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  • Hey guys. It's Bex. Today's meditation is another by request. It's meditation for a

  • broken heart.

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  • Some of us use meditation as a way to calm down after a hectic day or a way to get ready

  • for the day ahead. Some of us use meditation as a method of prayer.

  • Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are too big to comprehend, too big to

  • get our heads around. Maybe it's a break-up or a divorce or even a death. But it's in

  • these times that it's maybe not appropriate to figure out a reason why or a way to fix

  • it, but just a time to sit in quiet contemplation and pray.

  • So today's meditation is for just those times. It's a prayer type meditation, also an affirmation

  • meditation that will help you to heal from a broken heart. Let's begin.

  • Go ahead and find your easy seat. You can have your legs crossed or one foot in front

  • of the other, whatever is comfortable. Instead of resting our hands on our legs, we're going

  • to put our hands in prayer.

  • So it's just placing the palms together and the fingers. Let's keep our fingers open so

  • that energy may pass in between them. Our thumbs are going to be placed on our sternum

  • right at the center of our chest in front of our heart.

  • Sit up nice and tall with your shoulders right over your hips. Start to pay attention to

  • your easy inhales and exhales, not affecting your breath; just watching it, observing.

  • Like I said before, oftentimes we find ourselves in the midst of heartache whether it's a sudden

  • break-up or something much larger like a death. We try to figure out why, why it happened,

  • how we can protect ourselves from it happening again and we feel lost for an answer.

  • But I would suggest instead of searching for those answers, it may be bringing more stress

  • into your life when you can't find them. So just sit quietly and allow yourself to mourn,

  • to be in that moment in sadness and to not deny it.

  • Often a well-meaning friend or family member will try to talk you out of your sadness to

  • get you up and going, to forget what had happened. But the mourning process is such an important

  • one and it's OK to embrace it. But now I would like to offer you this thought, that meditation

  • is the act of being present in the moment, of being here now.

  • So if you are in sadness or mourning, allow yourself to be in the moment in sadness and

  • mourning. But understand as quickly as your inhale and exhale cycle through your body,

  • this moment too shall pass.

  • Continue to think that thought throughout the day. With each breath, each inhale and

  • exhale, another moment of pain has passed. Those moments will become less and less and

  • soon you will be enjoying moments of joy.

  • One last inhale and exhale. Allow yourself to open your eyes. I hope that that meditation

  • gave you a little peace and calm in a moment that you may be struggling with. If you have

  • any recommendations for another type of meditation, please leave them in the comments below and

  • please return again and again for more hopeful and wonderful meditations for the new year.

  • Love you guys.

Hey guys. It's Bex. Today's meditation is another by request. It's meditation for a


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冥想破碎的心--初學者如何冥想--你有4分鐘時間--BEXLIFE。 (Meditation for a BROKEN HEART - How To Meditate for Beginners - You Have 4 Minutes - BEXLIFE)

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