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  • hey guys we're back with another video from  northern argentina and this one is going to be  


  • all about the wine so after spendingcouple of days exploring the province  

    所有關於酒因而支出幾天探索 阿根廷圖庫曼

  • of Tucumán argentina we traveled even  further north to the province of salta  

    省 的 以後 ,我們走遍進一步北部薩爾塔省

  • first up was the town of Cafayate argentina  which is a wine producing region in the kalchaki  

    第一個行動是在阿根廷卡法亞特鎮(kafayate)是卡爾查基 山谷

  • valleys here we planned two back-to-back days  of visiting vineyards and enjoying a bit of wine  

    的葡萄酒產區,在 這裡我們計劃了兩個連續的訪問葡萄園的日子,並 在這段視頻中

  • in this video we'll take you to two wineries that  came highly recommended bodega piatelli and bolega  

    享受了一點葡萄酒 ,我們將帶您到兩個受到強烈推薦的酒莊piatelli的釀酒廠和bolega

  • so we invite you to come along for the fun  and also drink responsibly not like this one  


  • over here not like that try again try again oh  that window the wrong way and it burns try again


  • how excited are you to drink some wine  


  • like a kill in a candy store here yeah so we're at  bodegas piatelli here in the town of Cafayate this  

    像是的,在這裡的一家糖果店裡殺了,所以我們在卡法亞特鎮的Bodegas piatelli,這個

  • is a place that was recommended to us by several  people so it's the first one we wanted to visit  


  • and the plan is to have some lunch here  and we're also signing up for a tour

    ,計劃是 在這裡吃些 午餐和我們也正在簽約遊覽

  • boulevard is a short 15-minute drive from the  center of town in Cafayate it's situated at the  


  • foot of the mountains and has beautiful  views all around they have an on-site  


  • restaurant that is heavy on the barbecue  and also features some regional specialties  


  • we couldn't get a table just randomly  showing up on a sunday but that didn't  


  • stop us from ordering a bottle of wine  and enjoying some appetizers alfresco


  • cheers guys cheers cheers our first  bodega here in salta we are at piatelli  

    歡呼聲,伙計們歡呼,我們在薩爾塔歡呼我們的第一個酒窖在piatelli Italia

  • italia and we are trying a malbec tana 5050  very nice place the wine is really tasty  

    ,我們正在嘗試malbec tana 5050很好的地方,葡萄酒真的很好吃

  • wonderful the color is red ruby red you know  really nice aroma as well yeah you can you can  


  • smell the tanat grape the bodega itself is right  at the side of the uh at the foot of the mountain  


  • and down there you can see the whole valley you  can see the other uh gordon of uh mountains over  


  • there with that red terracotta collar on the  sides beautiful place look it feels like time  


  • is standing still you know yeah and apart from the  vines they also have beautiful gardens with like  

    在站著L您知道耶和除藤蔓他們也有像 玫瑰花叢 美麗的花園

  • rose bushes you have cacti you have trees it's  a stunning property to visit it's beautifully  


  • manicured you have the mountains in the background  you have the vineyards in all directions and it's  


  • just amazing it's a slice of tranquility out here  and we have food coming we ordered some empanadas  

    只是 令人驚訝的是這裡一片片寧靜,我們要來的食物是我們點了一些肉餡捲心菜,

  • a trio of empanadas with different fillings so  we'll show you that as soon as it arrives as soon  


  • as he gets here to accompany the wine until  then cheers we drink wine we drink we drink

    只要他到達這裡陪酒 ,便會盡快 給我們加油喝酒,我們喝,我們喝

  • right the empanadas have arrived three different  kinds of empanadas i'm starting off with the  


  • cheese ones yeah they're piping hot look at  whoa like they are loaded oozing they are plump  


  • empanadas let me tell you and we've got two sauces  this one is like a tomato and onion base and this  


  • one is a little bit spicy yeah it's like a like  a amarillo from peru yeah yeah but they're really  


  • they're really hot because they just came out of  the oven and it's very very hard to eat like this  


  • they're piping hot yeah but they're good mine  the the meat this is beef yeah and it's cut  


  • with a knife it's not uh ground beef and this is  typically done with the salta empanada yeah and  


  • they took man too sometimes yeah i think they  do it in the north in the northern part of the  


  • country yeah yeah all of them are good huh well  oh mom well we need something in our stomachs to  


