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  • before we begin

  • please be aware to listen in a safe place where you can sit or

  • lie down comfortably and completely relax

  • your unconscious mind's instructions may be different

  • each time you listen to this recording

  • you may increase your ability to become more focused

  • motivated and relaxed.

  • Now, just notice an area where your body is comfortable

  • the more you notice any sensation

  • the more you may allow a sensation

  • of comfort to spread

  • throughout your entire body

  • and your unconscious

  • Now, the more your mind wanders the

  • more you may allow your unconscious

  • to have more energy to motivate you

  • to be more successful

  • and more resourceful

  • in the future you will have even

  • more motivation to enhance your life

  • and pursue your goals

  • can you remember or

  • imagine what feeling energetic

  • and motivated is like? now

  • pay attention

  • because your unconscious also knows

  • the subtle difference between being

  • focused

  • and being hyper aware, which means

  • you can focus on anything you

  • decide to

  • like yourself, work, fun

  • or anything in your environment

  • and it may be easier to go with the flow now which

  • may remind you of a time

  • when you are younger and full

  • of enthusiasum

  • for life and wonder

  • when most activities are fun

  • and there is still more for you to look forward to. that's right

  • it's possible you may want to remind yourself of the feeling you get

  • after exercising, or

  • doing other pleasurable physical activities

  • simply imagine

  • what it's like being at that surge of energy moving through your body

  • you may feel more alive inside already

  • take a moment to notice any changes

  • and its easy to realize that you know how to focus

  • and have that energy now

  • imagine all the ways you can improve your life by having more time and more energy

  • to do the things that you want to do now

  • as you continue to focus and you become more alert and aware

  • notice how you feel as your mind

  • now knows to enhance and

  • amplify the more focused

  • energetic and pleasurable feelings

  • parts of your mind and

  • personality to share

  • with yourself and to others kindly. Thank you

  • for listening to this three minute guided meditation

  • by my mind machines

before we begin


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激勵、專注和能量--3分鐘引導式冥想。 (Motivation, Focus and Energy - A 3 Minute Guided Meditation)

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