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  • well good morning good morning guys actually it's good afternoon oh it is

    早上好,大家早上好 其實今天下午很好哦

  • afternoon well good afternoon guys from mar del plata

    下午好,大家下午好 馬德普拉塔

  • I feel like today is our first real day in the city

    我覺得今天是我們第一個真實的日子 在城市

  • yep because our first two days here were spent at the Food Festival at Masticar

    是的,因為我們在這裡的前兩天 在Masticar的美食節上度過

  • which was amazing by the way yeah it was incredible like we had so

    順便說一下 是的,就像我們曾經那樣令人難以置信

  • much fun there but you're right our time has been dominated by that festival this

    那裡很有趣,但你是對的時間 被那個節日主導了

  • is the first real day that we have to check out the city Mar Del Plata itself yeah and we're

    是我們必須要做的第一天 看看城市馬德普拉塔本身,是的,

  • actually staying in the downtown area we are surrounded by attractions but we

    其實我們住在市區 被景點包圍,但我們

  • haven't seen anything so today we thought let's take you out for food

    沒看到什麼,所以今天我們 以為我們帶你出去吃飯

  • we're planning to go to a local spot called Manolo Manolo specializes in

    我們正計劃去當地 叫Manolo Manolo專攻

  • churros desserts and picada kind of local comfort food classic diner style so

    油條甜點和picada本地 舒適的食物經典的晚餐風格

  • we're gonna go for food but obviously churros are gonna be a part of that for

    我們要去吃飯,但是顯然 油條將成為其中的一部分

  • dessert and then afterwards we're planning to just walk around our

    甜點,然後我們 計劃只是走走我們的

  • neighborhood a bit we're like three blocks away from the main cathedral

    鄰居有點像三個 距主要大教堂僅數個街區

  • there's a big park yeah so it's gonna be a combination of food and attractions

    有一個大公園,所以它會 食物和景點的結合

  • yeah and that's great because that's exactly what we want to do we're hungry

    對那就太好了因為那是那個。(是的。就是這樣了。。)這是很棒的,這很了不起的。(這是個好消息),這是個好消息!那個太好用了!那個好了,因為這是個好消息。(2)。。。。。!!。。。。。。!。。。。!。。。。。。。。!。。,。。的。!!。!。。。?。。。。.。。。。!。。。!。。!。。-。。。!!!,。!!,-。!。。。!!-,-。!的。(對的)-()- 正是我們想要做的,我們餓了

  • and we also want to see the city let's get to it

    我們也想看看這座城市 得到它

  • peanut butter jelly time peanut butter jelly time so what does it actually mean

    花生醬果凍時間花生醬 果凍時間,這實際上意味著什麼

  • in Spanish lanta baka OB so la planta means a low floor the main translations

    在西班牙蘭塔巴卡OB so la planta 意味著低層的主要翻譯

  • don't always think about peanut butter works well for me for here

    不要總是考慮花生醬 在這裡對我來說很好

  • so we are currently standing in line to get into Manolo they've told us it's

    所以我們目前站在 進入馬諾洛,他們告訴我們這是

  • about 30 minutes we're making progress we've been here about 15 halfway there

    大約30分鐘,我們正在進步 我們去過那里大約一半

  • Tim's pretty hungry I was trying to film your grumpy waiting face but then you

    蒂姆很餓,我想拍電影 你脾氣暴躁的等待的臉,但是你

  • turned a little bit Pleasant we're getting closer to the line closer to

    有點高興我們 越來越靠近線

  • children's closer to food we're almost there

    孩子們離食物越來越近了 那裡

  • guys we are here we have or this is surprisingly spacious because it is so

    伙計們,我們在這裡,或者這是 非常寬敞,因為它是如此

  • packed in here I thought we were going to be in like sardines I did not know

    擠在這裡我以為我們要去 就像我不知道的沙丁魚一樣

  • this was such a popular yeah and we got we got a window like we came here for

    這是如此受歡迎,我們得到了 我們有一個像我們來到這裡的窗口

  • breakfast yesterday and it was so quiet so laid-back we did we came at 8:00 in

    昨天早餐,太安靜了 所以我們悠閒地在8:00

  • the morning which is like might be a bit early on a weekend well I don't think

    可能有點像早晨 週末早些時候,我不認為

  • locals are even to be fair today it's a Monday on Monday at noon like this place