  • absorb the wine so empanadas it is this one is so  good this is the osobuko yeah and it's a beef that  

    吸收葡萄酒,所以肉餡捲餅就是這個太好了,這是osobuko,是的,它 只是在您的嘴中融化

  • just melts in your mouth it's like so buttery and  so juicy so yeah the food is just as good as the  

    的牛肉, 就像黃油和多汁,所以是的,食物和 這裡 的 酒

  • wine over here huh my oh my you want to actually  have a meal you need to reserve to come here yeah  

    一樣好, 呵呵,我的天哪,您實際上想吃飯嗎?需要儲備來這裡啊

  • we didn't make a reservation so they had no tables  available yeah that's why we're just drinking wine  


  • and having empanadas on a barrel yeah that's what  there was we're not complaining this is good stuff

    酒 有餡餅上每桶耶,這就是有我們沒有抱怨,這是好東西

  • well we've been wandering around the vineyard  for the past hour or so waiting for the clock  


  • to strike three that's when they start  the next tour they stop briefly during the  


  • lunch hour when it comes to wine tastings  this bodega offers two different options  

    午餐時間 短暫 品嚐葡萄酒時,該酒窖提供了兩種不同的選擇,

  • you can try seven reserve wines for 300 pesos  or five grand reserve wines for 380. we opted  

    您可以嘗試7 種 底 酒的價格為300比索,或5種大型底酒的價格為380。我們選擇

  • for the ladder and at the time of our visit  that was the equivalent of about 6 us dollars


  • first we went on a tour of the winery  and even got a peek at their cellar  


  • and later on we got to taste their wines


  • so what are we having here guys the whites


  • it's like fresh crisp with a romance of pears  apples and pineapples what do you think huh


  • i like a wine that tastes like grapes that tastes  like wine like i always say if i want the taste of  

    我喜歡葡萄酒的味道像葡萄還是葡萄酒的味道,就像我總是說如果我想要 水果

  • fruit i go to the fruit store and save a lot of  money and buy in a bottle of wine also sam's not  

    的味道, 我去水果店,省很多錢,再買一瓶酒,山姆也不

  • really into white wine so he had to sip and put  the rest in the spittoon hey i'm i'm saving i'm  


  • saving for the red i could have had it yeah but  i do we don't we don't have to carry you home so  


  • you know facing ourselves okay next time you  leave wine left over and he comes to it you  


  • throw it out like that payback and we havelittle bit of bread yeah with some olive oil  


  • okay it's perfect to clean the clean the  palate put a bit of a layer in the belly rosie

    ,是的,非常適合清潔口感。在腹部玫瑰色的一層裡,原始的 東西 就沒

  • nothing left of the raw set but he says it wasn't  his favorite even though he had all of it he drank  

    剩了,但他說那不是他的最愛,即使他喝了 所有的 他都喝

  • all of it and he's like not my favorite and it's  a malbec i didn't know that malware could be made  


  • into a rosette but apparently they leave it for  three hours yes but it's not my kind of wine i  

    做成 花環,但顯然他們離開3個小時,是的,但它不是我那種酒我

  • won't buy it and then it's too dry in the mouth  you know like it leaves your mouth like that one  


  • this one is from Cafayate this one is from mendoza  this is high altitude wine yes and then standard  


  • altitude i'm gonna try the high altitude the smell  is really it's beautiful you guys are you guys are  


  • high flyers over here it smells like grapereally like the high altitude wine from cafe  

    高傳單在這裡它聞起來像葡萄我真的很喜歡高咖啡館 的高 海拔酒,

  • it's like full body but very smooth like  it just it doesn't have that alcoholic burn  

    就像全身,但非常光滑 在最後一分鐘 沒有酒精燃燒

  • at the last minute you know  when you drink a wine that is  

    ,您知道當您喝到 一半

  • halfway there and you drink it  and you feel that alcoholic burn

    的葡萄酒時就 喝了,您會覺得酒精燃燒

  • this one is very smooth we've been having  a fantastic wine tour i mean we started off  


  • with a bottle of wine for lunch with our empanadas  and now we've moved on to tasting we got here like  

    一瓶葡萄酒和肉餡捲餅 開始 吃午餐,現在我們開始品嚐,就像

  • shortly after noon and uh now by the time we  leave it'll probably be about five o'clock so  

