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  • Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.

  • A lot of the time I hear my students say, 'I eat already.'

  • I eat already.

  • And I understand why because in many languages if you say 'I eat already,' it's correct grammar.

  • But when you translate that from your language into English, it's not correct grammar.

  • So let's start off with the question. What's the question for this answer?

  • It's 'Have you eaten already?'

  • So then what's the correct answer?

  • The correct answer is 'I have eaten already.'

  • I have eaten already.

  • Because the question uses 'have' and 'eaten' so with the answer, we also must use 'have' and 'eaten'.

  • I have eaten already.

  • And when a native speaker says this really quickly, it sounds like this.

  • I'veaten already. I'veaten already.

  • We don't say 'I have'. We say 'I've'.

  • And we don't say 'I've eaten.'

  • The 'I've' and the 'eaten' come together. I'veaten already. I'veaten already.

  • Now you try. I've eaten already.

  • So the next time you want to say you have eaten already,

  • you can say 'I'veaten already.' I'veaten already.

Hey guys, it's Shane from English Understood here.


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DO NOT SAY 'I Eat Already' (Common English Mistakes) - Learn English In One Minute

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