    今天當地人甚至公平地說, 星期一星期一中午喜歡這個地方

  • is jam-packed it's crazy I mean that's always a good sign the rest I guess

    擠滿了,這是瘋狂的,我的意思是 其餘的我總是一個好兆頭

  • because it's the summer yeah busy this is the peak tourist season also we

    因為是夏天,所以很忙 也是旅遊旺季

  • should mention that we've been through a Manolo

    應該提到我們已經經歷了 馬諾洛

  • Lima Peru so there's a Manolo right around the block from my grandma's place

    秘魯利馬所以馬諾洛(Manolo)對 在我奶奶家附近的街區

  • in Lima and whenever were there we go and we eat churros and I was like is it

    在利馬,無論何時我們去 我們吃了油條,我很喜歡

  • a coincidence that there's also Manolo here in argentina so I googled it

    巧合的還有Manolo 在阿根廷這裡,所以我用谷歌搜索了它

  • apparently it's a restaurant that was started by a family in Spain they left

    顯然這是一家餐廳 由一家人在西班牙開始他們離開了

  • after the Civil War and went to Uruguay and then the restaurant did really well

    內戰之後去了烏拉圭 然後餐廳做得很好

  • so they started opening branches in South America they have some in through

    所以他們開始在 南美,他們有一些經歷

  • some energy yeah yeah so what did we end up were doing so we got a picada for

    是一些能量,是的,所以我們結束了什麼 在做,所以我們有一個皮卡達

  • three because that's the smallest one they had on the menu and that's kind of

    三個,因為那是最小的一個 他們在菜單上,這有點

  • like what it's like the Argentinian of that process the Spanish tapas where you

    就像阿根廷的 在您那里處理西班牙小吃

  • get little dishes to snack on yeah we're getting the Argentine version yeah

    少吃點菜就可以了 我們正在獲取阿根廷版本

  • it should be good I'm not entirely sure what is in it

    應該很好 我不完全確定裡面有什麼

  • we'll let you know once the beer has arrived and

    啤酒喝完後,我們會通知您 到達並

  • the most popular brand in Argentina kill mates yeah it's the most commonly found

    阿根廷最受歡迎的品牌殺死 是的,是最常見的

  • there and part of our lunch special the picada that we got all these side

    那裡,我們的午餐特別部分 皮卡達,我們有所有這些方面

  • dishes that we're going to receive it comes with a liter of beer that's part

    我們將要收到的菜 附帶一公升的啤酒

  • of the part of the deal part of the package so cheers to that let's try some

    交易的一部分 包裝讓我們為之歡呼吧

  • is this your first penis and how do you try this pair of the corn oh I've had a

    這是你的第一個陰莖嗎? 試試這雙玉米哦,我吃了

  • lot house bride the one I've had the most because it's the most readily

    很多房子的新娘,我有一個 最,因為它是最容易的

  • available it's a decent beer but I can't wait for the food to arrive that's

    可用,這是一種不錯的啤酒,但我不能 等待食物到來

  • really what I'm excited about


  • whereas if well guys this piece or three people is going to be quite the

    而如果好傢伙,這三塊 人們將是相當

  • challenge as you can see by the quantity of food on the table but we're gonna try

    您可以看到的挑戰數量 桌上的食物,但我們要嘗試

  • our best so let's begin the tour why don't we start right here this I have no

    我們最好的,所以讓我們開始遊覽 我們不是從這裡開始嗎我沒有

  • idea what this is honestly it looks like fried cheese here we have fried ravioli

    知道這是誠實的樣子 炸芝士這裡有炸餛飩

  • yep and I believe there's some spinach inside it's like deep-fried or something

    是的,我相信那裡有菠菜 裡面就像炸的東西

  • huh then here you had a bit of a stir-fry going on with like beef

    恩,那麼你在這裡有點 像牛肉一樣繼續炒

  • mushrooms peppers onions a bit of everything right

    蘑菇辣椒洋蔥一點 一切正常

  • if we continue we have some mini sausages those look so good then we have

    如果我們繼續,我們會有一些迷你 那些看起來很好吃的香腸

  • some peanuts we have some french fries that had already been munching on there

    一些花生,我們有一些炸薯條 那已經在那兒了

  • was double the amount when we started comes with a nice Mayo did Audrey

    是我們開始時的兩倍 帶有一個不錯的梅奧·奧黛麗

  • already have them


  • b-bros calamari that's next we have calamari yeah and this is a specialty of

    下一步是b-bros魷魚 魷魚是的,這是

  • Mar del Plata seafood


  • so we have six in total let's not forget pizza the pizza there is one with just