    中午之後不久 來到這裡 ,現在我們離開的時間大概是五點鐘,所以

  • i spent the whole afternoon here at the  bodega and i couldn't recommend it more  


  • i'd come back again tomorrow we'll do it all  over again at a different winery tomorrow  


  • yeah tomorrow we will we it's another bodega  day so stay tuned and this is the last one right


  • the trio los tres amigos this one  wraps up our tour uh in the bodega  

    三重奏組los tres amigos這個人結束了我們在Bodega的巡迴演出,

  • yeah and tomorrow we are going to do  it all over again in a different day


  • but we've reached our limit yeah what  a great day what a fantastic day though  


  • it was a lot of fun had a great time cheers to  a fun afternoon if you're traveling in argentina  


  • come to california and visit bodegas it's the  best thing you can do in town let me tell you  

    艾靈 來到加利福尼亞參觀Bodegas,這是您在鎮上可以做的最好的事情, 現在

  • now fast forward to the following day the next  winery and vineyard we visited was bolega lesteko  

    讓我告訴您 ,第二天我們參觀的第二家釀酒廠和葡萄園是bolega lesteko,

  • this property is located on the edge of  town and since Cafayate is a very small town  


  • that means you can easily walk there our plan was  to order a bottle of wine and enjoy a nice lunch  


  • thankfully we were able to get a table this time


  • well good afternoon guys another day another  vineyard today we have come to bolega el esteco  

    下午好,第二天又有一個葡萄園今天我們來了bolega el esteco

  • they also have a restaurant on site that's  called la rosa and they have a hotel called  

    他們現場有一家名為la rosa的餐廳,而一家名為

  • patios de Cafayate so there's a lot going on on  this property we're here for lunch we're hungry

    patios de Cafayate 的酒店, 所以這個物業有很多事要做,我們在這裡吃午餐,我們餓了,

  • but the property is very nice it's built on the  typical colonial spanish colonial construction  


  • the way they used to build back in the days a lot  of inner courtyards and a lot of uh kind of like  


  • terraces like covered terraces and  yeah it's a very very nice place to


  • visit


  • cheers guys wine and empanadas have arrived  wine is here and empanadas are here mr


  • and it says it has been stored in oak barrels  for 12 months yeah when it's a reserving it's  

    ,它說它已經在橡木桶中存儲了12個月,是的 ,整個

  • at least 12 months in a whole barrel so it needs  time it's a very uh soft mild wine you know you  

    儲藏期 至少需要12個月,所以它需要時間,非常溫和,溫和您知道

  • cannot go wrong with this one top notch very good  quality stuff my kind of wine i put it up there as  

    這款頂級品質的葡萄酒絕對不會出錯,我把這種酒作為 我最喜歡的阿根廷

  • one of my favorite ones from argentina yeah it's  right up there right up there and it's very very  

    酒之一放在那兒, 是的,就在那裡,而且 價格

  • very reasonably priced both here and in canada too  so you guys have the you guys have beef empanadas  

    非常 非常合理在加拿大也是如此,所以你們有牛肉餡牛肉捲

  • how are they marvelous i tell you half of it  is gone with a little bit of the sauce on top  


  • oh yeah yeah the sauce really enhances it the  fried ones are just my favorite they're the best


  • good appetizer or what juicing made to perfection  and you know what i think the pastry is made with  

    開胃菜或完美榨汁的食材,您知道我認為糕點是用 豬油

  • lard yeah and it has that but that's flavor  they are very small here in the northern  

    製成的, 它具有那樣的味道,但是在北方 省份,它們的體積 很小,所以

  • provinces they make them smaller  and when you start eating these  


  • you don't stop it's a danger you know because  they're so tasty and so good that you could  


  • i could stick myself with about a dozendozen and a half of these ones no problem  

    我可以將其中的十幾種粘在自己 身上 ,沒問題,

  • so the best thing to do instead of uh having them  as an appetizer maybe one day you just decide to  


  • eat nothing but this like so you your craving can  be satisfied right look at all the cheese copious  


  • amount looks amazing there's a bit of salsa left  some lime has already been squeezed over top so  


  • i'm loading it up like that i'm going to do a one  biter one biter amy goes i've tried empanadas in  

    我像這樣加載它,我將一口咬一口,艾米去了,我在 阿根廷許多不同的地方 嘗試過肉餡捲餅, 像圖庫曼和

  • a lot of different parts of argentina the ones  that you get in the north from like Tucumán and  

