列表裡你會找到你的 AirPods,點兩下來連接。

  • If your AirPods still aren't connecting, remove them from the list by right clicking and clicking "Disconnect" and pair them with the Mac again.

    如果你的 AirPods 仍然沒有連線,按右鍵點擊「中斷連線」,將它們從列表中刪除,然後將它們與 Mac 再次配對。

  • If nothing else works, reset your AirPods by holding the button on the back of the AirPods for at least 15 seconds.

    如果還是沒有用,請按住 AirPods 背面的按鈕至少 15 秒鐘,以重置 AirPods。

  • Let go when the light turns amber and try these steps again.


Here's how to connect your AirPods to a MacBook.

以下是如何將 AirPods 連接到 MacBook 的方法。


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【科技】教你怎麼連接 AirPods 到 MacBook! (How To Connect AirPods To A Macbook)

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