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  • Russell goes fairy-hunting, Alcide and his dad join forces and will Jason become a vampire?

  • I'm Alex and if you haven't seen last night's True Blood, "Sunset," this is your official

  • spoiler alert. So.. Jason Stackhouse as a vampire. Better

  • undead than just plain dead, I guess. But just when I was trying to get used to the

  • idea of Jessica turning him to "save his life," he leaps out of his maker grave and turns

  • the Authority watchdogs into vampire goo. It kind of seems like Jessica has only put

  • his life more in danger - and hers too - with this crazy scheme of hers, but I am relieved

  • that he's still human. For now. Back in the super-secret fairy hide-out, Sookie

  • is still desperately seeking answers about her family history. I imagine it's pretty

  • damn frustrating trying to get a straight answer out of someone who would regard Ke$ha

  • as a poet. Meanwhile, Alcide's just been hanging out

  • with the pops, you know, catching' up, drinking beer, being shirtless, chopping wood -- while

  • being shirtless. Unfortunately their little woodside getaway has been ruined by the news

  • of baby vampire attacks. Turns out Alcide and his deadbeat dead make a pretty killer

  • team, but I think it's time for you guys to get back to your pack. Whether they want you

  • or not. One thing's for sure.. everything is suddenly

  • shaping out to be just one big showdown against Russell Edgington.. Is anyone else having

  • season 3 deja vu? Haven't we done this before? C'mon - shackle him up, bury him in some cement,

  • and this time, nobody dig him up! Did I miss the part where Jessica and Tara

  • decided to be vampire "gal pals" again? I'm pretty sure the last time we saw them together

  • they were ripping each other's hair out and throwing each other across the bar at fangtasia.

  • I guess Jessica really is that lonely. Clearly, Lillith is fucking with everyone

  • with her whole "chosen one" shpeal, but will the Chancellors figure it out? Is Jason still

  • alive? Will fairies be extinct by the time Russell's through with dinner? Only ONE episode

  • left of season 5, so check back with me next week for my thoughts on the big finale.

Russell goes fairy-hunting, Alcide and his dad join forces and will Jason become a vampire?


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真血》影評5x11 "日落"--傑森-斯塔克豪斯扮演吸血鬼?- 08/20/2012 (True Blood Review: 5x11 "Sunset" - Jason Stackhouse as a Vampire? - 08/20/2012)

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