    阿根廷薩爾塔 那樣從北方得到的 肉餡捲餅

  • salta argentina those are my favorite they're just  so good and they go perfectly with a glass of wine  

    是我的最愛真是太好了,他們配上一杯葡萄酒 歡呼聲

  • cheers right mains have arrived what do we got  these are here what have we got my dad and i both  

    非常好, 正確的電源已經到來,我們在這裡得到的是什麼,我們父親在哪裡,我倆都

  • ended up getting the same dish yeah originallywanted to try their northern stew their casuela  


  • but they were out they didn't have any so i got  the pasta instead yeah they were landing right oh  


  • yeah it was like a lentil stew yeah which i'm sure  would be wonderful with a bit of pork but yeah  


  • this is very tasty a nice alternative and i really  like the presentation how it's kind of rustic they  


  • just serve it to you in the pan on top of this  like wooden tray here it goes down the hatch


  • homemade you cannot go wrong with that one okay  beautiful and we also got a little side salad  


  • since we haven't been getting lots of vegetables  in our system this is called the inca salad and  


  • it has quinoa tomatoes onions corn lots of lemon  juice parsley very good and you sam you've got  


  • quite the meal in front of you i don't can't wait  to show you look at this guys well i'm gonna lift  

    ,我迫不及待想展示給您看在這個傢伙 那裡,

  • the hood so you can see toasted bun sesame seeds  i've got egg i've got tomatoes i've got lettuce  

    我要 打開引擎蓋,這樣你就可以看到烤麵包芝麻種子我有雞蛋我有西紅柿我有生菜

  • i've got bacon cheese meat i mean the meat is  so big it's even oozing out on the sides looks  

    我有培根芝士肉我的意思是肉很大,甚至兩側滲出的味道 令人難以置信,然後在這裡

  • incredible and then some pan roasted potatoes  here looks like it's been seasoned with maybe some  

    放 一些平底鍋烤的土豆,看起來像是海鮮也許用一些

  • cayenne pepper or something looks like i've got  a nice little sauce here creamy sauce oh like a  


  • mayo dip of sorts that has wasabi in it oh my god  oh yeah i'll give some serious kick to it i am the  


  • star of the show the burger that is a big burger  guys look at that in the hands barely contain it


  • oh that looks juicy oh yeah it's likemeat lover's dream you know that's just a  


  • beautiful burger man like the food here has been  phenomenal everything we've had from the bread to  


  • the empanadas to this you guys have really enjoyed  your means too yeah this restaurant is fantastic


  • dessert dessert has arrived two desserts to be  precise and audrey's been uh indulging a bit in  

    甜點甜點已經到了兩個甜點,準確地說,奧黛麗已經沉迷於 這 兩個甜點,

  • both of them so we have uh flan yeah with dulce  de leche and this is a special kind of flan it  

    所以我們有果餡餅嗎與dulce de leche搭配,這是一種特別的果餡餅,它

  • comes with gold milk so i'm interested to try that  i don't think i've ever had a goat milk flan over  


  • here we have a regional dessert you were saying  something like it's sort of like an empanada  

    我們這裡有一個地區甜點,你在說些什麼就像 是帶有甜味

  • with a with a sweet inside yeah so it's a filo  pastry and it's stuffed with a local fruit called  

    的肉餡捲心菜 是的,所以里面是一種西式糕點,裡面塞滿了一種叫做 Cafayate

  • Cafayate yeah and it's heavy in the hand it's also  really warm too yeah so you basically smear it on  

    的當地水果, 是的,它的手很重,真的也很熱,所以基本上可以塗抹在

  • this cheese is that right it's not cheese it is  a meringue made with sugar cane my friend well  


  • there we go yeah look at that and it is hot let  me warn you that jam inside the coyote jam that's  


  • good wow all right time for the flan with tussle  de leche it's usually made with cow's milk but in  


  • this case they've used goat's milk so let's see  if you can actually taste the difference or not


  • i couldn't by the way no normally i find  


  • goat products are a little bit more salty but this  tastes just very very milky like a normal flan  


  • and this is this is a very classic dessert  in argentina i'd say it's probably one of  


  • the most common ones you get your flan with your  serving of pieces of leche and yeah really nice  

    是最常見的 甜點之一,

  • way to end this meal fantastic meal overall  and then i think we're all getting a little