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  • Donald Trump enjoyed powerful legal protections

  • in his four years as president.

  • Now that he has left office those shields have fallen away

  • and he faces a mountain of legal troubles as a private citizen.

  • He is the first president ever to be impeached twice and will

  • be tried by the Senate for inciting the mob that stormed

  • the US Capitol building.

  • Impeachment carries no criminal penalties.

  • Ordinarily, the main punishment would be removal from office.

  • But Trump has already left the White House.

  • He does face the threat of being banned

  • from holding public office again if the Senate convicts him.

  • A ban would prevent him from running for president again

  • in 2024.

  • It's unclear whether the Senate, which

  • is divided 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans,

  • will go that far.

  • Two-thirds of the Senate, 67 votes,

  • are needed to convict Trump.

  • A separate vote on banning him from office

  • would follow a conviction.

  • Trump has less support among Republican senators

  • than he did during his first impeachment,

  • but we don't know if the party will

  • turn on him in sufficient numbers to convict.

  • The mob was fed lies.

  • They were provoked by the president

  • and other powerful people.

  • Some Republicans are arguing that impeachment is designed

  • for people who are still in office,

  • and so therefore Trump cannot be convicted because his term has

  • ended.

  • However, there is historical precedent

  • for officials to face an impeachment trial even

  • after leaving their positions.

  • But impeachment may be the least of his worries.

  • Impeachment, witch hunt, impeachment.

  • As President Trump was immune from arrest and indictment

  • he also had the might of the Department of Justice

  • behind him.

  • Now, he's just a private citizen,

  • albeit a wealthy one with years of experience of court battles.

  • The primary threat he faces is a criminal investigation

  • into his tax affairs by the Manhattan District Attorney

  • Cyrus Vance.

  • As president, he battled to stop Vance

  • from accessing his tax records.

  • But now that he has left office that investigation

  • is set to accelerate.

  • He's also dealing with a pair of significant civil cases.

  • One is a civil probe by the New York Attorney General Letitia

  • James into Trump's businesses.

  • The second is a lawsuit filed by the Washington, DC Attorney

  • General Karl Racine, 2017 inauguration.

  • Then there are the lawsuits brought by private individuals,

  • like a defamation case against Trump

  • brought by E Jean Carol, a writer who

  • claims that he raped her.

  • He has denied the claim.

  • Hanging over all of this is the prospect

  • that the Department of Justice, under Joe Biden's

  • administration, could investigate

  • Trump on a variety of issues, like possible obstruction

  • of justice, campaign finance violations,

  • or an examination of his role in whipping up

  • the crowd that attacked Congress earlier this month.

  • Michael Sherwin has already indicated that Trump's role

  • could be investigated.

  • So now I'd like to invite John's wife, Jamie, to join us

  • as I grant John, I'm not sure you know this, a full pardon.

  • As president, Trump claimed the absolute power

  • to pardon himself.

  • In the end, he did not do so.

  • The last president to leave under a similar cloud

  • of potential legal liability, Richard Nixon,

  • was pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford.

  • Joe Biden, now president, has said he will not

  • do the same for Trump.

Donald Trump enjoyed powerful legal protections


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