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  • Julie: Have you ever been in love?

  • No ones ever asked me that in an interview before

  • I don't have to print it

  • Print what?

  • That story that's written all over your face

  • You want to grab breakfast?

  • I just met you

  • Therapist: Do you make time?

  • For one another?

  • In what way?

  • Do you have date night?

  • Sarah: Yeah Dennis: Yeah

  • Therapist: What do you do?

  • This

  • Lexi: This is love

  • Lexi: At it's absolute best

  • Lexi: And it's beautiful

  • Lexi: Sometimes

  • Maggie: I can't bring a baby into the world with a man I don't love

  • Doorman: Don't do it because you're scared

  • You must own your actions in life

  • Sarah: You alright?

  • She hit me in my penis

  • Nancy: I didn't mean to hit him in the penis I meant to hit him in the balls

  • That's great

  • This isn't a sex injury

  • I mean not a weird one

  • Hey why are you still talking Rob?

  • I don't know

  • Love is trust

  • And you broke it

  • Emma: I don't love him

  • Maddy: He's totally my dad

  • Even his smell

  • You smelled him?

  • Tobin: Oh you're staying?

  • In New York?

  • She's staying with us

  • Is that ok have you guys discussed that?

  • Andy: we're discussing it right now Tobin: no

  • It's a live discussion

  • I'm so glad you've told me

  • Sylvia: It explains so much

  • Lexi: Surely

  • Lexi: There is someone out there

  • Lexi: Who will take me for who I am

  • Lexi: The good

  • Lexi: The bad

  • Lexi: The full story of

  • Lexi: Love

Julie: Have you ever been in love?


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A2 初級 美國腔

安·海瑟薇 摩登情愛 第一季預告(Modern Love - Official Trailer | Prime Video)

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