    所以我們總共有六個 比薩餅披薩

  • tomato sauce and oregano yeah the other one is the pizza is a real surprise oh

    番茄醬和牛至是的 一個是披薩真是驚喜哦

  • I'm ready you better believe it time to try it let's begin

    我準備好您最好相信它來 試試吧,讓我們開始

  • I'm gonna try and get a bite of everything there we tried all get our

    我會嘗試咬一口 我們嘗試過的一切都讓我們

  • stuff fried cheese


  • that's right it's like walks up I'm very truly

    是的,就像走上去,我非常 真正地

  • the probably Ivo Lee oh look it's tough mistake that out

    可能是伊沃·李 哦,看來這是一個艱難的錯誤

  • spinach mini sausages


  • Mayo yeah and ketchup finish up moving on moving on to this

    Mayo是的,番茄醬結束了 在繼續這個

  • stir-fried goodness this is a bit of a mystery to me why I recognize some

    炒好的,這有點 我的奧秘為什麼我認識一些

  • ingredients I'm not entirely sure what kind of meat it is very colorful I'm

    成分我不確定 那種肉,我很多彩

  • just going to try a bit I'm always so hesitant when I don't know what kind of

    只是嘗試一點,我總是如此 我不知道該怎樣猶豫

  • meat it is what if it's an organ and it surprises me hey guys this place is just

    肉,如果它是器官又是什麼 驚喜,嘿,這個地方就是

  • perpetually power every table for there's still a line outside

    永久為每個桌子供電 外面還有一條線

  • that's the nice stir-fry is it good is it a little bit like local power or

    那是很好的炒菜嗎 有點像當地的力量或

  • something the Kirby's you exactly what ever minds me of who really almost i

    柯比是你到底是什麼 曾經在乎我到底是誰

  • dial it through all right this is what the mayor is for

    通過撥號 好吧,這就是市長的目的

  • the first item from the sea


  • what do you think of that I'm very good that's so tender Omar I can go wrong

    你覺得我很好 如此溫柔的奧馬爾,我可能會出錯

  • sometimes and be chewy but this is done solo I'm adding a bit of lemon juice to

    有時耐嚼,但這樣做 我要加一點檸檬汁

  • the other


  • it's nice both ways with lemon juice or with Mayo empanel try one of each

    檸檬汁或檸檬汁都很好 與蛋黃醬餡料一起嘗試每種

  • this one appears to be chicken I'm gonna cut one from the other plate so we can

    這一隻好像是雞 從另一盤上切一個,這樣我們就可以

  • find out exactly what we're dealing with chicken Oh

    弄清楚我們正在處理什麼 雞喔

  • beet beet yeah III didn't think they were gonna bring six of the same so I'm

    甜菜甜菜是啊三不認為他們 要帶來六個相同的,所以我

  • not surprised they're different okay I'm gonna have a little beer the pellets

    並不奇怪他們是不同的好吧我 會喝一點啤酒

  • before you begin I've got pizza and if you know me I love my pizza so I'm

    在您開始之前,我有披薩,如果 你知道我我愛我的披薩所以我

  • accident I vote so answer of the mozzarella

    偶然我投票 所以奶酪的答案

  • and I believe the marinara going on so good

    我相信marinara如此 好

  • oh good start everything is delicious like like you said there isn't anything

    哦,好的開始,一切都很好 就像你說的沒什麼

  • like that I would literally have more of everything we've tried yeah in terms of

    這樣,我實際上會擁有更多 我們嘗試過的所有事情

  • my favorite it should come as no surprise that I like pizza I also like

    我最喜歡的應該不是 驚訝的是我喜歡披薩,我也喜歡

  • the ravioli like you did yeah alright so we're going to enjoy so not

    像你一樣的餛飩 好吧,所以我們要享受的不是

  • too much because we want sure exactly one churros and maybe a slice of cake

    太多,因為我們要確定 一個油條,也許一塊蛋糕

  • because if you're coming as a group of three or even four I would say this is

    因為如果你是一群人來 三個甚至四個我會說這是

  • plenty of food for four people yeah even though it says straight

    四個人的食物很多 是的,即使它說直

  • coordinates sample a portion for three you might feel a little bit lacking in

    坐標採樣三個部分 您可能會覺得有點缺乏

  • the beer if you want to have a few glasses of beer you might want to order

    啤酒,如果你想喝幾杯 杯啤酒,您可能想訂購

  • an additional beer yeah if you're coming as a party of four this is probably

    如果您要來的話,還可以喝啤酒 作為四人聚會,這可能是

  • enough food rules have arrived guys this is our dessert this is what this

    足夠的食物規則已經到了這個傢伙 這是我們的甜點嗎

  • restaurant is famous for so there's three different flavors we have the one

    餐廳以而聞名 我們有三種不同的口味

  • over here that's like a vanilla cream and then full side de leche the caramel

    在這就像香草奶油 然後從側面將焦糖焦糖

  • sauce and then chocolate or chocolate I should say so infused with chocolate is

    醬,然後是巧克力或巧克力我 應該說充滿巧克力

  • in tight


  • there's done to perfection like the worm the sauce is warm in the middle crispy

    像蠕蟲一樣做到完美 醬很熱,中間酥脆

  • on the outside this until I say which is probably gonna be my favorite it's the

