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  • HoM 61: DEPRESSION 01 September 2007

    【Desteni】跨次元空間連接口訪談 -傑克- 人類歷史(61)憂鬱

  • Hi, everyone. This is Jack and I‟m speaking about depression.

    嗨,各位,這是傑克 - 我要談談憂鬱

  • Depression

    憂鬱 -

  • it's like a lethargia, a tiredness.

    像是... 無生氣的... 疲倦的...

  • Sometimes it's so bad that human beings just… –

    有時候是如此的糟... 人們就只是... -

  • it kind of seeps right through into your bones, and

    那有點像是直接滲透進入你的骨頭... 且 -

  • it's as though you just... – walking becomes difficult,

    那就猶如...你就是... - 行走變得困難...

  • speaking becomes difficult,


  • trying to experience some form of life is difficult,

    去嚐試並體驗到某種形式的生命... 是困難的

  • participating in this world is difficult.


  • So, depression is where: instead of mind consciousness systems being used totake over‟,

    所以,憂鬱是:代替了心智意識系統 - 被使用去「接管」

  • energy is used totake over‟, which is calleddepression‟/ which comes in the form of depression.


  • Now, depression usually, in terms of human beings who experienced it,

    現在,憂鬱通常是,就- 體驗到它- 的人類而言

  • was specifically, of course, pre-programmedbecause human beings' lives are pre-programmed in this world.

    是特別的,當然,被預編程的 - 因為人類在這世上的人生...都是被預編程的

  • So, depression was interesting.

    所以...憂鬱...很有趣的 -

  • It was like thisliquid‟; it looked like a liquid energy that was injected into human beings' entire human physical body,

    它像是這液態的;它看起來像是液態的能量 - 被注射進入...人類的整個人類物質身體

  • straight down into the core of them,

    直接透入他們的核心(等同他們的人類物質身體的) -

  • as their human physical body


  • that kind of slowed everything down within the human physical body, like, completely;

    整個的 - 壓制了這人仕的所有

  • totally suppressing all of the being in their entirety.

    現在,他們通常使用這個... 像是液體的一個型態

  • Now, firstly, they usually used thisit's like a form of a liquid,

    但那不確時是... 但次元空間性的觀察起來 - 像是一個液態能量 -

  • but it's not really, but dimensionally it looks like a liquid energy

    他們曾經注射它, 你知道,在背後(*背的中心)有個系統配置

  • they used to inject it. You know, there was a system placement at the back here [in between shoulder blades]:


  • if you take your neck, from your shoulders, just right there in the center, between your little wings right there,


  • right on your spine.

    那 - 系統配置在那裡,維魯在結構化共振(*黑客帝國)解釋過了

  • There was like that system placement within there. Veno explains it in hisStructural Resonance‟,


  • where they would inject whatever necessary within human beings; they either did upgrades, or


  • if they wanted to insert implants, etcetera.

    所以,從那處他們會把這液態聲配置 - 注射入人類的物質身體

  • So, from there they would inject this liquid sound placement within human beings' physical bodies.

    現在,那通常被使用於抽出(extract)人類 -

  • Now, usually it was used to extract human beings

    直到他們發現,它其實...甚至壓制了人類之內的系統 -

  • until they found [that] it actually suppresses even the systems within human beings

    而後他們就使用它,作為另一種方式的:確保人類不會在他們自己內堅站起來(stand up)

  • and then they just used it for another form of making sure human beings don't stand up within themselves.

    通常的 - 自殺的人類們

  • That's usuallyhuman beings who commit suicide;


  • that stuff was usually injected within them

    事實上,他們全部;所有曾經發生過的自殺 - 都是因為那

  • actually, all of them; each and every single suicide that had ever occurred was because of that.


  • And then the being would kind of go crazy for a moment; notcrazy‟,

    但是 - 他們不會知道自己確實在做什麼

  • butthey won't know what it is that they are actually doing.


