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  • well hello hello guys hello back at Feria Masticar here in

    嗨,大家好,大家好 Feria Masticar在這裡

  • Mar Del Plata that he is the last day of the festival can you believe it that's

    Mar Del Plata說他是世界末日 節日你能相信那是

  • sad the food's so good here we were here

    傷心 這裡的食物很棒我們在這裡

  • yesterday and we just got to sample a small portion of everything on offer so

    昨天,我們只好品嚐一個 提供的所有東西的一小部分

  • we are back again today for all the savories sweets the wine and we want to

    我們今天又回來了 美味的葡萄酒,我們想

  • have it all yeah and join us on another shoot adventure one little thing to

    擁有所有的一切,並加入我們 拍攝冒險一件事

  • mention is that the weather is completely different today yesterday was

    提到的是天氣 今天昨天完全不同

  • sunny hot we were kind of seeking shade today is raining this morning it has

    晴熱,我們有點想遮陽 今天早上在下雨

  • soft meat on Terra listo great reason to be out here eating we're gonna try to

    Terra listo上的軟肉很有理由 在這裡吃我們要嘗試

  • eat as much as we can before we get rained on

    在我們得到之前盡可能多地吃 下雨了

  • all right guys so it is time for our first dish of the day we wasted no time

    好的,這是我們的時間 一天的第一道菜,我們沒有浪費時間

  • lining up to come a bit closer I will show you this green curry it's a green

    排隊走近一點我會 給你看這個綠咖哩是綠色的

  • seafood curry that has calamari and also the catch of the day still a lot of

    海鮮咖哩,包括魷魚和 當天的收穫仍然很多

  • ingredients it looks wonderful also it's very

    配料 看起來很棒,也非常

  • garlicky and it has some chunks of pumpkin which I do love don't wait to

    蒜味的,它有一些 我愛的南瓜等不及了

  • try and we go it's nice and creamy so but these flavors right here and takes

    嘗試,我們去它是好的,奶油,所以 但是這些口味就在這裡

  • me back to Southeast Asia I feel like I'm having a Thai curry like the Thai

    我回到東南亞,我覺得 我在吃泰式咖哩

  • green curry but with seafood it's so good and how much was that bad boy this

    綠咖哩但是有海鮮 好,那個壞男孩多少錢

  • right here was a hundred and twenty pesos so four dollars and again guys in

    就在這裡一百二十 比索,所以四美元,再來的傢伙

  • case you didn't know this Food Festival is a coupon festival so you purchase

    如果你不知道這個美食節 是優惠券節,所以您購買

  • your food coupons


  • turn it was a struggle to leave you some sorry this lesson half that's when I

    輪到你留下一些掙扎了 對不起,這堂課是我的一半

  • know it's good is when Ozzy gobbles most of it the struggles of being they at the

    知道這很好,是當Ozzy吞噬最多時 其中的掙紮成為他們在

  • first cameraman huh I'm a talented gobbler but I'm sure you

    第一攝影師吧 我是一個有才華的狼人,但我敢肯定你

  • mean oh yeah wrong right it feels like we've been transported back to Southeast

    是的,是的,對,感覺像 我們已經被運回東南

  • Asia I like how that the sauce makes a bit of a soupy soupy dish yeah how salty

    亞洲我喜歡醬油如何使 有點湯,很咸

  • its flavorful it's not overly spicy though but it pungent flavor love it

    它的味道很辣 雖然,但辛辣的味道愛它

  • okay


  • I don't even know the English name for this but it's called

    我什至不知道英文名 這個,但這叫做

  • its gavage MIT squeals in Spanish lots of seafood going on here and honestly

    麻省理工學院對西班牙人的尖叫 海鮮在這裡誠實地進行

  • it's a bit like a seafood salad if you can see we have some onions carrots we

    這有點像海鮮沙拉 可以看到我們有一些洋蔥胡蘿蔔

  • have red and green peppers some celery let's just try it surprising we're raped

    有一些芹菜紅辣椒和青椒 讓我們嘗試一下吧,我們被強奸了

  • by the sea so I mean perfect to be trying a lot of different seafoods here

    在海邊,所以我的意思是完美 在這裡嘗試很多不同的海鮮

  • in Argentina were in this location


  • really interesting I can't wait to try it

    真的很有趣,我等不及要嘗試 它

  • such a colorful looking at seafood salad really is

    看著海鮮沙拉如此多彩 真的是

  • oh man I love this this is so good I could eat just has a Mane like if they

    哦,我愛這個,這太好了 可以吃的只有鬃毛,如果他們

  • brought me a huge solid of this we're so tasty lots of protein lots of different

