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  • Another pain coping technique is non-focused awareness. This is a little bit like meditation

  • but slightly different. When a woman is in labor, she is going to experience tons of

  • different sensations and she can allow these sensations into her consciousness and not

  • try to push them out, there's less room for pain. RIght now we're experiencing touch,

  • light, temperature, taste, sound, sight and scent. These are all happening right now to

  • us, right now, while you're watching this, you're experiencing all these. When you're

  • in labor, these are all going to be intensified. So, if we divide them up to all these things

  • that we're experiencing and we just let them into our being, we don't judge them, we don't

  • decide if we like them or not like them, they are what they are, then there's less room

  • right here and that means there's less room for pain. An example of this is, let's say

  • you're at home, you're in labor and your neighbor decides to try out the new chainsaw, he wants

  • to go to town and trim the trees. When you're in labor, even when you're not in labor, that

  • might be something that you find extremely annoying and you might be like "I can't stand

  • that noise, it is going to drive me crazy, I need him to turn it off," but I want you

  • to look at it a different way. I want you to be like "It's a noise, it's part of life,

  • it's there and I'm just going to let it be. Come into my life and leave my life," because

  • if you fight it, then, guess what, this right here for sound, that becomes pain too, so

  • now you've got that much more pain that you're entering into here. When you're at the hospital

  • there's going to be nurses coming in and out of the room, you're going to hear people in

  • the hall maybe talking, maybe people laughing, you're going to hear lots of beeps. When any

  • type of machine is running low on a medication or if the battery is running low or there's

  • any kind of thing that is out of the norm, you hear beeps. You hear beeps all the time

  • at hospitals. If that sound of beeping, if you decide "I can't stand that beeping, I

  • hate it every time I hear it," that means that you have more pain. In the next segment,

  • I'm going to show you an example of how to work through this and how to do non-focused

  • meditation. A pain coping technique that can be effective, but is a little difficult at

  • first, is non-focused awareness.

Another pain coping technique is non-focused awareness. This is a little bit like meditation


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緩解分娩疼痛 :緩解分娩疼痛。非專注的冥想 (Labor Pain Relief : Labor Pain Relief: Non-Focused Meditation)

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