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  • HoM 62: Personality Programming 01 September 2007

    【Desteni】跨次元空間連接口訪談 -傑克- 人類歷史(62)人格個性

  • Hi, this is Jack.Okay, personality.

    嗨,這是傑克,好的 - 人格個性

  • Your personality, I don't know if you have heard, Veno has explained it as well before,


  • is a derivative of your subconscious mind of transferences from your mother and your father.

    是你的潛意識心智 - 的一個衍生物,由你的父母遺傳給你的

  • So, when you are born, you are born interdimensionally with a mind consciousness system.

    當你出生,你跨次元空間性的配有著心智意識系統 - 出生了

  • So,your mind consciousness system, with your human physical body and you within

    所以,你的心智意識系統,與你的肉身,還有你在其內 -

  • before two years ago this occurred


  • the human physical body, in the mother‟s womb, as the baby,


  • the mind consciousness systems, and, of course, youdevelop together as one.

    這心智意識系統,還有,當然的,你本身 - (三者)如一的一起發展

  • So, you were developed with a conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

    所以,你配有著一個知覺意識、潛意識、與無意識心智 - 被發展

  • Now,


  • during that period,


  • the mother matrix system and the father matrix system got downloaded into you within the subconscious mind.

    母親矩陣系統與父親矩陣系統 - 被下載進入你的潛意識之內

  • So, in your mind you had three layers;

    所以,在你的心智內 - 你有三層;

  • you had the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.


  • Now,


  • the unconscious mind and the subconscious mind were plugged in here at the back of your head,

    無意識心智與潛意識心智 - 被插入在這裡 - 你的頭部背後

  • within which all the unconscious mind downloaded information,

    其內 - 所有的無意識心智下載了資料(within which all the unconscious mind downloaded information,)

  • which is all of this worldtheunified consciousness field‟ –

    即是這全世界 - 統一意識空間

  • so that you are locked within this entire consciousness system of the world

    所以你被鎖入這世界的整個意識系統 -

  • is your unconscious mind.


  • Your subconscious mind is where your mother matrix system and your father matrix system are plugged in.

    你的潛意識心智是 - 你的父與母矩陣系統 - 被插入

  • And all of your mother and your father‟s information ofwho they are within the systemas a mind consciousness system,

    而所有你父母,在系統之內 - 他們所是者(作為一個心智意識系統) 的資料

  • is downloaded within your subconscious mind.


  • So, your conscious mind is still kind of likesubmissiveat this moment.


  • First, the downloaded information is placed within the subconscious mind layer and the unconscious mind layer of your human physical body

    首先 - 被下載的資料,是被放置在你人類肉身內的 - 潛意識心智層與無意識心智層

  • interdimensionally, as the mind consciousness system.

    跨次元空間性的 - 等同心智意識系統

  • So, then, when you are born and you are kind of walking in this world,

    所以,然後 - 當你出生...而你像是走入這個世界

  • you start using the downloaded information from your mother and your father within your subconscious mind;

    你開始使用你潛意識心智之內 - 從父母那邊下載而來的資料

  • you use it to kind of start developing your own personality.

    你使用它 - 來開始發展出你自己的人格個性

  • Now, this is done through thinking,


  • through observing your parents,


  • through observing the pictures,


  • and from the interactionyou start seeing and noticing your world

    而從那互動 - 你開始看見與注意你的世界 -

  • from the words your parents speak, etc. – everything

    從你父母說得話語...之類的 - 一切 -

  • you use to kind of develop your conscious mind.

    被你使用 - 來發展你的知覺意識

  • From your conscious mind is kind of where your personality starts developing.

    從你的知覺意識 - 你的人格個性開始發展著

  • Once you have kind of started developing yourown personality‟,


  • it starts manifesting as you within your subconscious mind.

    它開始實體化著 - 等同於你 - 在你的潛意識心智之內

  • In other words, children are copies from their parents, direct copies.

    也就是說:兒童是父母的複製品 - 直接的複製

  • You know, the saying, „the passing on from generation to generation‟, theSins of the Fathers‟, etc.

    你知道 - 俗話說得 - 一代又一代的傳遞,這「父輩的罪孽」...之類的

  • That's how it's done.


  • So, therefore, why there is so much conflict, usually,

    因此,為何有如此多的衝突 - 時常的

  • between children and their parents:


  • because the parents are seeing the reflection of themexactly.

    因為父母看見了 - 他們的反映 - 確實的

  • That's why there is conflict.


  • The children are actually showing the parents who they are;


  • the children are showing the parents who the parents are.

    兒童在向父母展現 - 父母們所是的

  • So, personality


  • your personality consists of words, experiences and memories of your parents,

    你的人格特性是由 - 你父母的字詞、經驗與記憶 - 所組成的

  • and the parents before them


  • and going back multiple generations because of the passing on of theSins of the Fathers‟.