    給我帶來了巨大的幫助,我們是如此 美味的蛋白質很多很多

  • vegetables it's really juicy salty goodness from the seat you know what's

    蔬菜真的多汁咸 座位上的善良,你知道這是什麼

  • funny when I saw people eating this at first I thought it's like a stew or like

    有趣的是,我看到人們在 首先,我認為這就像燉肉一樣

  • a soup like with a light broth but it turned out to be completely different

    像湯一樣的湯,但是 原來是完全不同的

  • it's really good


  • this is our third snack of the day it's beef in the chorizo beautiful cut of

    這是我們今天的第三份小吃 在香腸的美麗切牛肉

  • meat cooked over a wood-burning fire we have a bun it's served with red and

    我們用燃木火煮的肉 有一個包子配上紅色和

  • yellow peppers we have some tomatoes and onions there some spices and we only

    黃椒我們有一些西紅柿和 洋蔥還有一些香料,我們只

  • paid 150 pesos for this yeah and it's a massive hunk of meat I honestly just

    為此支付了150比索,這是一個 老實說,我大塊的肉

  • don't even know how I'm gonna get us in my mouth

    甚至不知道我該如何吸引我們 我的嘴巴

  • so so messy but so delicious now that's something I can't wait to try I love BP

    如此混亂,但如此美味,現在 我迫不及待想嘗試的事情我愛BP

  • that Lomo man hey fam in you so excited for the beef a de jure though it's just

    那個Lomo男人嗨,你的家族如此激動 就算是牛肉,雖然

  • typically what we order we'll may go to an Argentine Parisian or asado

    通常我們訂購的東西可能會去 阿根廷巴黎人或朝聖者

  • restaurant so we're having typical Argentine grill this is the cut of meat

    餐廳,所以我們有典型 阿根廷烤肉,這是切肉

  • that we like it's one of the best cuts you can get

    我們喜歡這是最好的削減之一 你可以得到

  • oh my gosh I've even better than I thought it might

    天啊 我比我想像的還要好

  • be it's like having a piece of high-quality steak

    就像有一塊 優質牛排

  • yeah like either way we don't even need the bread he'd be happy with just the

    是的,就像我們不需要的任何一種方式 他會很高興的麵包

  • hunk of beef the bread just allows you to eat it with your hands yeah

    大塊的牛肉麵包可以讓你 用你的手吃吧

  • all right guys so I'm pretty excited for this next one when I was asking for

    好的傢伙,所以我為之興奮 我要求的下一個

  • suggestions of things to do in places to eat here in Marvin Plata someone in the

    建議的地方要做的事情 在馬文·普拉塔(Marvin Plata)吃在這裡

  • comments on Instagram suggested that I had to try the cannoli from Malolos

    在Instagram上的評論表明我 必須嘗試來自Malolos的煎餅卷

  • Italia and then we got here to the food festival and I noticed that that same

    意大利,然後我們來到這裡吃飯 節日,我注意到同樣的

  • place has a stand and they're selling ice creams and cannolis so it was like

    這個地方有攤位,他們在賣 冰淇淋和奶油卷,就像

  • this is perfect I have to try it Sam had ice cream here yesterday today we are

    這是完美的,我必須嘗試一下 昨天我們今天在這裡吃冰淇淋

  • featuring this cannoli with Samba dawn ice cream I didn't even know what that

    這款奶油煎餅配桑巴黎明 冰淇淋我什至不知道那是什麼

  • was but they've explained it to me it's made with port wine it's very

    是,但是他們已經向我解釋了 它是用波特酒製成的

  • creamy and it also has egg yolks decadence very decadent covered in

    奶油,也有蛋黃 decade廢

  • chocolate with almonds so yeah here we go

    巧克力和杏仁,所以在這裡我們 走

  • not as very very tasty I still haven't quite been into the almond it's covered

    不太好吃我還沒有 完全被杏仁覆蓋了

  • in almonds like these cannolis when the dried fruit we can get the walnut so

    在像這些奶油卷的杏仁中 乾果我們可以拿核桃

  • many different the gift that keeps on giving because the more you eat the more

    許多不同的禮物 給予,因為你吃得越多

  • ingredients you come across like what did I miss

    你碰到的成分像什麼 我想念了嗎

  • come on oh my gosh a Miss dulce de leche it's gonna be my first bite so oh my

    哦,我的天哪,杜爾塞·德萊希小姐 這將是我的第一口,所以哦,我的

  • gosh it's not amazing much it is the tastiest dessert we've tried here at

    天哪,這並不奇怪 我們在這裡嘗試過的最美味的甜點

  • this festival yeah it's something that like if it was readily available I would

