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  • shares of Gamestop went on a wild ride Thursday after trading app.


  • Robin Hood said it was restricting trades in the gaming retailer.


  • The stock has been at the center of a battle between small time traders and deep pocketed hedge funds that has shaken stocks around the world.


  • Interactive Brokers Group said Thursday that it, too, had restricted trades in a number of so called frenzy stocks like Gamestop theater chain AMC and BlackBerry.

    Interactive Brokers Group週四表示,它也限制了一些所謂的狂熱股票的交易,比如Gamestop連鎖影院AMC和黑莓。

  • TD Ameritrade did the same on Wednesday, driven by an army of individual traders using online brokerage APS like Robin Hood and anonymous social media messaging boards.

    TD Ameritrade週三也是這樣做的,這是由使用羅賓漢等在線經紀商APS和匿名社交媒體留言板的個人交易者大軍推動的。

  • Shares of Gamestop have seen a powerful two weeks surge up an eye popping 1700% hammering fund investors who are betting the stock would fall.


  • Reddit discussion groups were once again humming on Thursday as membership of the trader focused group Wall Street bets raced past four million.


  • Veteran research analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Security said.

    Wedbush Security的資深研究分析師Michael Pachter表示。

  • The whole thing feels like a pyramid scheme.


  • Wall Street bets theory is that you know, we will buy it a 20 somebody will buy it from us it 30 and that happened then the next group bought it 30 and somebody by from 40.


  • And it happened then 70.


  • Then 140 than 203 100.

    那麼140比203 100。

  • And it will keep going up this long as demand stays high.


  • But the question is, you know, when does that demand dissipate?


  • Theater chain operator AMC, which has seen ticket sales almost totally evaporate due to the health crisis, has also gone along for the ride.


  • The stock has skyrocketed tenfold in just a matter of weeks, and it's not just US companies.


  • Several global stocks are caught up in the euphoria as well, which have Onley increased calls for regulatory crackdown.


  • Some professional market watchers say the current frenzy raises all sorts of questions with respect to possible market manipulation.


  • But supporters of the amateur traders say the social media, chat rooms and investing APS are democratizing the world of Wall Street.


shares of Gamestop went on a wild ride Thursday after trading app.


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Robinhood限制交易,GameStop股價暴跌。 (GameStop stock tumbles as Robinhood restricts trades)

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