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  • What is lucid dreaming? Now, lucid literally means clear. Dreaming, one thinks of, as being

  • only when you're completely asleep, however, with practice, some people do it naturally,

  • but with practice, there is that sort of in between stage where you are aware that you

  • are dreaming and in that state you can, if you so choose, guide your dream. It can be

  • taught through meditation, but as I said, the easiest way I've experienced this, and

  • I enjoy it, it's, let me give you an example that happened quite recently. In my dream,

  • it was a light dream, I was sitting with a girlfriend discussing a wedding date, but

  • as I was talking to her I thought "Ah, but she passed away last summer," so I was engaged

  • in the conversation with her, but I also logically knew she was no longer with us in this plane.

  • And then it was as if we were in a coffee shop, I was walking out, and a couple of people

  • coming towards me to come into the coffee shop, and there was a glass door and the other

  • side of the door, clear as crystal, no pun intended, I saw my brother. In a split second,

  • of course, I recognized him, but I also knew that he's no longer with us.

  • It's that state between dreaming where you can recall what you have dreamt. There are

  • ways of counting down to recede, to get into that state. You can imagine yourself, for

  • example, drifting down a river. Some people think it's useful before you put yourself

  • into the state to give yourself an objective. What do you wish to experience in that state?

  • Some people work out problems and issues. Other people just let it flow. It's not one

  • thing for one people. Again, it's that state you are dreaming, but you also, you know you're

  • dreaming.

What is lucid dreaming? Now, lucid literally means clear. Dreaming, one thinks of, as being


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什麼是夢境?| 夢境是什麼? (What Is Lucid Dreaming? | Psychic Abilities)

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