  • They won't be able to explain their depression to you.


  • They won't be able to communicate. Theyre almost like theyre not here, at all.


  • There are some that are extensively bad, but


  • you have those that kind of are able to pull through it.

    天阿,如果有任何人是憂鬱的並使用藥物 - 別!

  • God, if there is anyone that is depressed and uses medicationdon‟t!


  • Don't.

    藥物實際上支持了... 發生的是如下:

  • The medication actually supports... Now what happens is the following:

    當你體驗到憂鬱時 - 那個被注射入的液體 -

  • That liquid that was injected when you experienced depression

    當藥物 - 為了憂鬱 - 而被使用時

  • when medication is used for depression,

    藥物把聲液態結構 - 和你之內的心智意識系統:連接起來 - 形成一個關係

  • the medication connects to the relationship between that sound liquid form

    所以,之後這個憂鬱確實的開始 - 在你之內形成一個系統

  • with this mind consciousness systems within you; forming a relationship.


  • So, then this depression actually starts forming a system inside you


  • and that's exactly what the dimensional beings wanted to have be done.


  • Medication helps with the formation of consciousness systems inside human beings.


  • I suggest you go rather a natural route, which is homeopathy.

    他們在與這個液體,還有心智意識系統,形成著一個關係 - 並且在人類肉身內形成這液體的一個系統

  • So, when people that are depressive use medication,


  • they are forming a relationship with this liquid, and with the mind consciousness systemand forming a system of this liquid inside the human physical body.


  • But, we have removed that as much as we are able to.


  • Though, theproblemis that when human beings have gone and definedwho they areaccording to this depression,


  • then you are going to have to walk through this depression through forgiveness;

    自我溝通,自我親密,自我誠實...等等... -

  • through


  • selfcommunication,self-intimacy, self-honesty, etcetera. –

    你做的自我寬恕,要伴隨著糾正應用(corrective application) –

  • self-forgiveness, self-participation,self-application.


  • You are going to have to do forgiveness with corrective application

    所以,憂鬱 - 是另一個我要說清楚的:

  • and,you know, we are here to assist you.

    憂鬱完全不是 - 你本是者(who you are)

  • So, depression – [here] is another statement I have


  • is not who you areat all.

    你將更容易的 - 能夠從憂鬱內...堅站起來

  • Realise that.If you realise that it‟s not who you are,

    而如果你因為憂鬱而憤怒,利用那憤怒去對憂鬱說:「到此為止!」 -

  • you will make it so much simpler for yourself to be able to stand up from within it.


  • And if youre angry because of it, use that anger to say, “‟Till here no further!” to the depression


  • but don‟t divert that anger to youever.


  • Human beings, be careful of that,

    利用你體驗到的憤怒 - 去停止你之內的系統群,去...

  • in terms of what‟s being said here; don‟t divert the anger to you or anywhere else.


  • Use that anger you experience to stop these systems within you, to


  • stop the effects of the systems,


  • to stop the definition of the systems,

    你知道,你就:「到此為止!我不接受這個,這不是 - 我本是者!」

  • to stop the experience the systems have over you, of you, that you have allowed.


  • You know, you just got to go, “‟Till here no further! I don‟t accept this. This is not who I am!

    而這就像是你抬起你自己,在你之內 -

  • I am here. I am present.”


  • And it‟s like you lift yourself, within yourself

    「我在這裡」 - 而你保持

  • from the bottom of your spine you start standing up,from there, and you lift yourself, and you go

    所以,人類們,憂鬱之體驗「不是」你所是者 -

  • “I am here” – and so you continue.


  • So, human beings, the experience of depression is not who you are


  • stop it, say: “I don‟t accept this, and I don‟t allow this. This is not who I am.”

  • Thank you very much.

HoM 61: DEPRESSION 01 September 2007

【Desteni】跨次元空間連接口訪談 -傑克- 人類歷史(61)憂鬱


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