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  • okay.


  • Just earlier today, the Therapeutic Goods Administration professor Skerritt announced that they had approved the fires of vaccine for people aged over 16 years.


  • Here in Australia, I note that this is not an emergency approval, as has been done in some other jurisdictions around the world.


  • This is a formal approval under the ordinary processes off the Teague, and we're one of the first countries in the handful of countries to have gone through that comprehensive and thorough process here in Australia to ensure the approval off that vaccine.

    這是一個正式的準許 根據普通的程序關閉蒂格, 我們是少數國家之一 通過該全面和徹底的程序 在澳洲,以確保準許關閉該疫苗。

  • I spoke last night with the regional and Australian heads of Pfizer on, they indicated, as the prime minister has said, that we are likely tohave on their shipping advice which have now been able to confirm first vaccines in Australia ready for distribution in late February.




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B1 中級 中文 澳洲 準許 疫苗 程序 關閉 司法

澳洲準許輝瑞公司的COVID-19疫苗 (Australia approves Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine)

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