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  • over 19.


  • We desperately need a unified national response to the climate crisis.


  • Making climate change a top priority.


  • US.


  • President Joe Biden signed a raft of executive orders Wednesday.


  • Clean energy policies, he promised, would be a boon to the U.


  • S economy and an engine for job growth.


  • This is a case where conscious and convenience cross paths we're dealing with this existential threat to the planet and increasing our economic growth and prosperity are one and the same, Biden said.


  • Millions of good paying union jobs would be created in wind and solar energy, something former Secretary of State John Kerry in his new role as US climate envoy, noted at a press briefing earlier in the day.


  • You know, you look at the consequences of Black Lung for a minor, for instance, and measure that against the fastest growing job in the United States before co vid was solar power technician, same people could do those jobs.

    你知道,你看看黑肺對未成年人的影響,比如,衡量一下,在美國發展最快的工作之前,co vid是太陽能技術員,同樣的人可以做這些工作。

  • Meanwhile, Biden's nominee for Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, who spent eight years as governor of Michigan, the hub of US auto manufacturing, defended the administration's position in her confirmation hearing Wednesday as a way to prevent foreign countries from hijacking US jobs so we can buy electric car batteries from Asia or we can make them in America.

    與此同時,拜登提名的能源部長人選詹妮弗-格蘭霍姆(Jennifer Granholm)曾在美國汽車製造中心密歇根州擔任了8年州長,她在週三的確認聽證會上為政府的立場辯護,認為這是為了防止外國劫持美國的工作崗位,這樣我們就可以從亞洲購買電動汽車電池,或者我們可以在美國製造。

  • We can stall wind turbines, install wind turbines from Denmark, or we can make them in America.


  • Biden also paused new oil and gas leases on federal land and cut fossil fuel subsidies, marking a reversal from policies put in place by his predecessor, Donald Trump, who sought to maximize US oil, gas and coal output by removing regulations and easing environmental reviews.

    拜登還暫停了聯邦土地上新的石油和天然氣租約,並削減了化石燃料補貼,這標誌著他的前任唐納德-特朗普(Donald Trump)推行的政策發生了逆轉,後者試圖通過取消法規和放鬆環境審查來最大限度地提高美國石油、天然氣和煤炭產量。

  • But Biden did not enact one measure that Trump, on the campaign trail, claimed his rival would.


  • He's gonna ban Fracking.


  • Let me be clear and I know it's always comes up.


  • We're not going to ban fracking.


  • Biden last week returned the US to the Paris climate accord after Trump abandoned the agreement.


  • Biden's focus on climate change has cheered international partners and environmental advocates, but has upset Big Oil, which argues the moves will cost the US millions of jobs and billions of dollars in revenue at a time when the economy can least afford it.


over 19.


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