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  • It's time to talk about the Netflix Christmas universe, also known as the NCU.

    現在是時候來談談 Netflix 的聖誕宇宙了,也可以稱之為 NCU 電影世界。

  • Let us know which holiday hit is your favorite in the comments.


  • The NCU is a magical, romantic holiday world where most of the men are royal bachelors and most of the women are Vanessa Hudgens.

    NCU 是一個神奇、浪漫的假期世界,其中大多數男性是皇室單身漢,大多數女性就像是凡妮莎·哈金斯一樣。

  • If you're a heroine working for the holidays, a spontaneous carol singer, or a potentially magical old person, you might just be in the NCU.

    如果你是在假期工作的女主角、為人率直的頌歌歌手,或者是一個潛在的魔法老人,你可能就身處在 NCU 世界裡。

  • There are ten total films in the NCU.

    NCU 電影世界總共有十部電影。

  • In order of release, they are "A Christmas Prince,"


  • "Christmas Inheritance,"


  • "The Holiday Calendar,"


  • "The Princess Switch,"


  • "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding,"


  • "Holiday in the Wild,"


  • "The Knight Before Christmas,"


  • "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby,"


  • "Operation Christmas Drop,"


  • and "The Princess Switch: Switched Again."


  • The NCU began with 2017's "A Christmas Prince."

    NCU 世界的系列電影從 2017 年的《聖誕王子》開始。

  • This movie established the story basis for each of these films.


  • - Come with me, please.

    - 請跟我來。

  • An everyday heroine enters a magical Christmas world where she finds love and herself.


  • Beyond this, "A Christmas Prince" and its two sequels undoubtedly form the main pillar of the cinematic universe.


  • Think of Amber as Iron Man and if Amber is Iron Man, then Vanessa Hudgens is Captain America and the Hulk and Thor.

    把 Amber 想像成是鋼鐵人,如果 Amber 是鋼鐵人,那麼凡妮莎·哈金斯就是美國隊長、綠巨人浩克和雷神索爾。

  • - Do I really need to explain?

    - 我真的需要解釋嗎?

  • While "The Princess Switch" and "The Princess Switch: Switched Again" obviously form the second royal pillar of the NCU,

    而《公主鬧雙包》和《公主鬧雙包:變身計畫》顯然構成了 NCU 世界中的第二皇室支柱,

  • "The Knight Before Christmas" also ties in more subtly.


  • - Your great grandmother's cousin Cecil fled the country after a dalliance with a vulgar American divorcee.

    - 你曾祖母的堂兄塞西爾在與一個粗俗且離過婚的美國人調情後逃離了這個國家。

  • It was rumored that Cecil settled in the United States.


  • And if Cecil has one descendant in America, why not two?


  • This explains how Brooke fits into this world.


  • She's another holiday-loving Hudgens destined for royal romance.


  • These films have similarly enchanting royal stories but "A Christmas Prince" and "The Princess Switch" are also connected in deeper and more meaningful ways.


  • - We feel a review is prudent.

    - 我們認為進行審查是謹慎的。

  • Aldovia, Belgravia, and Montenaro are the three fictional countries prominently featured in these two film series.

    Aldovia、Belgravia 和 Montenaro 是這兩個電影系列中突出的三個虛構國家。

  • In "A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby," this map even confirms that Aldovia and Belgravia are neighbors.

    在《聖誕王子:皇室寶貝》中,這張地圖甚至證實了 Aldovia 和 Belgravia 是鄰國。

  • Of course, the first link between these two worlds came in "The Princess Switch," when Kevin and Margaret watched "A Christmas Prince" on Netflix.

    當然,這兩個世界之間的第一個聯繫出現在《公主鬧雙胞》中,當時凱文和瑪格麗特在 Netflix 上觀看了《聖誕王子》。

  • - Your favorite?

    - 你最喜歡的電影?

  • - No, it's your favorite.

    - 不,是你最喜歡的。

  • - Right.

    - 沒錯。

  • Then, in the sequel, Amber and Edward are actually present at Lady Margaret's coronation.


  • This suggests that within the NCU, these movies could be biopics or even documentaries, rather than fictional films.

    這表明在 NCU 世界內,這些電影可能是傳記甚至是紀錄片,而不是虛構的電影。

  • It follows that the televised appearance of the other movies,


  • including "The Holiday Calendar," "Christmas Inheritance," and "Holiday in the Wild," would be documentaries or biopics as well.


  • - There is nothing like a happy ending to make someone cry.

    - 沒有什麼比幸福的結局更讓人想要哭的了。

  • The biopic slash documentary angle makes sense, as each of these ten films is focused on a particularly newsworthy story.


  • Just like a royal wedding, the transformation of a party heiress or the saving of an elephant orphanage are real events that are likely famous enough within the NCU to be made into films.

    就像皇室婚禮一樣,熱愛派對的女繼承人轉變或是拯救大象孤兒都是真實的事件,在 NCU 世界內可能非常有名,可以拍成電影。

  • Even "Operation Christmas Drop," which has yet to appear on Vanessa Hudgens' TV, establishes just how newsworthy the story is within the movie.


  • But you're probably still wondering, "How exactly did this universe get started?"


  • Well, all of the films in the NCU are made by MPCA in partnership with Netflix and produced by Brad Krevoy.

    NCU 中的所有電影都是由 MPCA 與 Netflix 合作製作並由 Brad Krevoy 製作的。

  • It all began when they needed a film to have on TV in 2018's "The Holiday Calendar."

    這一切都始於他們需要在 2018 年的《聖誕倒數》中放映一部電影。

  • The creators decided to intentionally link the films in deeper and more complex ways, planting Easter eggs, or acorns, in their other collaborations with Netflix, too.

    創作者決定有意以更深入、更複雜的方式將這些電影串連起來,在他們與 Netflix 的其他合作電影中也植入了一些彩蛋或是橡子。

  • - What with the Belgravians here in Aldovia as well. It seems royals marrying outside of the noble classes has become quite fashionable.

    - 阿爾多維亞的貝爾格萊維亞人也一樣。 皇室成員與貴族階層以外的人通婚似乎變得很流行。

  • And that's everything you need to know about the Netflix Christmas universe.

    以上就是關於 Netflix 聖誕節宇宙所有需要了解的內容。

  • Thanks for watching and happy holidays.


It's time to talk about the Netflix Christmas universe, also known as the NCU.

現在是時候來談談 Netflix 的聖誕宇宙了,也可以稱之為 NCU 電影世界。

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