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  • Hi Greetings from Malaysia.


  • I'm from the Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, or you C ts We'd like to call it and we are one of Malaysia's premier institutions for technology, engineering and business.

    我來自亞太大學科技與創新學院,或者你C ts我們想叫它,我們是馬來西亞首屈一指的科技、工程和商業機構之一。

  • High education.


  • If you're interested in coming to a country where education is seen as a as a major activity and where you could get educated with international qualification, come to us and what you really need is to have a very good ability in English.


  • And in order for for us to assess that, we really recommend that you run to the nearest Tofel center, get yourself tested and send us your results and we'll be able to see where you stand.


  • Even after you come down to Malaysia, you can actually sit for two fellas well at the various sites will evaluate your your scores.


  • And if you do need for the work in English, we can do that for you and with you.


  • And then you can get yourself tested again way.


  • Always believe that total scores give us the most accurate representation of your off your competency in English and your ability toe succeed in the program with us so see you in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur.


  • Uh, see you at U c t I and, uh, all the best to you.

    呃,在U C T I見到你,呃,祝你一切順利。

  • Thank you.


Hi Greetings from Malaysia.


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