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  • the NASDAQ rose to another record high Monday, along with the S and P 500.

    納斯達克指數週一與S和P 500指數一起升至歷史新高。

  • Optimistic investors scooped up stay at home tech stocks like Microsoft, Facebook and Apple ahead of their earnings reports this week.


  • But the Dow pulled back slightly Monday on concerns over the timing and size of fiscal stimulus.


  • The NASDAQ ended up 7/10 percent but well off its highs for the day.


  • The S and P 500 gained 4/10 percent, but the Dow receded 1/10 percent.

    S和P 500指數上漲4/10%,但道瓊斯指數回落1/10%。

  • Cramer Capital Research chief investment officer Hillary Kramer says investors this week may take their cues from Apple, which rose nearly 3% Monday ahead of their earnings report on Wednesday.

    Cramer Capital Research首席投資官Hillary Kramer表示,本週投資者可能會從蘋果公司得到啟示,蘋果公司在週三發佈財報前週一上漲近3%。

  • Apple just hit another 52 week high on expectations of you know, kind of new gadgets coming out in 2022 but that that's going toe also lead the market or bring the market down, depending what they support.


  • She senses some froth in the market, pointing to Gamestop, who shares doubled intraday before investors settled for a rise of 18%.


  • Traders noted that short sellers could quickly be buying back into the stock to cover potential losses as retail investors piling to benefit from the surge.


  • Shares of Merck inched up to 10% after the drugmaker said it's scrapping development of Two Cove in 19 vaccines.

    默克公司的股價上漲至10%,此前該製藥商表示將取消19種疫苗中的 "兩庫 "開發。

  • Microsoft gained 1.5%.


  • Wedbush Securities raised its price target on the software maker's stock, citing the potential for further growth in its cloud business this year.

    Wedbush Securities上調了這家軟件製造商的股票目標價,理由是其雲業務今年有可能進一步增長。

the NASDAQ rose to another record high Monday, along with the S and P 500.

納斯達克指數週一與S和P 500指數一起升至歷史新高。

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