    這個節日是的, 就像如果它隨時可用,我會

  • eat very frequently yeah just love the crunch of the nuts the dark chocolate

    吃得很頻繁是的,只是喜歡 堅果緊縮黑巧克力

  • and then you have the dulce de leche as well Wow I have to say their ice creams

    然後你有dulce de leche作為 好吧,我不得不說他們的冰淇淋

  • are good but their cannoli are even better North level cannoli on

    很好,但是他們的煎餅卷 甚至更好的北水平奶油

  • steroids yeah


  • after having some dessert we have returned to savories and this one was

    吃完甜點後,我們有 回到鹹味,這是

  • Sam's pick of course the pasta lover went for lasagna I've got my eye on the

    山姆當然選擇了麵食愛好者 去了烤寬麵條我已經註意到了

  • calzone the caldonia as well Sam to return to the Italian stand where it's

    Calzone以及Caldonia和Sam 返回意大利展台

  • all like five novena guys it's got a lot going on I mean it has a nice tomato

    都像五個諾維娜人一樣,有很多 繼續,我的意思是它有一個很好的番茄

  • sauce there's some pesto on top some Parmesan cheese here with garlic breads

    醬,上面放一些香蒜醬 帕瑪森芝士配大蒜麵包

  • ooh that's not garlic bread it's sensible CACCI on okay and I came to 150

    哦,那不是蒜味麵包 明智的CACCI還可以,我來了150

  • 150 pesos hundred fifty pesos and you know what

    150比索一百五十比索和你 知道什麼

  • we're running low on cash I need to have a really good look through my purse to

    我們需要的現金不足 通過我的錢包看起來非常好看

  • see if I've misplaced any coupons but I think we may be out if you've been

    看看我是否放錯了優惠券,但我 認為如果你去過我們可能會出去

  • loading up because I think we've got beer calzones maybe they deserve who

    正在加載,因為我認為我們有 啤酒餡餅,也許他們值得誰

  • knows I feel like we gotta keep on eating a bit longer

    知道我覺得我們必須繼續 吃多一點

  • oh we can we definitely yeah let's do it up there the night is young time to try

    哦,我們可以,我們絕對可以 晚上在那裡是年輕的時候去嘗試

  • that lasagna


  • there's a lot of cheese there


  • the question is cheetah passes when I was a teenager there was about five my

    問題是當我獵豹過去時 十幾歲的時候我大約有五個

  • foods that I like and that was sort of ammonia pizza spaghetti lasagna familiar

    我喜歡的食物有點 氨比薩意大利麵條千層面熟悉

  • favorite food from my teenage years still love it

    我十幾歲的時候最喜歡的食物 仍然喜歡它

  • spill still go and they sure know how to make their pastas here in Argentina

    漏油仍然消失,他們肯定知道如何 在阿根廷這裡做意大利面

  • yeah next up we've got the famous Patagonia amber beer and yesterday we

    是的,接下來我們有著名的 巴塔哥尼亞琥珀啤酒,昨天我們

  • had mall BEC Argentine wine so today we're going for beer

    今天有購物中心BEC阿根廷葡萄酒 我們要去喝啤酒

  • Sauvignon Blanc oh you're right you had something oh boy that's right this beer

    長相思,哦,是的,你有 哦,男孩,對了,這啤酒

  • was 70 pesos it's more if you want a fancy glass oh my gosh that taste so

    是70比索,如果您要 精美的玻璃哦,我的天哪,所以味道

  • good we've been having so much food we've barely drank anything I mean we

    好,我們一直有很多食物 我們幾乎沒有喝任何我想說的東西

  • brought her a bit of water but we've only had just a little bit of it had

    給她帶來了一些水,但是我們已經 只有一點點

  • really thirsty so this beer is going down so nice and smooth they have a

    真的好渴,所以這啤酒要去了 下來是如此的順滑,他們有一個

  • pretty cool spin Patagonia has like all these throw pillows and they have like a