    在外面,直到我說這是 可能會是我的最愛

  • king of churros in Argentina and then of course the chocolate I was also good

    阿根廷油條王,然後 當然巧克力我也很好

  • those until I change the best but it's all in vanilla also good you can't go

    直到我改變最好,但是 都是香草的,也很好,你不能去

  • wrong with any of the churros in this restaurant they're all delicious but

    在這個任何油條錯誤 餐廳,他們都很好吃,但

  • that really is my favorite


  • guys we are back in the apartment pacing Sam in the background I had to

    大家我們回到公寓了 我不得不在背景中步調Sam

  • get some more layers it is so cold outside it's ridiculous because when we

    再多一層,太冷了 外面很荒謬,因為當我們

  • first arrived in argentina NBA you were experiencing a heat wave and her like oh

    第一次來到阿根廷NBA 經歷了熱浪,她喜歡哦

  • my gosh we're melting because we had just come from winter in canada and yeah

    我的天哪,我們融化了,因為 只是來自加拿大的冬天

  • we've had warm weather for a while and today the temperature dropped to 20

    我們已經有一段時間溫暖的天氣了, 今天溫度下降到20

  • degrees 20 degrees and i have to come back for a sweater under my jacket

    度20度,我必須來 回來找我外套下的毛衣

  • you're ridiculous I'm still wearing away my shorts and t-shirt actually in all

    你很可笑,我還在穿衣服 我的短褲和T卹實際上

  • fairness it was more like 10 12 13 degrees in the morning but still shorts

    公平更像10 12 13 度在早上,但仍然短褲

  • and t-shirt weather for me I mean like I did feel a little bit cooler but yeah

    和我的T卹天氣 確實有點涼但是是的

  • anyways lunch was fantastic huh it was oh yes I picked up the camera to tell

    反正午餐太棒了吧 哦,是的,我拿起相機告訴

  • you the price of our meal yeah so it was 940 pesos which came to 25 US dollars

    你這頓飯的價錢是啊 940比索等於25美元

  • that's pretty amazing when you consider how much food we ate and they actually

    當您考慮時,這真是太神奇了 我們吃了多少食物,他們實際上

  • brought home we brought home a good section of the picada

    帶回家我們帶回家好 皮卡達節

  • yeah our dinner and we eat generously and we were stopped like I'm still

    是的我們的晚餐,我們吃得很飽 就像我仍然停下來一樣

  • digesting and then the knockout blow of course was a deserted to delicious but

    消化,然後擊倒 當然是可口的,但美味

  • oh man so good it didn't need it you know we're gonna be going back there

    哦,男人太好了,它不需要它 知道我們要回到那裡

  • like we are we'll probably do a breakfast video and we'll show you some

    就像我們一樣,我們可能會做一個 早餐視頻,我們將向您展示一些

  • of the cakes because the cakes are legend oh yeah yeah anyways let's go see

    的蛋糕,因為蛋糕是 傳奇哦,是的,反正我們一起去看看

  • some attractions in Mar del Plata that's good see

    在馬德普拉塔的一些景點 好看

  • sometimes


  • so we have now made it to Park Plaza San martín this is really like for little

    所以我們現在到了聖公園廣場 馬丁,這真的很像

  • parks with a statue of San Joaquin the nation's Liberator right in the middle

    公園與聖華金雕像 國家的解放者就在中間

  • and there's an artisanal Fair happening apparently it takes place every day but

    還有一個手工交易會 顯然每天都會發生,但是

  • it's more of a late afternoon thing I'm starting to realize this is a city that

    這更多是我下午的事情 開始意識到這是一個城市

  • gets going later in the day so don't show up too early for anything because a

    在一天的晚些時候去,所以不要 出現任何東西都為時過早,因為

  • lot of the artisans aren't just setting up for the day putting out their

    很多工匠不只是在設置 為一天把他們的

  • handicrafts so yeah what time is it right now it's 4:30 4:30 and they're

    工藝品所以現在幾點了 現在是4:30 4:30

  • just getting started later yeah honestly I I had read that online but it's more

    剛開始才是,老實說 我已經在網上閱讀過,但更多

  • of an evening thing but I thought you know

    晚上的事,但我以為你 知道

  • as well guys we are back in the apartment this turned into more of a

    各位,我們又回到了 公寓,這變成了更多的

  • work afternoon because we got rained out yeah very far the dark clouds just came

    工作下午,因為我們下雨了 是的,很遠,烏雲剛剛降臨

  • in and yeah yeah we came back and we've been just working for a while but it was

    是的,是的,我們回來了,我們已經 只是工作了一段時間而已

  • a good day good food we got to see the city a bit and I think tomorrow we'll

    美好的一天,美味的食物,我們必須看到 有點城市,我想明天我們會

  • focus more on the beach and maybe grab some seafood that sounds like a great

    更多地專注於海灘,也許搶 一些聽起來很棒的海鮮

  • idea so we'll see you guys tomorrow