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  • Having the ability to see and understand everything, in terms of human beings and dimensional beings,

    Desteni呈獻 - 跨次元門戶之歷史(8):在一瞬間看見

  • seeing them constantly, continuously, in any given moment,


  • how was I able to experience this as myself in one singular moment?


  • Well, one evening (again- we did this quite often), all of us would come together, some of us,

    我是如何能夠在一瞬間- 體驗到這- 等同於我?

  • to come together and share our experiences in this process,


  • just communicating about everything.


  • And I was relatively-- actually, completely new to everything. And


  • we were sitting one evening and I was sitting in front of Eagle

    而我相較之下- 確實每件事- 對我來講都是新的

  • crossed-legged and our knees touched. And he says to me,

    某晚我們坐著- 而我坐在Eagle之前

  • "What do you see?" and he opened himself (stretched-out arms) like this.

    盤腿- 而我們的膝蓋碰觸,而他對我說

  • And he said again, "What do you see?"


  • I closed my eyes and I looked inside him, and I said, "God."


  • How to explain this experience?

    我閉起眼睛- 然後我看進他,而我說:天阿

  • It was beyond infinity.


  • It was beyond feelings, beyond experience.


  • It was in that moment, as though everything disappeared. Everything disappeared.


  • And I just had this experience of "God." Literally experiencing "God" as me.


  • And Eagle said to me, "What do you see?"


  • So I told him what I saw.


  • I told him that I saw everything was purple... purple-ly pink background.

    所以我告訴他- 我所見的

  • And I saw beds, everywhere. Just beds.

    我告訴他- 我看見每件事是紫色...紫色粉紅的背景

  • Now this was when I was nineteen years old. Just beds, everywhere.


  • With this purple-pink background like clouds.


  • Lots of beds. And there were males and females on these beds having sex.

    伴隨這些紫色粉紅的背景- 像是雲

  • But in all different positions. They knew all the different positions in the world. All of them!


  • It was like the world world was in male/female relationship, and everyone was having sex in different positions. It was all physical.

    但全都在不同姿勢,你知道,他們有在這世界的- 全部不同的姿勢- 全部的

  • Like I could see all the physical movement, positions and everything.


  • And then, all of a sudden, everyone turned into these white orbs.


  • The males/females were like on top of each other, in some way or another.


  • And both turned into white orbs that moved (in circular patterns) Not touching at all.


  • Not penetrating like I seen them before, with the male and female were penetrating and having sex in all different positions, no.


  • They transformed completely into white orbs moving on top of each other, but not touching.

    沒有穿透- 像是我之前看到的,男性和女性(互相)穿透並用所有不同之姿勢性交。不。

  • Now, this happened to all the human beings that were on these beds.


  • All of a sudden, everyone turning into white orbs that were moving on top of each other.


  • And I was standing, looking at everything, and I transformed into this angelic-- no, not an angel... per se,


  • but like I had this big cross here (around neck) a crystal. It was pink, purple crystal cross, here.

    而我站著- 看著這一切,而我轉變成這個...不- 不是個天使...本身

  • And I started walking up... when I started walking,


  • everyone from the beds, as these white orbs, came down and followed me.


  • And they followed me and there was this Sun.


  • This big, big sun. And clouds. And it was beautiful. It was magnificent.

    且他們跟著我- 而那有一個太陽

  • So I started walking, and everyone started following me,


  • but we were walking together. And we walked thru the sun.


  • When we walked thru the Sun, there was this big, big golden chair, like a throne, waiting for us.


  • Now the whole world, all of us together. were walking, walking, walking.


  • And we all walked onto this throne together, and

    現在,這整個世界,我們全部一起,走著- 走著- 走著

  • when we were all on this throne, this great golden throne, chair-- it wasn't like a throne -- it was like a big, big chair.


  • Gold chair. Thick.

    當我們全都在這王座,這個巨大金色王座、座椅-- 它不像是王座-- 它像是巨大的座椅

  • And it was like going thru this


  • circular entrance. And we all went thru this circular entrance together, the whole world together on this big golden throne chair.


  • And we moved thru--


  • and as we've moved thru--


  • everything just became black and dark. But there was a gold chair.. all of us who were these white orbs,


  • equal and one in that expression.


  • And the golden chair and the white orbs came together as one. Started amalgamating and moulding into this one ball, all of us together,


  • and then everything just exploded!

    而這金色座椅和這白色球體聚在一起- 等同一體,開始融合和形成這一個球體,我們全部一同

  • And everything transformed into white and gold expression. And that's what I saw.


  • And I told Eagle, that was what I was seeing.


  • And he said, "okay."And I explained to him everything. When I opened my eyes after that, in that moment,

    而我告訴Eagle - 那就是我所見

  • I looked around and I said to him, "Wait a minute. Is something wrong with my eyes, or something?


  • Because everything is white.


  • And then he said to me, "What do you see now?"


  • And I looked and opened my eyes and I saw everything as white.


  • And I looked inside him, inside Eagle first.


  • I looked at him and I said, "I see you're white, but there's dark spots everywhere."

    而我看進他,Eagle之內- 首先

  • And he said, okay. Make them white. Clean them out. Make them all white.


  • And I just started making them all white all the dark spots inside his body as far as I can see.


  • I made them all white until he was completely white in his expression and essence.

    而我就開始使它們全部變白- 所有在他身體之中我能看見的黑斑

  • Then Eagle said, "Okay. Now go to everyone else's in the room and see where they have dark spots inside them, and clean them.

    我使他全部變白- 直到他的表現和本質完全變白

  • You know, make them all white until they are white expression in their essence. Complete.

    之後他說:好,現在去在這房間中的其他每一個人那- 並看他們哪裡有黑斑在他們之中,並清除它們

  • Okay. And so I went to each and every one, and I colored them in and made them white. Some of them were able to assist, you know.

    你知道,使它們全部變白- 直到他們的本質完全變成白色表現

  • There was a lady that was lying next to Bernard,

    所以我去到個別和每個人那,然後我colored(?)他們- 然後讓他們變白,他們有一些能夠協助,你知道

  • and I was assisting her with this dark spot on her chest area


  • and communicating to her about it, but remember all I was seeing was white and dark spots.


  • And those dark spots I was able to see, understand, interpret and explain everything.


  • And that's how I started assisting everyone, supporting everyone.


  • And as I walked out of the billiard room, now this was quite fascinating, because everything disappeared!


  • All I could see was white. Everything was white.


  • My God, what is happening?


  • I was seeing everything... literally, this world was a picture.


  • But what was behind the picture was light. White. Everything.

    我看見一切... ... 真的- 這世界只是個圖片(影像)

  • I could still see form, like the human form. But the picture disappeared. Behind the picture, "behind," there was white,


  • I could see the colors, and the dark spots, understand them, interpret them, explain them, everything.

    我依然能看見,像是這人類的型態,但圖片消失了,在這圖片之後,背後 - 是空白的

  • And that happened in that one moment when I had seen everything. Well, seeing "God"


  • which means, actually myself, and process. You know, actual process.

    而那發生在一瞬間- 當我看見一切- 嗯- 看見「神」

Having the ability to see and understand everything, in terms of human beings and dimensional beings,

Desteni呈獻 - 跨次元門戶之歷史(8):在一瞬間看見


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