    非常酷的旋轉巴塔哥尼亞擁有所有 這些扔枕頭,他們就像一個

  • sand pit it's a popular sand here in the market

    沙坑 這是市場上流行的沙子

  • it's a lot busier today than it was yesterday

    今天比以前忙了很多 昨天

  • yeah which surprises me a little bit because I thought be busier on a

    是的,這讓我有些驚訝 因為我認為忙於

  • Saturday than a Sunday but then I think about it more yesterday it would be a

    星期六比星期日好,但是我想 關於它更多昨天將是一個

  • much better day to go to the beach today is the very last day of the festival so

    今天去海灘的日子要好得多 是節日的最後一天,所以

  • I think there's that sense of urgency oh I've got to go to it today besides it

    我覺得有緊迫感哦 今天除了它我還要去

  • was a bad day to go to the beach


  • time for calzones alone these are what 120 mini calzone for 120 these are many

    單獨使用calzone的時間就是這些 120迷你calzone可容納120個這些

  • these are pretty big there was a long line for these my friend Watertown lotta

    這些很大,很長 這些朋友的電話行Watertown lotta

  • cheese fresh fantastic I think it's gonna be

    起司 我認為它將變得新鮮

  • our last day every item so and you know what it was fresh out of the oven I

    我們最後一天的每一件事情,所以你知道 我剛從烤箱裡拿出什麼新鮮的東西

  • actually had to wait a few minutes until it was done Wow

    實際上不得不等幾分鐘 做到了哇

  • you oughta respect not really good


  • I did not think we were going to be having a second cannoli yet here we are

    我不認為我們會成為 還有第二個煎餅卷,我們在這裡

  • I almost feel like my stomach could blow up but like these are just life-changing

    我幾乎覺得我的肚子會吹 起來,但就像這些只是改變生活

  • good so we're back again I mean there are other desserts but when something's

    好,所以我們又回來了我的意思是 還有其他甜點,但是當

  • is good you go back for seconds yes we have so this one here is the cannoli

    好,你回去幾秒鐘,是的,我們 有,這是奶油蛋捲

  • that features I think it's like white chocolate you can see all the nuts

    我覺得它像白色 巧克力,你可以看到所有的堅果

  • covering the outside it's white chocolate chunk Oh could be it's you are

    覆蓋外面是白色的 巧克力塊哦,可能是你

  • wasting cannoli right now that's illegal okay 104 cannoli you're losing cannoli

    現在浪費煎餅卷是非法的 好吧104煎餅卷你正在失去煎餅卷

  • this is over guys white chocolate then you got wafer and then we got dulce de

    這結束了伙計們白巧克力 你有威化餅,然後我們得到了杜爾塞·德

  • leche ice cream in the middle Oh ice cream you had yesterday I know it's

    leche冰淇淋在中間哦冰 你昨天吃的奶油我知道

  • amazing okay you got try a bite yeah and so

    驚人 好吧,你可以嚐一嘗,所以

  • unique that honestly I don't know what I'll be having this again another time

    老實說,我不知道是什麼 我會再有一次

  • which is another reason why we got a second one

    這是我們得到一個 第二個

  • alright guys so that is a wrap from video my god

    好的,伙計們,從 錄像我的上帝

  • we hope you enjoyed the foodie adventure we sure love to come straight awesome

    我們希望您喜歡美食之旅 我們相信愛會變得很棒

  • like the amount of food we ate I mean I feel like I'm gonna blow up but it was

    就像我們吃的食物一樣 感覺我要炸了,但這是

  • well worth it now we've been watching some awesome music and that's how we're

    非常值得現在我們一直在看 一些很棒的音樂,這就是我們的方式

  • gonna have things off tonight watching a performance and hopefully we

    今晚要休息 觀看表演,希望我們

  • get to attend again next year I have no idea where it will be hosted but hey

    明年再參加我沒有 知道將在哪里托管,但是

  • we'll be there it's an Argentina


well hello hello guys hello back at Feria Masticar here in

嗨,大家好,大家好 Feria Masticar在這裡


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阿根廷馬德普拉塔美食之旅,阿根廷。 (ARGENTINIAN FOOD TOUR in Mar del Plata, Argentina)

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