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  • in Argentina, there's a guy who's so obsessed with boots he's on a mission to taste every fruit on the planet.

  • He's been to more than 20 countries and tasted more than 200 fruits that you've never seen before.

  • Who is he?

  • Why does he Onley eat fruits?

  • And how did fruits cure his disease in the small city in Argentina?

  • Yes.

  • This is my first video in the country.

  • I found Pablo years ago.

  • Pablo was just like you and me.

  • He didn't really pay attention to fruits.

  • Theun.

  • He was diagnosed with a rare skin disease that made the skin on his back.

  • His arms his legs red and pink.

  • It even made it bleed.

  • He suffered from it for a long time.

  • Until one day a doctor told him Pablo was running out of solutions.

  • So he thought eso he threw away all the meat in his French, fasted for four weeks, got really, really skinny.

  • And at the end of the fast, the first thing he ate Waas approved.

  • Yeah, me A Z ate more fruits and plants day after day, month after month, his skinned slowly healed fruits managed to cure him with no Western medicine could go.

  • Masahiko she But Pablo didn't just find a cure.

  • His disease.

  • He found a new obsession.

  • Played a part in Pablo thought.

  • If he's going to eat fruits for the rest of his life, then why not eat every single fruit the world has to offer?

  • So he packed his bag, left his home in Argentina and went on a journey on a hunt for the best fruit in the world.

  • Hey, a hey traveled to more than 20 countries and discovered not just 10 or 100 but more than 200 types off fruits, some of which most people don't even know about, like this giant fruit that tastes like white chocolate or tiny fruit that looks like pearls or even fruits with skin like a snake.

  • Hey, on his favorite fruit is the durian.

  • Yes, this fruit known for smelling like sewage.

  • This journey has turned Pablo into a fruit expert, but it's much more than that.

  • It has brought him toe islands in the middle of nowhere and mountains that took hours to climb.

  • He learned new languages and made lifelong friends.

  • Pablo is disease, and cure is a very unique story.

  • But it's also a reminder that the healthiest food is also the simplest way.

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in Argentina, there's a guy who's so obsessed with boots he's on a mission to taste every fruit on the planet.


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