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  • Mr Leahy, The the U.


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  • Senate on Friday confirmed President Joe Biden's nominee, retired Army General Lloyd Austin, to serve a secretary of defense, the first black American in the role.

    參議院週五確認了總統喬-拜登提名的退役陸軍將軍勞埃德-奧斯汀(Lloyd Austin)擔任國防部長,這是第一位擔任這一職務的美國黑人。

  • The vote was an overwhelming 93 to 2 in the 100 member chamber farm or than the simple majority needed.


  • So nevertheless, I'll vote today to confirm a clear Patriot with an impressive career.


  • Lawmakers from both parties said they were pleased that Austin would be installed toe lead the Pentagon just two days after Biden was sworn in as president.


  • On Wednesday, Senator James Inhofe, the outgoing Republican chairman of the armed services panel, had urged support from the nominee, citing the quote.


  • Most threatened time that we're in.


  • Members of Congress on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a waiver that allowed Austin toe lead the Pentagon, even though he had not cleared the required seven year waiting period since leaving the uniformed services.


  • Austin on Friday arrived at the Pentagon minutes after being confirmed to attend to a busy schedule that included a call with the NATO secretary general and a briefing on the global crisis with top Pentagon leadership.


Mr Leahy, The the U.


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參議院確認拜登提名的奧斯汀為國防部長 (Senate confirms Biden nominee Austin as defense secretary)

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