    並還有過去的好幾個世代 - 因為父輩罪孽的傳遞(passing on of the „Sins of the Fathers)

  • So, what is this information download that occurs in the subconscious mind?

    所以,發生在潛意識心智的 - 被下載的資料是什麼?

  • It is memories of your mother and you father

    它是你父母的記憶 -

  • and their mother, and father before them, and the list goes on;

    和他們的父母的,而這列表繼續延伸( and the list goes on);

  • past experiences.


  • It‟s like memories, but these memories are like picturecaptured moments that kind of move,

    像是記憶,但這些記憶像是 - 被拍下來的瞬間 / 時刻 - 像是行動( kind of move),

  • because these moments are certain events that took place within your parent‟s lives

    因為這些瞬間/時刻 - 是發生在你父母人生中的 - 特定事件

  • that started defining them aswho they arewithin the systematic reality as a mind consciousness system.


  • You know, moments of conflict, moments of joy, moments of lovebut that are of consciousness experiences

    你知道的,衝突的時刻,喜悅的時刻,戀愛的時刻 - 但那些都是意識(系統)的體驗 -

  • that has been downloaded as memories as information within your subconscious mind,

    那些(體驗)成了等同記憶的資料 - 被下載到你的潛意識心智

  • so that you are able to use that to start definingwho you are‟.

    所以你能夠使用那來開始定義「你是誰 / 你所是者」

  • How does personality work?


  • Personality is your behaviour,


  • the way you speak,


  • the way you interact, the way you participate, the way you react,


  • what your relationships will become.


  • Usually daughters marry their fathers,

    通常 - 女兒嫁給了像爸爸的

  • and sons marry their mothers


  • it‟s fascinating.


  • I know you probably won‟t see it now,


  • but in terms of, if you‟d started getting to know us more here in the dimensions, we are able to actually show you out the points.

    但是...如果你開始更加的了解我們 - 我們在次元空間這裡,我們能夠確實的向你指出那些點

  • So, you know, parents transfer everything of them into their children, and then the children just continue living the parent‟s life,


  • and so the lists continues, and theSins of the Fatherscontinues.


  • So, personality, human beingsyou are the exact copies and duplicates of your parents.

    所以,人格個性,人類們 - 你是你父母的 - 精確複製品和拷貝

  • You may have a „differentanduniquepersonalitybut it‟s not.

    你也許有個「不同」與「獨特」的人格個性 - 但其實沒有

  • Thatdifferentanduniquepersonality


  • merely comes from the way you have constructed your subconscious mind

    僅僅是來自 - 你構築你的潛意識心智 - 成的形式

  • in terms of how youll speak, how youll participate, and how youll react

    就 - 你將如何談話,你將如何參與,與你將如何回應 - 而言

  • but if you look at the complete essence ofwho you are‟:


  • you are actually exactly the same as your parents,exactly the same as your parents were.

    你其實 - 確實就和你的父母相同,確實相同於你父母所是者

  • So why do parents and children have conflicts?


  • Because the parents see that their children are becoming them,


  • and that scares the living shit out of them,


  • because how many parents in this world say,


  • “I will never have my children live my life and have my life.”


  • Parents have said that.


  • Are your children not today living the exact same thing you never wanted them to become?

    你的子女如今的生活 - 不就是你始終都...不願他們成為的?

  • Why is that?


  • Because of the subconscious mind transference


  • that your children have become exactly as youand parents won‟t say that to their children, of course, because children won‟t „understand‟,

    你的子女變成確實如同你 - 而父母不會對他們的子女說的,當然,因為孩子不會明白

  • but I see it everywhere.


  • It‟s so interesting how many parents say that:


  • My children will never live the life that I had,”or: “My children will never become me,” or

    我的子女永不會有 - 我有的人生,或:我的子女絕不會成為我

  • even the children. Children, haven‟t you ever said: “I will never become my mother,” or: “I will never become my father,”

    就連子女,子女們,你沒說過這嗎:我永不會變成我媽 - 或;我絕不會變成我爸

  • and what happens? You become your mother, and you become your father.


  • So be careful of the wordnever‟. So, that‟s personality.


  • Personality is derived from subconscious mind transfers of information as memoryexperiences from your mother and your father

    人格個性是來自 - 被傳遞進入潛意識心智的資料(你父母的 - 記憶 / 經驗)

  • that you used to define yourself as,


  • and maybe constructed the information differently to seem that you have, a „differentanduniquepersonality, but you don‟t.

    而且 - 或許相異的構築了資料,看似你有一個「相異」與「獨特」的人格 - 但你沒有

  • You have the exact copy of your parents.


  • Thank you. This is Jack.

    多謝,這是傑克 ----※人格個性的詳細說明請看維魯(veno)的黑客帝國系列視頻(9集)

HoM 62: Personality Programming 01 September 2007

【Desteni】跨次元空間連接口訪談 -傑克- 人類歷史(62)人格個性


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